I feel kind of weird making this makala but oh well, as long as I keep some of wewe entertained. I didn't take looks and how much I upendo their character into consideration. I care zaidi for personality but obviously, I couldn't be with someone that I don't find the least bit attractive. I think they're all decent looking, better than the average man so it's really who I think are ''husband material''.

10. John Smith
He doesn't look like he's got a mind of his own, he'll just agree with everything I say without really understanding me. I usually like people who just speak up their mind, whether it's negative au positive. I just feel nothing for him.

9. Naveen
He's kind of cocky and too concerned about his own appearance. Not my type at all even though I like his character. He was a player and that would really bother me even if it was in the past. Also, laziness is a huge turnoff, Though, it's great that he chose Tiana over some rich girl at the end.

8. Charming
So what he kind of fell for Cinderella's looks, that is what attracts people. If he didn't want any girl before and suddenly chose me. I would be so flattered that I was the only girl he wanted to marry. But he's pretty vain and he's kind of forgetful. It would really get on my nerves.

7. Aladdin
He only steals what he needs which is fine but he wishes for things to happen without really working it out. I upendo Aladin very much but I wouldn't really think of committing to him. He's cute and fun all right but I care zaidi for other things. Even when jimmy, hunitumia wanted the truth from him, he still lied to her. Jeez, at least he meant well...

6. Eric
He's looking for the right girl, quite cute huh? But he has his mind set on marrying that girl too much if wewe ask me. After that, he sort of fell in upendo with Ariel for her voice. Anyhow, he seems like a passionate kind of guy.

5. Prince
We didn't see much of him so I can't put him higher. But from the looks of it, he's kind, caring, sweet and considerate. He loved Snow White so dearly. I wouldn't mind him imba every day.

4. Phillip
He's really diligent and brave, I upendo it. He doesn't care about social status but on the downside, he doesn't really listen to what his father has got to say. Also, he was kind of a creep when he first met Aurora, it only looks cute because he's good looking. But at least he really does everything he can to get what he desires and that is very important to me.

3. Flynn
He was a thief and that's why he's not higher. But aside from that, he was willing to give up his life for Rapunzel's freedom, he's not just interested in getting some. She brought out the best in him in the end. Plus, he would make me laugh a lot and I can relate to him.

2. Beast
Come on now, nobody's perfect. I can get hot tempered too, plus he was being aggressive for a good reason. He truly loved Belle zaidi than anything else. To make this shorter, if he gave me that huge maktaba of his, I would've married him immediately anyway.

1. Shang
He's strict yet kind, exactly my type of guy, he'd be perfect if he was real. He's disciplined, respected, strong, protective, perseverant, he just has so many good qualities. He lead a whole army and did a fine job at that, he works really hard. Though his maoni on women were annoying until the end that is.