Hi :) I've been gone for quite a bit of time, busy with school and everything, but I decided to stop kwa to write this quick review. I'm not sure if I'll stay after uandishi this, but either way I'm 3/4s done with school so I should be back somewhat soon regardless. Anyway, on to the review!

I'm gonna start kwa saying I loved this movie. I loved it a lot. It was for sure one of the best sinema I've seen in a long while. I'm a sucker for fairytales and I didn't go in with the highest of expectations; I was expecting it to be cute, but possibly a bit too silly and modernized. It was actually oozing with magic and left me feeling so great. While I upendo the original Cinderella, this one wins for me. cinderella herself, the 1950 one, is among one of my inayopendelewa Disney Princesses and her movie too is one of my inayopendelewa Disney Princess movies, but I just adored this movie. Unlike the original, it never once slowed down and got a bit dull. The mice weren't focused on nearly as much as they were in the original, which of course was a great choice. All in all the movie was stunning in every way I could've wished for it to be.

Now the nyota for me without-a-doubt was Cinderella. She was absolutely wonderful. If she was a Disney Princess, she would be my favorite, solidifying herself as one of my inayopendelewa characters of all time (I told wewe I loved this movie, I wasn't exaggerating). She just exemplifies everything I upendo in a character and was an extremely admirable one at that. Her optimism, kindness, dreaminess and zaidi made her other-wordly and ethereal, like she was a spirit from another time au of another kind. Lily James herself did an absolutely stunning job portraying Cinderella. The emotions were so poignant from her and the chemistry between her and the Prince was absolutely breathtaking.

cinderella had me crying multiple times. I'm a bit of an emotional mess, but this movie in particular moved me multiple times. The emotions in this movie just felt so real to me and cinderella herself was such a moving character. I left the movie with tears in my eyes and there was a continual flow even fifteen dakika after leaving the theater (I told my mom it was allergies, which might have been half true ;), that's how much of an impact this movie had on me. Even though I knew everything that was going to happen since I know the original story so well, every scene struck me and found a way to surprise me in a way I wasn't expecting.

The set design, costumes, and supporting characters too were all incredible, but cinderella herself was what made this movie standout so much to me. I myself haven't seen Maleficent, but I heard it got so-so reviews so if wewe haven't seen cinderella and are hesitant I can only give it the highest of praises. It's left a large impact on me and it hasn't left my mind once since seeing the film. With news of a live action Dumbo, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Winnie the Pooh all coming soon, cinderella has left me at least a little zaidi hopeful that Disney still has the magic to pull it off.

Sorry for the short, scattered review! I really didn't delve into much, maybe I'll make another part if I have zaidi time, I just really wanted to give my praises for this wonderful movie! I haven't been here in a while so I don't know the general thoughts from wewe guys, to those of wewe who have seen it what'd wewe think of it? :D See ya inayofuata time!