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 Girlish Fantasies...
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Megara fantasizes about Derek... <3
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posted by LightningRed
"My name is Ariel," alisema Ariel. "Ever since I remembered, I've always been alone. I don't know whether my parents are still alive. When I was a little mermaid, my mistress Eris took me in. She also took many other mermaids into her service. They aren't orphans. Their parents are proud to have their daughters serving Eris. But I don't know why, I never trusted Eris. And I never feel at ease with any of the mermaids. They jeered at me and mocked me because I have different interests. So mostly I spend my time alone in the Misty Falls."

"Now you've got me, because I'm alone too," alisema Thomas....
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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 4: City streets

"We'll I hope wewe enjoyed our little visit with the hunchback never mind his hideous misshapen form I hope wewe weren't frightened", "We'll at first I was" Belle admitted "But he's very kind, gentle, and sweet it doesn't matter to me what someone looks like on the outside its zaidi important what's on the inside", "Yes but I'm afraid the world doesn't share the same opinion as wewe like I told Quasimodo the world is cruel and wicked and its my duty to God to get rid of all its wickedness but no matter why don't wewe run along see the sights of the city I have some things...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 Jim and Melody with baby Destiny
Jim and Melody with baby Destiny
Melody was so happy when her daughter Destiny was born, Destiny looked like her father and a bit of her mother. Jim loved his little girl. Every mwezi Destiny would live with either mom, au dad. This time Destiny stayed with her mom, her pet was Morph (a birthday gift from her dad). Destiny grew up with her mom's personality but she did sometimes act like her dad, she loved to explore and mess around. Destiny sat on a rock, she looked at the sea and smiled. Morph sat on her shoulder, she got up and went inside the ngome because her dad was picking her up.
posted by LightningRed
Thomas breathed deeply. The fresh sea breeze gently blew his hair. He gazed into the distant deeps of the blue ocean. It was almost a whole mwaka after he boarded the ship to Virginia. Now he was going again to that beautiful land, this time with his family. Indeed, in Virginia he didn't find the dhahabu he was looking for, but he found land. The number of English settlers was increasing, and Thomas thought it was better to try their fortune in the free space of Virginia than in the crowded, bustling city of London.

His father had had a bad mwaka as a storekeeper in London. Things didn't go well...
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 Jim. *-*
Jim. *-*
Yay! Finnally the best couple for Jim.
These are the participants.

Number 10th Ariel.

She'd be awful with Jim -Ribon95
Awful -pretty_angel92
The only one that makes the slightest bit of sense is JimXAudrey -GypsyMarionette

Here is one of my inayopendelewa Video of Jim and Ariel
Click link

 kwa Chesire. ♥
By Chesire. ♥

Number 9th Megara.

Wouldn't work. -JiMelody
Too old for him. -Pretty_angel92
I think she's too old for him. -chesire


 kwa LilMessPeppy. ♥
By LilMessPeppy. ♥

Number 8th Giselle.

For me, I like them but like friends, Jim and Giselle...
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posted by GypsyMarionette
-Aaron (The Prince of Egypt)
-Benjamin (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Bromley (The swan Princess)
-Captain Efraim Longstocking (Pippi Longstocking)
-Chamberlain (The swan Princess)
-Chief Tannabok (The Road to El Dorado)
-Cortés (The Road to El Dorado)
-Dean (The Iron Giant)
-Derek (The swan Princess)
-Dimitri (Anastasia)
-Garrett (Quest for Camelot)
-Gulliver (Gulliver's Travels [1939])
-Hogarth (The Iron Giant)
-Hotep (The Prince of Egypt)
-Huy (The Prince of Egypt)
-Jacob (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Jethro (The Prince of Egypt)
-Joseph (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Judah (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Kale (Sinbad:...
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posted by bugbyte98
 Belle kusoma with Duchess
Belle reading with Duchess
A lovely beauty sat in her inayopendelewa spot, a maple mti rocking chair inayofuata to a large window. Her legs were daintily crossed and she slowly read a book, taking in all of the inked on words. Her younger and older brothers were playing pretend, again. Her father, Judge Claude Frollo, was busy at some silly festival, while her mother, Madame Adelaide, was out shopping. Belle's cat, Duchess, walked up inayofuata to her and started to purr. Young Belle Frollo put down her engrossing book and gently ran her soft fingers through her cat's soft white fur. Taran and Quasi Frollo were pretending to be soldiers,...
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