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posted by jainabieber7
 i'm jaina :)
i'm jaina :)
hujambo DP fans! i just wanted to introduce myself because I am obsessed with this shabiki page and I would upendo for everyone to get to know me better!
some info about me:

- My name is Jaina (jane-uh) and I'm 16 years old.

- I live in sunny Florida, just 2 hours away from Walt Disney World! I have an annual pass and I go A LOT.

- My inayopendelewa DP list!
1. Rapunzel
2. Belle
3. Ariel
4. Cinderella
5. Jasmine
6. Pocahontas
7. Mulan
8. Snow White
9. Aurora
10. Tiana

- My fave Disney movie is Tangled.
others are Toy Story, Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan, ect. I could go on forever.

- My fave non-princess Disney character is Tinkerbell.

- My dream job is to be a character at Disney! People always tell me that I look like Rapunzel. unfortunately, im only 5'0', too short to be a princess. i'm the perfect height for Tink and Alice though :)

- I upendo Justin Bieber! I went to his My World tour in 2010, and im going to his Believe tour inayofuata month.

im not sure what else to say, i think i covered the basics.

ask me if wewe have any maswali about me au anything!

thanks guys! :)
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This is just my opinion - I didn't bother with a pick this time around, because it was asked a couple of times before. And really, I don't think they deserve that much attention. But to get this out of my chest once and for all, here my list, from the best (10) to the worst (1).

10. Aladin and the King of Thieves: I have to say if there is one direct-to-video sequel I like somewhat than it’s that one. The uhuishaji is not great, but slightly above TV-Show quality. Good voice actors, catchy songs and a story which works. I kind of wish that the main uhuishaji studios would have taken the...
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Frozen (2013)
animated film
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Even though I wrote this orodha 3 months zamani it has changed a lot since then so I decided to write an updated orodha for you, hope you'll like it

11. Merida (previously 10)

I think she's pretty despite this placement, she has beautiful blue eyes and her hair has such a lovely color, but her face shape bugs me, also while she has a gorgeous haircolor the style of the hair is too curly for my taste. But she does have a cute smile, but it's a weird smile. It's also very hard for me to find good shots of her, the one above is the only shot where I think she's leaning towards beautiful, but I wouldn't...
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