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posted by hajirah4
 Belle's hair is much better than Aurora's now isn't it?
Belle's hair is much better than Aurora's now isn't it?
In this makala i'll be typing about Belle, and yeah...
I'll act like her bodyguard :P

Personality Flaws:

1. Stubborn
When Beast kept telling Belle to eat her dinner, she was so stubborn, no really! If your going to be locked up in a magnificent tower, wewe should be a bit grateful that wewe have a wonderful bedroom, library, and the best chakula in France!

2. Curiosity
Everyone's curiosity is a con AND a flaw, because when Belle first made that big fight with Beast, she went to the FORBIDDEN room! And after all the bickering! Beast could make such loud noises, that's one brave girl!

3. A bit of Over-reacting
Well although wewe can't really blame her...if I was in her shoes, I would get used to all his anger and run to my kitanda then cry...well if in cartoons wewe can make yourself cry on demand...to be honest I don't cry easily!!! (-say that to the sad scene in Dumbo) I don't think it was necessary to run away- I mean she wanted an adventure- wewe got it.
 I had no other place to post this picture sorry!!!
I had no other place to post this picture sorry!!!


1. She Reads
A lot of kids think vitabu without pictures are boring, and if they read vitabu then only the picture part would be interesting. I think Belle makes kusoma cool to some kids- au girls. After all she is a Disney princess.

Yeah yeah, she doesn't judge a person kwa the looks- but i'm tired of the same old excuse. There's zaidi in a person than how deep they are, like how much they care for they're parents. She put her dad first and her friend/husband/boyfriend/prince/beast second. Ariel cares for her dad, but she ran away for a boy! I admit I would cry a lot if I had a dad who alone would wreck everything precious I own, but if she was gonna run away- atleast don't do something as risky as signing a contract with the devil!

That wasn't being brave au having courage- that was being a drama Queen and making a foolish deal to get what wewe want, true bravery is taking the risks for the right reasons- not jumping of a...A THOUSAND story building because some kid dared wewe to.

Other than Belle's bravery, deepness, and her care, there's also her smartness.
And NO HER SMARTS IS NOT HER kusoma LEVEL, remember those scenes at "Little Town" when that shack of wood was going to overflow with water when Belle was reading- but just then she dodged it. How smooth was that?
Also after the scene of Mbwa mwitu loups when Belle and Beast were bickering...remember when Belle made a good comeback quickly? Yeah which brings me to another point- she's uber-smooth.

AND AGAIN, I always thought that everyone thought that she was weird is probably because...maybe they didn't get the proper education to read. I mean what people think that kusoma is weird? On my keyboard i'm kusoma each letter for the screen- not looking up, there's signs everywhere around this word- what else excuse WOULD there be for such a remote control town? Also if Belle had the proper education...she probably is smart with math and science, etc...I mean...her father is an INVENTOR, and I've heard inventors always become famous so they'd want their children to have a good name as well. So Belle probably is smart in subjects.

The fact that she's got a huge imagination. wewe get to know a lot about her imagination from vitabu since she reads without pictures and imagines all sorts of things. When I read the Hunger Games I didn't picture anyone because...well...I was too busy reading. And the other fact is that Belle still reads fairytales- NOW THAT'S something that Disney would've created! "Too many people grow up. That's the problem with the world, too many people grow up. They don't know what it feels like to be 12 years old. They treat children as inferiors- well i'm not going to do that." - Walt Disney, and many zaidi of his nukuu were about imagination- tafuta it! He always thought that a child's imagination au child itself is why that's the best quality there was! Although Ariel contains this with her fangirl inside, and all these dreams, and I don't think that's very teenage-rish because I was so fangirly when I was little I was so close to being fangirly as it would get...yeah about some boy band. ANYWAYS- I upendo how much Belle has her head in the clouds! I always thought being stuck on earth was boring, which I'm glad I didn't find in any princesses. Belle dreams big, and I think that's what I like about her most.

She's a feminist. When everyone else did the same thing and admired a sexist man Belle thought for herself and...rejected him in a kind way. That's another thing I upendo about her- if I was her I'd probably give Gaston a bloody nose but...that would probably make the entire remote town make a riot against me. She thinks for herself, and she'll always do the right thing, but still make mistakes. She's a feminist and that's what I upendo in the sinema ^.^
Now, the ujumla, jumla point of this makala was to all wewe fanpoppers that Belle is NOT perfect, none of the princesses are-
Snow White- Gullible
Aurora- Trusts strangers on looks
Cinderella- Can't stand up for herself
Ariel- Makes bad choices
Belle- Curiosity takes her to the best places and worst
Jasmine- Doesn't ask enough
Mulan-...........is too awesome?
Pocahontas- Doesn't ask enough (I personally don't like John Smith because his lust made him like Pocahontas, i'm glad she chose John Rolf)
Tiana-...um...Doesn't get out much.
Rapunzel- Worries too much.
 maoni on which color looks the best okay?
Comment on which color looks the best okay?

-So I think Belle is one of the greatest princesses around after Ariel- and I don't see any reasons to hate her much.

P.S Stockholm Syndrome? Beast didn't kidnap him, Belle's father went into the prison- stood by, Belle got sympathy, and after a while Belle became good friends, so Belle wasn't kidnapped, she had a choice. Finally, let's end
this makala with a gorgeous picture of Belle as a thanks for kusoma this article:
Thanks for reading!!!!
 Definitely my fave Belle pick!
Definitely my fave Belle pick!
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I wish zaidi people participated in this, but since it is new, I am sure there will be a gradual build of participants when the inayofuata few come up. And YES I included the disguises of some of the other characters because their bodies have an altered look, cresting a different look to discuss. Let's get right to it.

7. Mordu

He makes it here for a few reasons. One is that half of the participants did not even rank him, since they think he does not really count. It also does not help that the ones that DID rank him did not rank him high. Some felt he should not have been here, but I say he...
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Merida and Ariel have very similar characteristics with similar goals, stories, and mistakes. They are both fiery, spirited, stubborn, headstrong, rebellious, foolish, careless, inconsiderate, look-before-they-leap types. They both rebel against an overprotective, overbearing parent. They both go after what they want without considering (or caring) about the consequences. Merida wants her freedom to ride and shoot arrows as much as her moyo desires. Ariel wants to explore the surface and live among humans.

However, many of the same people that praise Ariel for overcoming oppression and going...
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upendo young Anna! It seems middle Anna always has an awkward voice. Old Anna is great, not as good as English though :3
I like it :3
Before I start I want to say that I upendo ALL the princesses, I just relate to some of them more. I know that wewe may disagree with my choices, but it's my opinion and wewe should respect it, like I respect yours. Sorry for any grammar errors, like I alisema in my awali article, I'm not very good at English, but I'm trying my best... Anyway, enjoy! :)

12) Cinderella
I upendo how she believes that everything will be alright at the end. She is optimistic and patient, she works hard and she never gives up. I just can't relate to her much, I'm a pessimist and I don't like her romance with Prince Charming,...
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So ujumla, jumla the reaction to the princess redesign has been very positive. Minus a few cons I will discus.
I want to talk zaidi about the subtle things the creators have put in which makes them special. So I put together this little review of the new designs
Keep in mind these are designed mostly for children's merchandise therefore yes the designs stray a bit from the original and the colors may seem too bright but these are for sales purposes. So I won't be criticizing the parts put in for sale designs
(All picha at the bottom)

So lets start with Snow White:
Pros: Her face looks very pretty but...
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posted by awkwardanna
Pocahontas and John Smith
-smacks Disney- NO HISTORICAL ACCURACY GOSH GO AWAY and er, I just really saw no chemistry au upendo between them.

Ariel and Eric
I felt like their upendo was quite shallow, like she was all like "Dayum, he's fine. Lemme become human so I can kiss that boy!" and while he was kind, and she witnessed it, I just didn't feel it was real.

Snow White and The Prince
This is basically again because of a lack of chemistry. I found it quite heroic that he saved her, but she was like, what? 14 (I think)? So I always was a little uncomfortable with that.

Jasmine and Aladdin
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