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Catelyn Tully's inayopendelewa DPs

1. Elsa- she'd very much relate to her devotion, her always trying to put family first ("I have always done my duty"), her dignity, her fears and complete feeling of helplessness.
2. Cinderella- similarly to Elsa, Cat would upendo Cinderella's refinement, cool demeanor to rude people, her endurance and how patiently she's willing to be to get what she wants as well as fight for it.
Mulan- she'd admire how far Mulan is willing to go to save her dad, her intelligence, and how she manages to balance the feminine side with the masculine one (much like Brienne).
Tiana- she doesn't suffer fools, she puts her all into everything, she values family above everything, and I think cat would like all this. She only wouldn't care for how Tiana never tries to compromise with people.
Belle- she'd like her loyalty to Maurice and how she stands up for herself, but not understand how Belle never tries to be flexible and content with her situation.

I'm honestly unsure about the rest of the ranking!

 AudreyFreak posted miezi 6 iliyopita
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