Hello everyone. Today I'm going to make a getting to know me article. First if all, I know I'm posting this in the Disney Princess club instead of the bila mpangilio club, where I should put it, but I don't really talk to anybody on the bila mpangilio club and they'd be like "who's this person and when did they come here?" Anyways, Let's start getting to know me.

Okay, I decided to do this maswali style, and let other users choose the questions. Now, enjoy the article! :)

1. What is your name? -Truth76
Well, my name is Mary, however, my Marafiki call me Mares. I don't know why they do, but they do for some reason. Feel free to call me Mary au Mares or, well, I don't really care.

2. What are your hobbies? -euny
Well, for one, I spend some of my time coming on fanpop and uandishi makala on here. I also play some sports, mpira wa kikapu and soccer. I also upendo reading, writing, and sitting around being a lazy bum. (So interesting am I right?)

3. Your birthday and astrology sign?-Coolsinger198
My birthday is August 7th, and my astrology sign is Leo *roars*. However, my brother hacked my account and alisema on the bila mpangilio club that my birthday was July 14th, which is his birthday. (Ugh, siblings.)

4. What are your inayopendelewa and least inayopendelewa school subjects?-Misscindyspice
My inayopendelewa subject is math, and call me insane, but I actually think it's fun. :P I also really like English, but not as much as math. My least inayopendelewa subject? Either history au science. I think they're both really boring, but sometimes I like them, depends on what I'm learning about.

5. What Disney sinema do wewe like most? (Not DP movies.) -Diazdiaz95
While most of my inayopendelewa Disney sinema are Disney Princess movies, I like some non-DP Disney sinema as well. Why don't I sort them out per era? (I'll orodha my least vipendwa too. :D)

All of these being NON DP movies!:
Walt Disney Era- Favorite: 101 Dalmatians
Walt Disney Era- Least Favorite: Fantasia
After Walt Disney- Favorite: The Jungle Book
After Walt Disney- Least Favorite: Oliver and Company
Renaissance- Favorite: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Renaissance- Least Favorite: Tarzan
Post Renaissance- Favorite: The Emperor's New Groove
Post Renaissance- Least Favorite: Chicken Little
Revival Era- Favorite: Wreck-It Ralph
Revival Era- Least Favorite: Winnie the Pooh
Pixar- Favorite: The Incredibles
Pixar- Least Favorite: Cars 2
(Yes, I'm going to count pixar.) (Keep in mind this only included non-DP films, and there were few films to choose from in the renaissance and revival eras, so it doesn't mean that I don't like some of these films, they're just my least favorites.)

6. inayopendelewa Color?-Diazdiaz95
Well, sometimes I change what my inayopendelewa color is. It's either blue, red, au green. It just depends. My least inayopendelewa though, has always been yellow.

7. What animated characters do wewe relate most to, and why?- Awinitarose
Well, I don't know. Sometimes, it depends on what's happening in my life. Not much right now, so I don't know. :P

I upendo making lists, so why don't I make a few lists?

inayopendelewa Disney Movies: (not including pixar)
10. Cinderella
9. Wreck-It Ralph
8. Hercules
7. The Emporer's New Groove
6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
5. Beauty and the Beast
4. The Princess and the Frog
3. The Little Mermaid
2. Tangled
1. Mulan

inayopendelewa Disney Villains:
5. Cruella DeVil
4. Mother Gothel
3. Ursula
2. Maleficent
1. Yzma

inayopendelewa Pixar Movies:
5. Finding Nemo
4. Monsters Inc.
3. Toy Story 2
2. Toy Story 3
1. The Incredibles

inayopendelewa Disney Songs:
5. I See the Light
4. A Whole New World
3. Reflection
2. Part of Your World
1. Colors of the Wind

Then I'll add some of my own questions.

inayopendelewa Book Series?
My inayopendelewa book series is, and always will be (unless it changes.) the Harry Potter series. My sekunde inayopendelewa series is The Lord of the Rings. I'm absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter though. :P

inayopendelewa TV Show?
Well, my jina la mtumiaji isn't avatar_tla_fan for nothing! Avatar is my favorite. :P

What is your inayopendelewa season?
Summer is my favorite, but winter and fall come close. I don't like spring at all.

What animated character are wewe most like?
Well, some people on fanpop say that I'm a lot like Rapunzel, but I don't know. If I'm not though, I would want to be.

Anyways, I hope wewe enjoyed the article!
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