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posted by rhythmicmagic
Dear Frozen,

Thank you. Thank wewe for being pretty much the only realistic portrayal of upendo in mainstream media in the last- oh, I don’t know- at least five years.

Thank wewe for inaonyesha that Hans, the handsome gallant prince of the Southern Isles who seemed a perfect match for Anna is fallible. Thank wewe for inaonyesha that the idea of a “one perfect match” isn’t necessarily realistic. Thank wewe for inaonyesha us that upendo is like with Kristoff, how everyone has their rough edges, how no one can fit the mold of perfection. Thank wewe for reminding us that “everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper, that’s what it’s all about!” And, especially, thank wewe for saying clearly that “people don’t really change.” Thank wewe for being so clear in that upendo is about accepting people, especially their flaws, and not finding someone who fits an ideal.

But most of all, thank you, Olaf, for giving pretty much the only sane definition of upendo any media has aliyopewa in too, too long. Thank wewe for telling us “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours” in an age of “The best upendo of all is loving yourself,” “You have to upendo yourself before wewe can upendo others,” and “You have to provide for yourself before wewe can provide for someone else.” Thank wewe for reminding us that upendo is selfless. Thank wewe for the fact that little boys and girls will watch Frozen and hear that upendo is about consciously making someone else zaidi important and not about making sure you’re fulfilled above all else. Thank wewe for the truth wewe gave us that the world has tried so hard to deny. Thank wewe for reminding us that upendo is, above all, sacrifice.
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