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 Pinocchio and Odette
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 "Take me instead! I volunteer as tribute!"
"Take me instead! I volunteer as tribute!"
Previous Chapters: link link link

Red wire connects to the black wire, blue wire connects to the voice box, white wire connects to the --

“Milo! We need to get to the Reaping! Get dressed,” my mother cries, peeking her head into the dim closet of a room where I am focused vicariously on my work. I nod in assent and begin to pull clothes at bila mpangilio from under my unmade cot.

The Reaping. That one siku of the mwaka when everyone in District Three, Shoppie and Techie alike, have to gather in the square and be put at the complete mercy of the Capitol.

Not that we weren’t at its mercy already or...
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 Then I was being chased around last year’s arena kwa an enormous pair of red lips that screamed at me to wake up, baring its sharp white teeth.
Then I was being chased around last year’s arena by an enormous pair of red lips that screamed at me to wake up, baring its sharp white teeth.
*I've decided to try my hand at uandishi shabiki fiction with this, I hope wewe like it! wewe need just minimal knowledge of the Hunger Games Series to enjoy this really. The story will be told from the POV of various tributes, and the story title is a bit of a misnomer, as there are some other animated characters in this.*

District One

My dreams were terrible, awful phantasms of black fog and aquamarine Grim Reapers, scythes carving an enormous number one in my chest. Then I was being chased around last year’s arena kwa an enormous pair of red lips that screamed at me to wake up, baring its sharp...
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 “Some sight, huh, Ellie?”
“Some sight, huh, Ellie?”
Half a mwaka later, Rapunzel woke up to the sound of her father’s alarm clock in the inayofuata room over. She looked over at her own clock on the wall. It was exactly six o’clock. Even though her father had retired from his job at the zoo a few months ago, he still got up at six o’clock on the dot. Rapunzel smiled to herself, sadly. Ever since her mother had died, her father had become what some might call a “grumpy old man,” although he still treated her the same way he had always done, with great affection, and she knew that it was just because he, like her, was still coping with dealing...
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 "Look at me, Mommy!"
"Look at me, Mommy!"
The Frederickson Family quickly settled down to a happy and contented life together.

“Mommy, look at me!” giggled Rapunzel, holding up her hands, covered in paint. "Look at me, Mommy!"

She had paint on her face as well.

“Oh, honestly!” Ellie laughed, picking her up to wash her off. “You’re meant to put the paint on the paper, not you, Rapunzel!”

“She’s making herself a work of art, Ellie,” Carl replied, causing her to laugh again.

“Daddy, can I be an artist someday?” asked Rapunzel as her mother washed the paint from her hands and face.

“Of course wewe can, honey. You...
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Just when wewe think there is nothing to live for wewe realize it was right in front of wewe along and wewe would do anything fight for it au even die to protect knowing it would be your biggest sacrifice.

Chapter 1: Nothing Left

Things haven't been the same since Papa died this last winter I'm glad he's no longer suffering and with mother again he missed her so much he had been sick before but it was nothing like this I thought he could pull out of it fight to live and stay with me but he was needed in heaven zaidi I can still here him say "I upendo wewe my sweet child and when your mother...
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 "Make him think wewe don't upendo him!"
"Make him think you don't love him!"
"Tell me, girl!" Seti snapped once they were alone together in the room. "What are your intentions with my son? Are wewe after the title of Queen? au are wewe determined to make a total laughing stock of him?"
"I would never, never do that, your Majesty!" Ariel cried, shocked.
"You think that just because he calls wewe a princess that wewe are worthy of that title?"
"Sire, wewe are much mistaken in your beliefs! I upendo Ramses zaidi than I can possibly say!"
"Yes, very much."
"Prove it."
The words were soft and dangerous. Ariel trembled. "What...what do wewe mean?"
"Prove to me that you...
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 "I think wewe ought to talk to your father."
"I think you ought to talk to your father."
Ramses would have gladly stayed there forever, with his Ariel wrapped in his arms, his fingers twined in her red locks, his mouth pressed to hers, hungry for more, but eventually they parted. Ariel pressed her head against the crook of his neck, enjoying the warmth of his arms around her; had he always been so muscular? She had never noticed before. "Ramses, we need to talk about this?" she mumbled into his skin.
He sighed. "I know. wewe were right. My parents will never approve of this."
"And we can't just go sneaking around behind their backs with this. I've read about this kind of forbidden...
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 Kida captured
Kida captured
Kida smiles at the legendary book. She and Proteus knew that if anything happened, it would be their responsibility. Kida did not want to take that scarce risk. Suddenly, Proteus and Kida hear a loud grunt from outside of the room. They run out and see that one of crew's men had been attacked! Turns out, there were other men invading the Syracuse ship! "What are we going to do Proteus?!" Kida asks. Proteus quickly grabs the sword on his back and wields it as he runs towards the invaders. He was ready to fight. The look on Kida's face was saying: What about me? She didn't know it but one of...
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 "What is this feeling? Loathing!"
"What is this feeling? Loathing!"
"Dearest, darlingist Mumsie and Popopsicle...."

"My dear Papa...."

"There's been some confusion over rooming here, wewe see..."

"But of course I'll care for Kayley...."

"But of course I'll rise above it...."

"For I know that's how you'd want me to respond, yes. There's been some confusion for my roommate seems to be..."

"Unusual and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe..."


The peace and tranquillity of El Dorado Academy is about to get shattered!

Blonde, peppy, rich and sometimes selfish cinderella Porter is determined to sing and dance her way to the top.

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 “What does Frollo have against gypsies anyway?”
“What does Frollo have against gypsies anyway?”
Ten years had passed since the death of her parents but Belle woke up each siku missing them. As a child she had filled her room with drawings of her parents, “so I don’t forget what they look like,” she had explained to Frollo. As she got older, however, she learned to sketch and was able to replicate a photograph she could remember from their house, of her parents on their wedding day. She had hung it on the opposite ukuta from her kitanda so that whenever she woke up she could see them smiling down at her and it always made her feel better.

Frollo had still maintained the role of her guardianship,...
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