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 "There's no place I'd rather be than here with you"
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sanaa ya shabiki
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This Disney crossover sanaa ya shabiki might contain mwavuli, sunshade, and parasol.

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 “Read us another.”
“Read us another.”
Belle was surprised how quickly she adjusted to a new life. Though she was a little afraid to venture outside just yet, she spent each siku instead helping Tiana and Naveen to cook and clean and keeping an eye on the younger children whenever jimmy, hunitumia au Facilier au Jack were out. The girls came to upendo her; especially when she read to them. Amongst the few things she had taken with her, she had carted all the vitabu she actually owned along with her, and a few of these were fairytales au ndoto tales from her childhood, perfect for the younger children. Sometimes Clopin took it into his head...
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Chapter 1:
Hades had arrived in Asgard and once he saw where he was, it reminded him of Olympus. "Well, well, well. Who do we have here?" asked Hades, making his way over to Enchantress "Can i help wewe with something?" asked Enchantress "I was kind of wondering if wewe wanted to have your way with me" alisema Hades "Ooh. I like that in a man" alisema Enchantress "And i like that in a girl" alisema Hades (Later that night with Enchantress and Hades) "You know, wewe remind me a lot of a certian sorceress" alisema Hades "Do i? And who would that be?" asked Enchantress "Maleficent. I don't know. wewe just remind...
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Canon Couples in crossover scenes
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