#10. Kida(Atlantis:The Lost Empire)
She's so cool and though I've only seen her movie about three times,it is kind of underrated. Ever since I first saw the movie,Kida was my inayopendelewa character(though Milo is a cool character,too,and he's cute). I've always thought she was very cool and she's beautiful,too. I upendo how she's so curious when meeting Milo and how adventurous she is.

#9. Mulan
A beautiful Asian heroine who kicks butt. I've always admired how she became the hero of all China. First she tries to be the perfect bride to honor her family but then she ends up honoring them anyway as well as all her Marafiki in the army. Mulan is very cool and her movie is fun to watch,too. I remember it was one of my younger brother's inayopendelewa Disney sinema as a kid. Good ol' memories. ^^

#8. Megara(Hercules)
Like Kida in Atlantis,Megara has always been my inayopendelewa character in Hercules since I first saw the movie. She is so beautiful and I upendo her voice. Also,her sarcasm is really funny and I like how at first she's all tough then ends up being a real softy for Hercules. Awwww! She really loves him. <3

#7. Snow White(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
I've always thought she was so adorable and I remember how she had been my inayopendelewa princess for a while. I loved her and her movie a LOT when I was 12. I would watched that movie zaidi than any other Disney movie and my inayopendelewa song to sing was Someday My Prince Will Come. Also,I upendo how she's so sweet to everyone(though sometimes a little too sweet) and that all the wanyama trust her and understand her. I've always thought it would be fun to be Marafiki with all the woodland creatures. I upendo her imba voice,too,and how she can really hit those high notes.

#6. Pocahontas
She's beautiful and I upendo her free-spirit,kindness to nature and imba voice. I remember really admiring her when the movie first came out. One time,I even went naked and covered in marker marks in front of everyone in my grandmother's living room and cried,"Look! I'm Pocahontas!" Haha! One of my cousins reminded me of that. XD I upendo her movie,too. Great music,great uhuishaji and a great story. I've always liked Meeko,too. He's so cute. ^^

#5. Ariel(The Little Mermaid)
Ariel is awesome. I upendo her imba voice and her adventurous personality and I've always thought being a mermaid would be cool,too. Not that I don't like being human of course,but,still. Ariel also reminds me a lot of my childhood friend Ashli McGee(who's last name is now Fleming due to getting married). They both have big blue eyes,long hair,love for muziki and adventure and voices like angels. Also,Ariel was Ashli's inayopendelewa princess and The Little Mermaid was her inayopendelewa Disney movie.(I miss Ashli so much. :'( ) I may not have liked the movie very much when I was little *cough Ursula cough* but I grew to like it and it is one of my inayopendelewa sinema now.

#4. Belle(Beauty and the Beast)
She's kind,brave and smart. She's very beautiful,too,and I've always loved her voice. Her movie is one of my most nostalgic childhood movies,too. I've always loved how Belle is so kind,gentle and patient yet somewhat bold at the same time. She's very good at expressing herself and has a great sense of adventure,even if she ends up in trouble for it. She's so awesome. If I ever end up being in the Beauty and the Beast musical someday,I hope I'll get to be Belle. I may not be as beautiful as her but it would be fun to act her out any way,maybe if I get a little zaidi uigizaji lessons and improve my imba a bit.

#3. Tiana(The Princess and the Frog)
Such a hard worker. Ever since she was a little girl,she wanted to open up a restaurant with her dad. Even when her dad died,she still worked on getting the restaurant to fulfill their dream. Isn't that sweet? Not only is Tiana loyal to her family and ambitious about making her dreams come true but she's also funny and a great singer. Her imba voice is awesome. She's an awesome princess and I'm excited that she has been added with the other Disney Princesses. It's very exciting because I didn't know when au if there would be new princess. So,after making Princess in the Frog,that's hopefully a sign that Disney will start making zaidi traditionally animated classics.

#2. Giselle(Enchanted)
Ever since I saw the preview,I knew Enchanted would be good,especially the animated parts. It may not be what wewe call an animated classic like Beauty and the Beast,Snow White,etc. but I guess we could consider it one of those live action,partly animated classics like Mary Poppins and Song of the South. Anyway,about Giselle,I've always adored her. She's so sweet and optimistic and I upendo her voice. Ever since I've heard True Love's Kiss,I loved the song and memorized the melody before I even got the movie on DVD and I upendo how Giselle sings to call her animal friends. Sometimes I tried doing it with my Cats when bringing them food. Even though she's only animated for a few minutes,she's still lovable just the same. She looks like Ariel and acts like Snow White. And to think wewe would see her use a sword to rescue Robert from the dragon. So,she's innocent AND heroic. ^^

#1. Esmeralda(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Some of wewe saw that coming,didn't you? lol Yes! Esmeralda is my number one Disney heroine. She's so awesome! She's a wonderful dancer. I wish I could dance that well. I also upendo that sweet imba voice of hers and how pretty she sounds imba the low F on God Help the Outcasts. The best low note I can hold is a low G. I also really upendo her personality,so sweet and yet so tough. She's very brave,witty and compassionate. She's also,in my opinion,the most beautiful Disney heroine of all. What's not to upendo about those pretty green eyes and gorgeous curly hair? And of course,I upendo her smile. Also,she's not overly skinny like some of the other heroines. She has a perfect figure. And of course,the fact that she's a gypsy and ever since I became a HoND fan,I wished I could be a gypsy,too. I even remembered how I admired her when the movie first came out and how she and Clopin were my inayopendelewa characters.(I secretly had a crush on Clopin.) ^^

Thanks for your time and attention. :)