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 try to be pretty
try to be pretty
So I had boring time in my hands and it turns out as making finally my prettiest DP list. I think all DPs are pretty and so my orodha has always been just big mess and I have never really made clear orodha before. I'm not brilliant beauty reviewer and it's often hard to explain why someone is prettier than other. DPs case drawing also influenced my choices, I think it was quite good measure when I wasn't sure about order. When I draw it's easier to compare different features and normally it's also zaidi fun to draw beautiful characters.
I also have one request, I'll soon write english in high school and as I have never been talented with it could wewe please tell me if I have make some really serious grammar errors. Some smaller errors are there for sure but I want to get my basic sense of english right when I still have time, thank you.


She's the only one of the princesses I don't find beautiful. She looks cute but that's it. Her face shape looks little like an oval to side to side and not up to down like characters usually have. I like her eye color but there's not really anything else. I think her body is really nice but with enormous hair her figure looks like a maua, ua stick. I'm not really shabiki of her hair, it's looks too unnatural to me and it doesn't act like I imagine hair would.

Snow White

Sorry Snow White mashabiki but even though I think she's beautiful she's least prettiest out of rest of the princesses. Main thing that bothers me is her eyelashes. Also some parts of her uhuishaji brings my mind Popeye's style. Her eye shape and color are nice and she has really darling smile. Her figure is also beautiful and only thing about her hair that bothers me is how she exactly styles it. Short hair suits her though I think she would be zaidi beautiful with longer hair.


I upendo her concept arts and she looks stunning there but for some reason in her movie she doesn't looks so amazing. She's beautiful without doubt but her eyes looks too big even if she have quite big head too. Unlike many other princess I don't find her eyes so special though I like them's green color. I think her body is way too small compared to her head and when her long hair is gone to balance it it's looks really unnatural. I like her both long and short hair but I think it was quite cruel to left her with her brown hair as it never grows.


It was hard to put her anywhere because I feel quite neutral about her looks. She has nice smile and prettiest eyes of the classic princesses. I also like her body shape, it's realisting. Her bangs little bothers me but I like her hair, even her ball updo. One thing that disturb me about classic princesses is that their ears are never shown. I don't know why that's so important to me.


She's absolutely beautiful and she has some amazing scenes but then again she also has ones where she looks horrible. Her too big forehead is my biggest problem beside large eyes. Her small waist doesn't bother me practically at all, she's cartoon and in her case her big head and small body looks working nice together. She has lovely hair and I'd like to have hair like hers.


I think she looks great in every picture she's in but her beauty is little too classic. I'm not sure do I like au dislike it but her chin's shape always leap to my eye. Her body shape is nice taken into account her movie's style. I think her hair looks lovely and her bangs doesn't bugs me though I don't like them either.


I upendo her eyes even if them are too big. Actually I like every feature in her face I see nothing wrong with her nose. Her feature is comic like but she still looks quite nice. The biggest thing that bothers me is her hair, even if it suits her it's a little too unnatural and thick.


She was meant to be beauty so what can I say. my inayopendelewa feature in her is her eyes and I like her all around. I think they have overdraw her bangs but that's it.


I upendo her looks, her eyes, nose, body, hair, everything. Her eyes are one of the most realistic of princesses. I think I would like her zaidi if her hair didn't fly with the wind, it looks cool but it just doesn't work(I have tried). She's third just because other two are zaidi pretty and maybe because her lips are little too swollen.


Well in short I upendo everything about her, especially her dimples. She has prettiest smile of princesses. I like her body is zaidi "mortal" -like than Pocahontas'. It's just shame her hair is never loose.


I have gone back and forth with this like as long I have been DP shabiki because I wanted to avoid favoritism as much as possible. Some bias are for sure still left (I admit, I can't help it) but I still honesty think that Mulan is really really beautiful and I thought about this long time before I put her first. Mulan is actually influenced my perception of beauty and also rose my self-esteem of my appearance. I upendo her face shape and eyes and even though she have some weird shots, like the one her lips looks like bumerang, she looks ujumla, jumla amazing. And I do upendo her lips because I watch also others scenes than that "bumerang" one. As Ping she obivously doesn't looks as beautiful but she looks still very cute. Her body is one of the best of DP's and I'd really like to have her hair. People often complain her thick eyebrows like Jasmine's too but I don't get what's so bad about them. To Mulan it could be neither thick au thin eyebrows and it wouldn't change my opinion either way and I can't even imagine Jasmine's having thin eyebrows, she looks great like she is.
 Thanks for kusoma :)
Thanks for reading :)
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