I upendo all of the Disney Cars characters except for one is Chick Hicks and he is okay but he is mean though. Some people don't like them like me!
Here are the orodha of Disney Cars Character favorites:
1. Mater the Tow Truck
2. Lighting McQueen
3. Sally
4. Luigi
5. Guido
6. Fillmore
7. Flo
8. Ramone
9. Mack
10. Sheriff

That is all ten of my best vipendwa from Disney Pixar Cars. I upendo Mater the tow truck is because he is funny and I upendo his saying and things about him. I upendo him to death and he is my best inayopendelewa character from the movie. I upendo Lighting McQueen is because he is funny too and I upendo his saying "Ka-Chow". He is the craziest one like Mater. I upendo both of them is because I really do a lot in my mind. I upendo to talk about both of them and how much they are so funny and cute that makes me laugh all the time. Some of the characters like the one in Radiator Springs are really good but Lizzie is okay. Sally really likes Lighting is because she talks to him nicely like Mater is. Mater loves Lighting is because he is best Marafiki with him. Lighting is a smart racecar that loves to go fast and win the race to be the first one to win. I'm excited for the 2nd movie of Cars and it will be so much fun when I go see it! I think will be a good movie in the world! So this is all about my inayopendelewa characters from Disney Pixar Cars:)