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Disney Princess Swali

What would wewe say are the most accurate "which Disney Princess are you?" chemsha bongo out there?

We all know there are lots of these personality chemsha bongo but which would wewe say are the best?

I've been looking for the ultimate Disney Princess chemsha bongo and I would upendo to hear your opinions. :)
 RoseRapunzel posted siku 14 zilizopita
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Disney Princess Majibu

disnerdtobe said:
The chemsha bongo listed here is scarily accurate. Took the chemsha bongo twice with different majibu and I got my two most relatable princesses.

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posted siku 12 zilizopita 
Thank you. :) Curiously enough, I found it last night and I agree it is quite accurate, though it always gives me the same princess.
RoseRapunzel posted siku 12 zilizopita
iamabananaxox said:
songofthesea10/the-ultimate-disney-princess-personality-quiz This chemsha bongo goes in depth and its accurate for me
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posted siku 10 zilizopita 
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