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posted by PeterPansgirl12
Even though nobody is kusoma this I still feel like continuing it.

Adella's POV
I ran down the steps. "I'm gonna be late!" I exclaimed. The ball had already started and I was fully in my dress, tiara and glass shoes.
I bumped into Sir Peter on the way down. "Sorry, sir" I mumbled.
"Quite alright... where are wewe going?" he asked.
I glanced up at his face "The ball... I'm uh late"
He smiled warmly "I thought a princess is never late everyone else is early".
"Thats not the case today" I answered trying to fix my hair,it had toppled down out of its bun.
"Sir, do I look presentable?" I asked him.
Sir Peter nodded "Yes, I think wewe should wear your hair down all the time".

I blushed "That wouldnt be the most proper thing".
"No,it probably would not be" he answered then alisema "Do wewe need an escort?".
"I would be very thankful if wewe would escort me" I answered trying not to sound to eager.

The ball went extraordinary. I had to dance with every man there but it still was fun.

Sir Peter and I had danced once. I had a weird feeling when he put his arm on my waist and held me close. I could hear him breathing and his eyes were on me.
The obnoxius prince was there though I only danced one dance with him.

My mind wont stop straying from Peter.His eyes, his hands everything about him seems... perfect.
I can not wait till tomorrows lessons.

Am I falling in... love?
 Wrong decisions
Wrong decisions

9.Ariel: I disagree with this one, but ok. People think she made stupid and wrong decisions. Of course she had, she was sixteen. I am sixteen and trust me, we are not suppose to make decisions. That's why we have parents, but some thing she did are bad however. Like going to seawitch.Haven’t she noticed creepy little things on entrance?! And really, selling her soul?...

 Too naive
Too naive

8.Snow White: Very shortly: she came into strangers house, cleaned all up and went to sleep. Why should she worry? wanyama told her it’s salama there. Then after meeting dwarfs, she was warn...
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posted by KataraLover
The princess are almost to the ngome and are as ready as they will ever be. However out story is not about them today it's about the princes. "So what do we do just stay here until we die" alisema Aladdin. "What else can we do there's no way out" alisema Naveen. "Yeah it's hopeless but we need to find a way out" alisema Eric. "I must find Snow White my princess my love" alisema Henry(Snow White's prince). "I must find Aurora she needs me that beautiful helpless princess needs me" alisema Philip. "You need to give them zaidi credit my cinderella was weak but later became zaidi tough and my princess" alisema Christopher(Cinderella's...
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Princess pea, njegere woke up, her vision fuzzy. She found herself in a carriage that was being pulled kwa a saisi and two horses. She peered out the window and didn't recognize the trail they were traveling on. She realized the door was locked and someone had trapped her inside. The last thing pea, njegere could remember before waking up was finding her mother, Annalynne, waiting for her in her guest room at the Beast's castle. The memory of what had happened came flooding back to her...

    "Mother!" pea, njegere had cried when she walked into her room to find Queen Annalynne. "What are wewe doing...
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From the moment Beast rescued Belle from the wolves, the entire dynamic between the duo changed forever more. As the grateful beauty tended her saviour's wound, Beast finally realized that Princess pea, njegere had been right all along. All he had to do to earn Belle's respect was be a better person. And from that siku forward, that's exactly what he did.
    "Belle," pea, njegere exclaimed, jumping on her bed, "I can't believe you're falling in upendo with a hairy animal. wewe must have been understating when wewe alisema none of the men in your little town understood you."
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posted by TotallyMe105
Ok sooooo I was just wondering if wewe know any people au literally think a celebrity looks like the perfect princess(Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Etc) Ok soooo post pictures below with some people wewe think would be like the human versions of them...


Can be famous au not it doesnt matter it can even be you!

No rude maoni always respect others opinions...

Sooo yeah thats it i might think about a public vote for it even but if there are famous people against regular people i might do 2 to make it fair.

(Keep in mind this isnt like if they made a movie just someone wewe think is a perfect embodiment of the character)
It's a new morning the princesses are learning to fight everyday even Snow White and Aurora but Mulan who is not really a princess is sad. "What's wronge Mulan is everything alright" asked Belle. "Yeah I'm just upset a little" Mulan. "Do wewe wanna talk about it" asked Ariel. "No not really" alisema Mulan. So the princesses tried to find out what's wronge with her and try to cheer her up. "What's wronge Mulan wewe can tell us anything" alisema Cinderella. "I'm not a princess" alisema Mulan. "So what's so bad about that" asked Jasmine. "Well there are supose to be nine princesses not eight and I'm not...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
“I guess we should go,” cinderella told Snow White and Aurora, and they hurried past Gaston and opened the door at the end of the hallway to find a staircase that cinderella remembered very well. “This leads up to my room, Belle and Pocahontas will be there, if we are lucky,” cinderella told Aurora and Snow White, and they climbed their way up.

Back at the entryway of Lady Tremaine’s mansion, Mulan drew out her sword that formerly belonged to her old enemy, Shan Yu. With determination, she managed to clear out many of Maleficent’s goons that were patrolling the area.
“Do wewe know...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
A Special Note: Rated PG for some language that is spoken to our inayopendelewa villains because they deserve it. wewe have been warned.

In the cabin, kibanda on the ship where Aurora and John Smith were in, John stood up somewhat exhaustedly and banged his head on the top. “I am not really quite sure if wewe should…” Aurora began to say, but John Smith stated, “Don’t worry…we’ll get out, and we’ll have all the fun in the world!”
    John Smith stated, “Yes…here they are.”
    Soon though, Aurora gasped as two figures appeared from mid-air and went...
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posted by vertika
as wewe know,cinderella is the sekunde Disney movie.in this movie cinderella is also known as ella.this film is relesed in Disney original.prince charming is also made handsome.according Disney production this film is on magic.so this is the good film.her clothes are also very pretty.if wewe like this film i am your fan.i also like her clothes,and all.so this film is very very good film.the story is on a girl named cinderella whose mother has dead.then her stepmother come and she is very cruel.she make cinderella her servant.the stepmother has 2 daughters.they are also like her mother.one day...
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cinderella and Prince Charming had just enjoyed the most wonderfully romantic honeymoon. They had ridden white farasi together on the beach. They had stayed up until midnight each evening staring at the stars. cinderella knew it was all thanks to her friend Princess Pea, who was awaiting their return at the palace. And on that siku where cinderella and her prince returned to the kingdom in their carriage, cinderella was quickly reminded that even happily ever after has a few kinks.
"CINDERELLA!" Princess pea, njegere screamed. "Okay, don't be mad but while wewe were gone I flooded your bathroom!"
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posted by purplerose17
A lot of people on fanpop say that Merida is selfish and not not a good role model. Personally, I think that is far from the truth.

Merida wasn't being totally selfish when she went to the witch. Impulsive, yes. Her mind was clouded kwa all the emotion she felt and acted before she thought things through. When she asked for a potion that would change her mother, I think she wanted something to change her mothers MIND. Not her personality.
I think Merida is actually quite selfless. When her plan to change her mother went awry, she didn't even hesitate to help her mom. She went totally out of...
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 Elsa curled up as best she could and let her body be wracked kwa sobs.
Elsa curled up as best she could and let her body be wracked by sobs.
After two weeks of writer's block and Lunar New mwaka vacation, I'm back with the third chapter of We're Talking Kings and Successions! We still haven't quite gotten to the action part of the story yet, but it'll come in good time. Anyway, I hope wewe enjoy this chapter! (I doubt wewe will though.) Oh, and wewe can read chapter one link and wewe can read chapter two link if wewe haven't already!


And besides, the mystery girl was currently bleeding, an arrow embedded in her neck. She was in need. And although her mother had never taught her this, Rapunzel somehow knew that one had to help a person...
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It's late but Ohhh welllll