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posted by Jessikaroo
1. Congratulations for being October shabiki of the Month! How did wewe feel?
A bit surprised, but grateful all the same. It’s nice to think that people notice my activity on here. The DP spot is my favourite spot to visit, and I hope to keep coming here for a long time yet.

2. How did wewe first get on fanpop and Disney Princess spot?
I was looking up various animated Heroes and heroines on the internet, and I kept coming across certain fanpop spots, like this one and the Childhood Animated Movie Heroines spot. Then I discovered the articles, most of them at the time were BelleAnastasia’s, and was both amazed and delighted at the thought and detail put into them. But I didn’t think about joining until I saw the picks. I badly wanted to vote in them so I made an account, thinking I would only bother with the site for a mwezi at most. I was completely wrong.

3. What is your inayopendelewa activity on Fanpop?
Answering the picks. The pick section is always so active, and I like to read other people’s maoni about their choices. I also like kusoma makala and participating in contests when I have the time.

4. Is there a Disney Princess whom wewe can relate yourself to? If yes, who? If no, to which Disney/non-Disney heroine do wewe relate most?
Out of the Disney Princesses, I’d say that I relate to Tiana the most. Before she becomes a frog, that is, obviously I can’t relate to the amphibious way of life. We have a similar family situation, as we both live with just our mothers, we are both strongly driven to achieve our career goals, and we don’t go out and party because of that. But the major difference there is that she spends all her time working, I spend half of my spare time here on Fanpop.

5. Who is your….

- inayopendelewa DP?

- Most beautiful DP?
Cinderella. She is so classically beautiful.

- Smartest DP?

- Funniest DP?

- Gentlest DP?

- Most underrated DP?
Pocahontas. Not so much on here, but in general she is.

- Least liked DP?
Aurora. I still like her though.

6. Which DP has the best…

- Outfit?
Tiana. I upendo her green dress.

- Hairstyle?
Belle. I’ve always loved the hairstyle she has when she’s wearing her ballgown.

- Smile?

- Scenes/Screenshots?

- upendo story?
Pocahontas (as it was in the first movie).

7. Let’s talk about other aspects of DPs. What/who is your inayopendelewa and least favorite…

- DP movie?

Favorite: Pocahontas.

Least Favorite: Sleeping Beauty.

- DP prince?

Favorite: Eric.

Least Favorite: Charming.

- DP sidekick?

Favorite: Meeko.

Least Favorite: Louis the alligator.

- DP parent?

Favorite: Maurice.

Least Favorite: Fa Li.

- DP villain?

Favorite: Evil Queen.

Least Favorite: Dr Facilier.

- DP place?

Favorite: Virginia, the way it is in Pocahontas. The landscape is beautiful.

Least Favorite: New Orleans. It’s just a city and doesn’t have the exotic feel like some of the other places.

- DP song?

Favorite: Colours of the Wind.

Least Favorite: The Work Song from Cinderella. I can’t stand squeaky high-pitched voices.

8. Which DP do wewe want to be best Marafiki with? Why?
Tough choice… I think perhaps cinderella would be the best one for me. She’s kind and sensible, and I think she would have a very good imagination which would make her fun to play games with. I wouldn’t say no to helping out mice either.

9. If wewe can switch places with a DP, who would it be? Why?
Ariel. Then I could experience underwater life without worrying about how I would breathe. I would probably choose to stay under the sea for my whole life if I were her, but if switching places with Ariel means I have to make the deal with Ursula, that still wouldn’t be too bad.

10. Is there is one classical fairy tale that you’d like Disney to make? What is it? How will wewe make it?
Perhaps a full-length version of The Ugly Duckling. It could involve zaidi of an adoptive parent theme, with the only female bata in the flock without any offspring finding a lone egg and deciding to care for it. Her son gets teased for being different, but she still loves him anyway. Disney is pretty good with stories involving animals, so I think they’d be able to do something good with it.

11. Would wewe like Disney to make a new DP? If yes, how will she look and act? If no, why?
At the moment I have this idea of a Swiss princess in my head. A bit like Heidi, I guess, but slightly older. She lives on a farm in the mountains, and wears one of those classic Swiss girl outfits. She is a very loud girl, and likes to hear the mountains ringing with her voice. She loves being outdoors and hanging out with cattle. And she can yodel.

12. What are your hopes on…

- fanpop site?
I would really like it to just keep on going the way it is. A lot of the spots, like this one, have a real community feel to them, because the same people keep visiting every siku and we get to know what each person is passionate about. And every so often someone new joins, and it’s refreshing to see new tastes and opinions. The only thing I want changed is the banner on each spot, it was better before they put the name of the spot on them.

- Future Disney movies?
I don’t mind that Disney is moving towards 3D animation, as long as they give their stories the same magic that they used to. I would upendo to still see the occasional 2D movie being made though. And I hope that they continue to make classic, emotional stories that will remain maarufu forever, rather than focussing on contemporary ones without much depth.
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"Are... Are wewe Snow White?"

"TIANA?" Snow White yelled.

"Yes, it's me. Can wewe leave?"

"No, I won't leave."

"Why? wewe refused to come and let me help you. But now wewe need me?"

"Yes. I do need you."

"For what?"

"Well, I don't know. Your house is in ruins. I wanted shelter."

"Oh, oka-"




"Can you- can wewe help me?"

"I- I- No."

Snow White turned around and left Tiana.

"Please help me! I'll do anything! Please!"

"No." Snow White replied.

Tiana began screaming and crying. The house began to collapse. Snow White ran.

"I'm sorry, but bye."

Tiana fell into the ruins of the house. She was dead....
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It's crazy coz I was thinking the same thing!
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posted by MadameLee
Sleeping Beauty three vichimbakazi are smarter then people give them credit for. Why did the faeries keep Aurora/BR away from people? For all we, the audience know Maleficent could change herself into any kind of woman Even if Magnificent didn't disguise herself what if a 'stranger' BR/Aurora meets decides to tell Maleficent's goblins about a 'mysterious girl' living in a cottage in the woods?

Why didn't they take Prince Phillip with them? Probably because A/BR and Prince Phillip would have a brother-sister feeling towards each other. Can wewe imagine waking up one siku and discovering that your 'brother'...
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let it go
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posted by icemily42
Hi,I thought it was fun making these makala so I decided to make a juu 5 list!Even through I might have many disagreements cause zaidi than half of them are the underrated.I'm not going be counting Merdia because I'm pretty sure what I'v heard she didn't sing and unlike my last orodha I'm going to be counting Dps like Megara .Tell me if wewe agree in the maoni please hit that like if wewe liked it and let's start.And I'm not counting Ariel,Elsa and Pocahontas cause wewe guys would see it coming.Now lets start.

5.Sofia from "Sofia the first"
Even through I don't like the onyesha I can't help but to...
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The muziki is from Titanic!
I upendo this version, so beautiful.
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