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posted by dimitri_is_hot

10. Aurora
Aurora was aliyopewa the gift of beauty and the gift of voice. She has classic beauty and I upendo her imba voice but I feel like that's all she's got.

9. Snow White
Snow White and the seven dwarves is the most classic and original Disney princess movie in my opinion but Snow White lacks character. At least she cooks and clean.

8. Ariel
Ariel is curious, adventurous and romantic. Sure she was stubborn for making the deal but we all made the same mistake she did. The movie just over exaggerated the situation of girls doing something completely stupid for some guy. Nobody's perfect.

7. Tiana
Tiana loves cooking, now that's a woman to keep. She's one of the best role models, she's hardworking and didn't lose sight of doing what's right towards the end. Though the ending was a bit rushed and she's not the most memorable princess.

6. Pocahontas
Pocahontas is athletic, exotic, spiritual and I upendo when she sings "Colors of the wind". However, the movie didn't do it for me because everything happened without reason. Plus, I think Pocahontas should have married Kocoum and friendzoned John Smith.

5. Cinderella
cinderella always appreciates what she has because she's a sweetheart. If I were Cinderella, I would probably commit suicide.

4. Rapunzel
Rapunzel is curious, creative and adventurous. I upendo how she's kind of like a child, I think I'm most like her. She's just adorable and she has a cute voice to go with it.

3. Belle
Belle is smart, odd and a people's person, there's no one like her really. Most people who say they don't care about looks actually do. I like how she wouldn't give "handsome" but obnoxious Gaston the time of day.

2. Jasmine
jimmy, hunitumia is a seductive, bright and confident princess who stands up for herself. She wants to be married for upendo and may I add that she has good taste in men. She's the whole package, that's why I've always loved her.

1. Mulan
Mulan doesn't need a prince to save her, she saved China, yeah Mulan kicks ass! She's my all-time inayopendelewa Disney princess and I can relate to her. She is brave, selfless and funny. We can see how flawed she is at the beginning but she managed to persevere. She went to war as a man to first save her father's life and then to prove everyone wrong.
 Beast dies but is turned back into a human
Beast dies but is turned back into a human
I upendo how in some sinema that Disney does features someone dying it kinda makes the story of the film somehow sad and emotional. So here are my juu 4 favourite almost death scenes. SPOILERS AHEAD

# 4Snow White getting poisoned with the poison apple: This has to be the weirdest scene I have seen in a Disney movie I mean getting poisoned kwa an apple how stupid is that and I thought she died and went to heaven as the ngome was like in the skies.

#3 John Smith getting shot kwa Radcliff: This one I was so shocked when I seen this as it was so emotional and very sad. I like how John asks Pocahontas...
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posted by KataraLover
Once there was a handsome rich man, who had a beautiful wife who was kind as she was beautiful. They also had a beautiful little girl(5 years old right now) named Cinderella, she was named after her mother Ella, also the she loved to watch the cinders fly from the moto place. But one siku out of nowhere the rich woman died. After a mwaka the rich man married again he felt his daughter needed a mother. She was a woman of good family with two daughters just Cinderella's age kwa name Anastasia and Drizella. However after two years of marriage the good man died leaveing his daughter broken hearted....
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Since the current theme in the 11 in 1 Princess ikoni Contest is In your inayopendelewa outfit of theirs I decided to write an makala about my favorites, I'm also including Anna and Elsa in the article

Snow White: Princess Dress With Cape

My inayopendelewa DP Outfit, I upendo everything about this dress and with the cape the dress looks even prettier, but I do upendo the dress without the cape, it's just that without the cape the dress looks a little zaidi plain than with the cape. Anyway as I alisema before I upendo everything about the dress, the colors, the length, the accessories, everything really

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The group referred to as The Princesses doesn't refer to the group of 10 heroines we know on this site. This group refers to the women who were literally born into royalty, and in some studies, Kida from "Atlantis" is in this group as well, since she is technically royalty. In order to keep the flow of things pretty even, I have relegated her to the "Tough Girls" group, which will have their own makala later on. For now, we'll focus on The Princesses: Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Rapunzel.

There may be no Disney character zaidi polarizing than Ariel among feminist scholars (as well...
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Chapter One: Prologue/Meet the Characters

Everyone knows what happens at the end of a movie. They all live happily ever after, there's a rainbow, and everything is right with the world. The swali is, how long does happily ever after really last?
The answer is, it doesn't ever last forever. There's always something that happens after the lovers ride off into the sunset au finally end up together. Sometimes it even goes so far as to threaten their own children. And that's exactly what's been happening. No one knows what it is au how it started, but somehow an evil, dark force slowly began to...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
So I'm also doing this with Divergent factions, and although I'm a shabiki of both, I am an absolute Potterhead, so I will probably enjoy doing this one more. I will go house kwa house and explain why each Disney Princess would be in (in my opinion). This also includes Anna, Elsa and Moana!


First we have the house where Harry Potter himself was in, and also me! But nobody cares about me. Gryffindors are characterized kwa bravery and recklessness. Pride is also a trait, and many Gryffindors have confidence, not all, but most. These are basically the most brave and biggest risk-takers....
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posted by deedragongirl
 Go ahead and get the soundtrack!
Go ahead and get the soundtrack!
Hi guys, since I had done a kura ya maoni earlier, now it's my turn to write down 3 motivational songs and the reasons why.

1) Let It Go (Frozen)

Since this song has been overplayed, I'm very glad that Disney release an international version and it became an international anthem! It teaches me to let all of my anxieties go, and this is why I always listen in the car while driving sometimes.

2) Strong (Cinderella)

The other song that I love, it motivates me to write down the singers who sang Let It Go and onyesha it to them on their Facebook. I was very happy that some of them thanked me for it!

3) How Far I'll Go (Moana)

As Belle says, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, so this is how the song inspires me to travel around the world on my own!

Get Inspired!

So here are my reasons on why these 3 songs are motivational, do wewe agree?
 Hello Ella
Hello Ella
 I want to get the soundtrack!
I want to get the soundtrack!
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This is my updated princess shabiki list. The biggest change is a swap-out/trade-placements of two princesses. These are my opinions. I will explain as I go.

1. Mulan
    I’ll probably be a shabiki of her my whole life. She’s the most sacrificial character in the whole Disney Princess lineup, and I can’t help admiring her for overcoming her numerous flaws. Mulan is a convincing heroine, and her humaneness is something that I find missing in some of the Revival Era girls.

2. Ariel
    She was my childhood favorite, but she doesn’t seem to diminish in my...
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