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Which one of these 2 DP's do wewe think was the first one to have a job? Mulan au Tiana?

Afew years ago, I was on Tiana's DP Wikia page, and I read somewhere in her trivia section saying she was the first DP to have a job, but sekunde if wewe counted Mulan's service in the Chinese army. I eventually talked to my mom about this, and SHE thinks Mulan was the first DP to have a job.I got to thinking and I'd like to know what wewe guys think about this. Do wewe think Tiana was the first DP to have a job? au do wewe think Mulan was?
 mhs1025 posted siku 10 zilizopita
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Disney Princess Majibu

princesslullaby said:
Mulan was drafted and wasn't getting paid. I think tiana had a job.
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posted siku 10 zilizopita 
SarahCorine said:
I would consider Mulan to be the first as I think serving is a job. True, she wasn't getting paid for it so kwa that standard Tiana is the first with a job. I consider serving a job so I personally have to say Mulan.
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posted siku 6 zilizopita 
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