Hi everyone. So I´ve already made my prettiest princesses list, but every princess needs her own handsome prince, so without further ado here´s my Most Handsome Princes List. kwa the way as with my prettiest princess list, I might change my mind later, and also I´ll like to say that this orodha doesn´t include sequels (you´ll see what I mean later on).

10.Prince Charming
Funny that he should be in the last place of this countdown, considering cinderella is one of my inayopendelewa Disney movies, but I just find him to plain, I mean he´s not ugly, but there´s just nothing remarkable about him. He has a nice smile I guess, but other than that he is very average looking. Now the reason I alisema that this countdown doesn´t include sequels it´s that he actually looks much better in cinderella 3, so he could´ve been much higher on the list, but since not every Prince has a sequel it wouldn´t be fair. Maybe Snow White´s prince would´ve looked better in a sequel as well.

9.The Prince
The only reason he is higher on the orodha is because of his really nice voice and because I do find him a bit zaidi interesting than Cinderella´s prince. Maybe if his lips had been a shade zaidi light he would´ve looked much better. His hair does look nicer than Charming´s hair and his eyes are not that bad either. Give him a break, he was the first and the animators themselves alisema that for some reason males were very hard to draw without making them look silly au cartoonish, but obviously they got better at it eventually.

I think the best thing about him are his lips and his smile, unfortunately we don´t get to see his smile very often in the movie, he is too serious sometimes, I know he´s a General and that they were at war, but come on dude cheer up a little. I also don´t like his hair a lot, that ponytail thing may have been in style at the time but I don´t really like it, though I have to admit he does look good shirtless, training is definitely paying off.

7.John Smith
Ok so I know a lot of people are not going to like seeing him this low on the countdown, and don´t get me wrong he is a very handsome man. He´s got a great head of hair, a very manly jaw, and very nice eyes. He´s got everything to be in the juu three, but I don´t know I just like the other ones better.

6.Prince Adam (The Beast)
He came very close to being number 7, but what gave him the edge over John Smith was his amazingly deep eyes, not to mention great hair and lips as well. I know many people disagree and thinks he looked better as the Beast and that he looks to much like Fabio, but I think he is a very handsome prince.

5.Prince Philip
I always find Philip very low on countdowns, and I actually think he is very handsome. His looks may be a bit zaidi plain compared to others, but for me he´s way zaidi interesting than Charming au the Prince (at least he´s got a real name). I think he´s got a nice smile and a classic air to him that suits his personality quite well, and he´s pretty heroic to (I know the vichimbakazi did most of the work, but hujambo wewe need courage to face a dragon!)

Ok, so here´s where it starts getting tough, but my number 4 is Aladdin. Talk about million dollar smiles, his smile is really enchanting, and so are his eyes and his hair, plus he´s got a great body and a great personality as well. He may not be a roayl born prince, but he´s definitely charming.

Takes a lot to beat Aladdin, but the ladies´ man smile, the eyes, the hair, but most of all the accent. Yeah, the frog prince definitely deserves this spot. He may be a little full of himself at the beginning of the film but as I said, the accent is what earned him a spot in the juu 3, sorry boys, c´est la vie.

2.Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert)
That´s right, the newest Disney Prince is number two on this countdown, thanks to his amazing smile, his hair, his cute eyes, his personality (as Naveen, a little full of himself but whatever), and of course who could forget: the smolder. So who could possibly beat that?

That´s right, prince Eric from the Little Mermiad. Sorry Flynn but wewe just can beat that dark hair, big blue eyes combo, framed kwa great eyebrows and may I add a great smile as well. No wonder Ariel fell in upendo with him at first sight. He looks amazing even in very casual clothes (actually I think that´s when he looks better) and he and Ariel make a very cute couple. Congratulations Eric!