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Lately, there has been some discussion on here about princesses and their personalities- specifically whether certain princesses have personalities au whether they have sufficiently rounded personalities. I thought it would be a good idea to actually look at the personalities and the different dimensions to them to get a clearer picture of just how well-developed the princesses are as characters. This is not an makala about whether the princess is introverted au extroverted au personality type (I’ll leave that to LightningRed,) but the personality traits of the princesses. I will be looking at positive traits, negative traits, neutral traits, and traits that can go either way depending on the situation (for the sake of convenience, I will be referring to these as “border traits”) for each of the princesses.
I know, you’re all going to be mad because I’m treating them as one character, but ultimately I just decided to divide up the makala kwa time period (mostly) because… well, you’ll see how long these get.
The classic princesses are much zaidi idealized characters than are common in much of any movie/ book/ general story today, where having an abundance of flaws is actually considered a good thing (and not just for the sake of character development.) Interestingly, these older characters are belittled for not having flaws and being “unrealistic,” but a lot of the “kick-butt” characters of today are just as idealized (or, at least, wewe can tell the mwandishi wasn’t thinking of flaws while uandishi the characters *cough, cough* Katniss Everdeen *cough, cough*) but since they are “tough,” no one cares. Anyway, the princesses of the classic era were clearly written with a perfect woman in mind. And while they do still have flaws (as any good character should,) they were definitely made to be zaidi perfection-oriented than realism-oriented.

Snow White
Snow White is a very good example of the idealized princess, despite the fact the she is actually a very well-rounded character. The only thing she might be lacking in is flaws, but I personally think she makes up for it with a wide variety of border traits which are positives that can act as a negative because of the extremity of the presence of that trait in her personality.

Positives: Snow White is kind to everyone she meets, of course. She never has any hard feelings against anybody, not even Queen Grimhilde. She helps the dwarfs, and she is determined it will only take some kindness to break Grumpy’s hardness- and what do wewe know, she was right! Snow White is optimistic and always sees the good side of everything. She believes that everything is going to be alright and she won’t do anything to contradict it. She is hard-working. Snow makes herself useful even after being sent away. She uses her talents of cooking and cleaning (things she had mastered and the dwarfs hadn’t) to repay them for their kindness (honestly, that makes much zaidi sense than her working in the mines, her only real other option- the dwarfs were already skilled in that and had zaidi than enough workers, so why shouldn’t she offer her unique skills? Done ranting.)

Negatives: Snow White is bossy. She comes to the dwarfs’ house and tells them what they have to do and the orders they have to follow to eat. She intrudes on their territory and then tells them what they have to do. Snow White can also be very passive. She needs the huntsman to tell her to run away when the Queen is going to kill her. She has to be told to run away! Snow is also very naïve. This goes with her optimism, but Snow White really doesn’t understand anything about the world. She doesn’t take any precautions and believes everything will be alright even if she is in a dangerous situation with no protection.

Neutral: Snow White is hopelessly romantic. She knows in her moyo that the Prince is going to be coming back for her. She has a mind for business. This goes with her bossiness, but she also runs a tight shift and never lets anything go without passing her standards.

Border: Snow White has a lot of border traits. She always believes there is good in people. This is good when she is dealing with Grumpy and is kind to him, but she also lets herself be, um, killed. She is also very innocent. This is part of the reason all the dwarfs, the prince, and even the huntsman fall under her spell. However, it can also be a disadvantage to her because others use it against her. The Queen uses her innocence against her in her attempts to kill her. It’s not the same as naivety, naivety is zaidi being gullible while innocence is zaidi purity and positivity. Also, part of the reason the Queen wants to kill her is because of how much everyone (the prince specifically) loves her, in addition to her beauty, and people upendo her so much because of her purity and innocence. Snow White is cheerful- very cheerful. This is a huge positive for her in many ways. It is a good thing because she doesn’t do anything with the assumption that anything will turn out badly, and she goes into every situation treating it as if it will have a positive outcome. This serves her well because she never does anything halfway, she goes all out for the best possible outcome. However, a certain degree of pessimism is a good thing. If a person has absolutely no pessimism, they won’t be able to look at things in a realistic manner. Ultimately, the world is not a perfect place, and so if wewe can’t see anything bad in the possible outcome, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.
 A super sweet, positive, ideal
A super sweet, positive, ideal

cinderella is the most realistic of the classic princesses. She is optimistic and doesn’t give up, but at the same time wewe can tell she really has strong dislike for Lady Tremaine. wewe can tell she resents the obstacles. Walt alisema cinderella was his inayopendelewa fairytale because he could relate to Cinderella’s struggles before he got his big break, so I’m sure that’s where she got some of her resentment and why she is so realistic. cinderella has a lot zaidi gray area to her personality and decisions than, certainly Snow White, and either of the other classics.

Positives: cinderella is optimistic. She never gives up hope and is always determined that the dream that she wishes will come true. She is emotionally strong beyond comparison, able to hold up under abuse for years. cinderella is basically kind. She has to help those in trouble, even though she is in such a low situation herself. cinderella is selfless. It would be easy for her to wallow in her own self-pity and ignore the plight of others, but cinderella always helps those less fortunate than even herself. cinderella is also assertive, able to stand up against Tremaine, inaonyesha that she isn’t going to let herself be walked all over and still has self-respect. She is dignified in the way she treats those abusing her, she never sinks to their level. There’s a difference between having dignity and class and being a doormat au pushover, something Cinderella’s often accused of. cinderella also has a lot of foresight and understands that it will be better in the long run for her to stay with the Tremaines for the time being, and she has the patience to wait out the time.

Negatives: cinderella is uchungu, chungu and truly resentful. wewe can clearly see her anger she holds against Lady Tremaine. She almost takes it out on Lucifer when he ruins her cleaning, she would have if the kengele hadn’t rung right then. She has a chip on her shoulder and knows how to hold a grudge. wewe can also see the pleasure cinderella has when she pulls out the shoe in front of Lady Tremaine. cinderella wants revenge and is vindictive. She is truly happy that she ruined Lady Tremaine’s plan to keep her out of the castle. She is aggressive and passive-aggressive. Again, cinderella almost takes out her anger on Lucifer. cinderella makes fun of Anastasia and Drizella’s musical ability when they can’t hear her. Unlike Snow, the abuse cinderella has been subjected to has actually effected and taken a toll on her. cinderella can also make a martyr of herself. Contradicting her compassion for others and optimism (and hey, don’t all of us have traits that would seem self-contradictory?) when cinderella is in a low moment, she lets herself be sorry for herself and just gets angry and generally disappointed instead of really trying to do something about it. cinderella could have just screamed her head of when the duke was there, but instead she cried and almost let him go without her opportunity. While I’m not saying she really wanted to stay, she was sorry for herself and didn’t really do everything in her power. Wow, I wrote a lot for Cinderella’s negatives. I promise, I’m not hating on her, just trying to onyesha how realistic she is, since most people tend to overlook that and make it seem like she’s just this inhuman example of perfection.

Neutral: cinderella is dreamy. She makes dreams and hopes for herself and takes happiness in her dreams. cinderella is also realistic. Seemingly against her optimism and dreamy nature, cinderella can see the grit of the situation and the grim possibility. An example of this is when cinderella doesn’t have time to make her dress (though why she didn’t just go in the dress as it was, ignoring fashion of the day, I don’t know.) cinderella tries to tell herself that she isn’t really missing out (optimism,) but, opposed to Snow White, she also realizes that there is no apparent way she can go (realism.) cinderella is also opportunistic. She took the chances she had to try and free herself. This is another trait that would seem to contradict a previously mentioned aspect of her personality (self-pity.) When the order came, cinderella reminded Tremaine that she was an unmarried woman of the country and therefore ordered to come. cinderella kept the slipper on her at all times and pulled it out when the duke was not there (though she could have gone back to the ngome with the other shoe, though that could raise suspicions I suppose.) Ultimately, all the times I am pointing out flaws in Cinderella’s logic is just another example of how cinderella is a realistic character.

Border: cinderella has less border traits than Snow White. However, she also has zaidi definitive flaws than Snow White does. One border trait of cinderella is her patience. While this can work to her advantage because she ends up having a much better end situation than she would have had she aliyopewa up and left, this also does cause her to be zaidi passive than she needs to be and not stand up for herself in many situations. Another border trait is her tendency to stuff her feelings and not express them. Unlike most border traits, this is zaidi commonly a negative trait than a positive trait. While this is bad because it causes her to be uchungu, chungu and resentful in her situation and she has a lot of pent-up anger, this also serves her well because it stops her from making any rash moves that would cause her to be in even zaidi trouble and make her life even zaidi difficult.
 The most realistic of the early bunch
The most realistic of the early bunch

I might venture to say Aurora is the most idealized of the princesses. And while she is very idealized, Aurora still has plenty to round out her character and most certainly does have a developed personality. I, like so many others, really wish we got to see zaidi of it in the movie, because Aurora really does have the makings of a truly compelling character had she had zaidi fleshing-out. However, I still upendo her the way she is, and she’s still a great character.

Positives: Aurora is kind to others, no matter who they are. She was always kind and respectful to the vichimbakazi and she was nice to the wanyama in the forest. Of course, Aurora, while at first unnerved (and come on, who wouldn’t be?) was welcoming to Phillip. Another strong sign of her kindness is the way she acts when she first meets her parents and Phillip’s father. Even after they have created this plot for her that has ended up hurting her so much, she still rushes to her mother’s arms and embraces her. She kisses Phillip’s father. Aurora is just kind. Aurora is also cautious. Really, she is. Now, before wewe go all “don’t talk to strangers” on me, she didn’t just immediately run off with him. She made sure it was the man from her dreams before finishing her song with him. And before wewe get all up in arms about that, it was a fairytale, things work differently. And even after Aurora knows it is the man from her dreams, she arranges for him to meet her at her house. If Phillip were to end up being anything other than a gentleman, what safer place for Aurora to be when that was revealed than at her than on her territory with three other women there to protect and defend her. Aurora is poised and can handle anything that is thrown at her. Aurora is emotionally tough and selfless, and respectful and obedient to the fairies. Even after it is revealed to her that her entire life has been one big illusion planned kwa those supposed to be the closest people in the world to her, she picks up the pieces enough to go back and take responsibility for her people. She gives up a life with her dream prince to lead her people. wewe can’t ask for zaidi in a ruler. Aurora has the makings to be a great queen.

Negatives: Aurora can be spineless. Going along with her obedience and respect, Aurora can sometimes not speak for herself even when it would benefit her. She really is zaidi complex than she appears. There is zaidi than one side to her uigizaji on her decisions. On the one hand, she is being selfless and dutiful, on the other, she is being spineless. Aurora can also be awkward when she first meets someone. Despite the grace and elegance that is so often alisema the only thing anyone can say about her, and in direct contrast to her poised demeanor, Aurora is not really sure how to handle certain situations. When she first meets Phillip, she doesn’t know whether she wants to stay au whether she wants to go, and she’s not really sure how to handle either decision. Going along with this, Aurora is indecisive. She doesn’t know what to do about Phillip, and changes her mind when he asks when he can see her again. Aurora doesn’t know how to make decisions she can stick with. Aurora can have a tendency, like Cinderella, to be self-pitying. When she went back to the castle, while she was dignified, she still was simply devastated to be there.

Neutral: Aurora is very philosophical. She creates a metaphor between her life and the birds while she is in the forest. She observes patterns of behavior in the way those around her live and she wonders if there can somehow be a connection between that and the way she lives her life. I alisema in my house sorting makala that I thought Aurora was a Ravenclaw, no in the traditional scholarly academic sense, but as an abstract, creative thinker. Aurora is imaginative and creative. She plays along with the wanyama and has created a world of fantasy. Aurora is a hopeless romantic. She dreams of her prince, and sure as the sky is blue, the dream will come true. She knows immediately that the man she meets in the forest is the man for her for life. Aurora is also regal and elegant. She has a royal air about her and a royal attitude to life. That is also part of why she goes back, royalty is such a part of who she is that she can’t turn her back on those who need her.

Border: Aurora is dreamy. Aurora is very imaginative and has many abstract mentalities. However, this can also cause Aurora not to be grounded in reality. Much like Snow White’s cheerfulness, Aurora can be setting herself up for disappointment, and she does when she is brought back to inevitable reality after she is told she is a princess and must serve her people and marry and man she does not love. Aurora also is very open with her emotions and lets her moyo rule her head. This is usually a neutral trait, and can serve her well because others are easier to have a relationship with her. However, this can cause her to overreact and be self-pitying. I had another border trait for her, but I can’t remember it right now, if I do remember it I’ll add it. However, I do believe I have shown that Aurora certainly has a personality, and a well-developed one at that. Many times, zaidi than one aspect of Aurora’s personality is behind her decision, and as many times, if not more, one trait influences another that are bother behind her decision. Ultimately, I don’t understand where anyone gets that ides that any princess doesn’t have a personality, au even a rounded, developed one.
 Elegant, regal, and far zaidi layered than she is aliyopewa credit for
Elegant, regal, and far zaidi layered than she is aliyopewa credit for

wewe are an incredible person if wewe have read this whole thing!
Hello everyone! Okay maybe this "favorite princess orodha article" sounds too mainstream on this club. But as I find I rarely create any inayopendelewa orodha makala unlike most of users here, I decide to write one.

Happy reading ^.^

Bottom 3

11. Jasmine

Aladdin is one of the interesting Disney prince, but the same thing not happen with Jasmine. Nothing special with her. During the movie I just saw her as a princess who was forced to marriage under the law. Nothing zaidi than that. What I like from her is only how generous and outspoken she is. Unless for me, she is lack of development, probably because...
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I basically got this idea from anukriti and maidoforleans but never got around to uandishi this until now.

Not at All Relatable
These are the princesses that I don’t relate to and don’t identify au find myself in them at all. They are also the ones whom I consider the best role models (except for Tiana), because they have traits that I don’t.


She’s an amazing role model. Yeah, she likes kusoma and adventures, but that doesn’t make her relatable to me. She’s too much of a perfection to be relatable. Speaking of which, I’m not convinced Belle’s actually that adventurous....
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 This is a real life image of you, yes wewe dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is a real life image of you, yes YOU dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is inspired kwa this hilarious twitter I found, @celebsinhs.

Examples of their tweets:

This is my collab with my friend Olivia, wewe might know her as _CatWoman_. She helped me a lot with this and gave some hilarious ideas.

Alright, let's get on with my take of them! Try to guess which DP it is as I give hints of their qualities. Don't scroll too far too fast!

-nice enough to eat the gross sloppy joe in the cafeteria
-casually catches bugs and take them outside when they scare everyone else in class
-looks like the grudge in the winter
-dated a sophomore when she was like 10, is still...
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 Gyeongbokgung Palace.
Gyeongbokgung Palace.
Finally! My Japanese Princess Appearance make it to the front page, I strongly recommend wewe guys to check it out. So, now is a Korean princess's turn to see on how she will look like. Ironically, I also did a kura ya maoni on this too!

1. Ha Nui Lee (3rd Runner-Up, Miss Universe 2007)

She was the 3rd runner up in Miss Universe 2007 to her Japanese counterpart, Riyo Mori. She is my first choice for a Korean Princess, as she plays a Korean instrument called the Gayageum. So, she could also provide the movie some help!

2. Sa Rang Kim (Miss Universe 2001 contestant)

This contestant won the best National...
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After seeing MaidofOrleans orodha in the foramu link, I thought it was a cool idea to orodha down Disney Princesses on the basis of which how I relate to them au not relate to them. So here goes:


Snow White:

I don't really relate to her much. I cannot go from being scared for my life to cleaning the stranger's house in the same day. I'm optimistic but not like her, I'd be zaidi like practical and cautious in her situation. I am also not as organized as her and neither as much persistent with my ways of living.

 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten wewe
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you

I wish I was as graceful...
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Which Disney Princess got to live in the most beautiful house? Which ruled the hearts of mashabiki - the cottages, mansions au humble homes?
Fans have voted and results are in! Here's a look how mashabiki ranked the DP homes.

12. Aladdin's home:
Most mashabiki understood that this barely counted as a home, but zaidi like a shelter to rest at night. It barely had anything, not even a door. Even though it had a great view, beautiful it surely wasn't.

anukriti2409: This is really an abandoned place, which Aladin uses for shelter. It's really downtrodden, with no furniture au gate au windows au curtains. It's...
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Hi everyone!

So I thought that since wewe often hear a lot of negative things about the Disney Princesses from people on fanpop that it'd be cool to hear some positive opinions that other Fanpoppers hold.

Maybe it could change a view of yours. Who knows?

Why We upendo Snow White:

I upendo Snow White for her unending optimism. I would argue that she is the most optimistic of the DPs, and I upendo her message that "you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." It's very true and is applicable to every situation in life. I also upendo how she bosses around the dwarfs. It's super...
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Here are the results of Countdown for The SCARIEST DP Villain. The orodha is a result of the countdown done kwa fans. I tried to include at least one maoni from everyone, to let the mashabiki onyesha their opinions and I do apologize if I didn't include your's. I also added my own opinion to the descriptions, but it's just my opinion so feel free to disagree.


11. Gov. Ratcliffe
I wasn't surprised to see Ratcliffe leave first. Personally I've never cared for him, he just seems like spoiled brat to me. But even his mashabiki don't find him all that threatening.

He's zaidi like Hans. They both are...
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 The 1950 version.
The 1950 version.
Hi guys, since I had make a kura ya maoni version of it under my old jina la mtumiaji as dee389. Here is my general opinion on the stunning and beautiful wedding gown!

1950 Version

This was nothing special about this wedding gown, it looks like a typical wedding kanzu, gown that we see on your au your relative's wedding day.

2007 Version

Since this version is a mid-quel, I thought that this is even better than the original 1950 version. It has zaidi details, especially the sleeve!

2015 Version

kwa far, this is definitely the most spectacular wedding kanzu, gown that I had ever seen! When I first saw in the cinema last year, I was blown away and I have to say that it's even better than the awali two. It has zaidi details and the veil.

A Wedding Moment

So, if you're planning on getting married, which of these 3 wedding dresses do wewe pick?
 2007 Version
2007 Version
 2015 Version
2015 Version
Alright guys, this article's going to be one of the longer ones in this series, if not the longest. There are so many blue outfits among the DPs! I'm also really regretting not including the blue-green outfits in the green countdown instead of this one, because it ended up being so long, but oh well. I hope wewe enjoyed it anyway!

Previous Articles

10. Mulan's blue sleepwear

I didn't think this outfit deserved to be the first one eliminated. I like the style of the top, and it looks very comfy to sleep in. I can see why people wouldn't like it though.

Anyways, this one is the most...
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