I haven't done a ranking in a while, so here ya go. This makala is dedicated to the amazing animators of Disney who gave us wonderful character designs and, sadly, unrealistic hair expectations! (*cries because my hair will never be as cool as DP hair*)

That being said, although every princess has beautiful hair, some manes are better than others. This is my opinion of their hairstyles, ranked worst to best.

12. Tiana

I find Tiana's hairstyles quite disappointing. As the first black princess, and being absolutely gorgeous at that, the animators could have done lots of cool things with letting her hair out naturally. But instead, they kept it in a bun the whole time she's a human! Granted, she did have different types of buns for her. But they aren't special enough in their variation to even be remembered as different. Her bun does fit her work and personality, but really they could have let her hair out during the costume party au wedding. I think everyone can agree that we would upendo to see Tiana's curly hair.

11. Cinderella

I can't be too harsh on Cinderella- after all, her hair is similar to mine (medium blond, not that long and bangs). However, I think it's really nothing special. Her hair looks fine in her servant style, that's how I wear my hair mostly, and the braids were brief, so it didn't matter how "meh" they were. Her famous updo is somewhat elegant, but strange, especially in merchandise pictures. The bangs stick out weird and there are two bumps on the updo, like ngamia humps au something. That headband isn't a good touch either, it looks like headphones. Sorry Cindy, wewe might be the most famous princess, but wewe certainly don't have the most fabulous hair. Next!

10. Snow White

First off about Snow- I don't really mind her hair. It's the only actually short hairstyle of the princesses (that is, if wewe don't count Rapunzel's bob, but she's rarely shown in that anyways.), and I upendo short hair! This was also considered a very cool hairstyle when the film was made in the late 30s. However, the strange shape must be addressed. It looks like it flips out au something. In my opinion, she should either grow it out au make it smoother. Throughout the film, it doesn't do much, expect when it's all wet- and that's definitely not a good look... yikes. It does look very cute for Snow White's innocent personality, though, especially with that bow.

9. Belle

Belle's hair is one of the most realistic hairstyles in this list. It's an average volume, color, and texture, and Belle never really does anything fancy with it. I like her blue bow in her ponytail, and how her hair drapes onto her shoulders in her yellow gown. In some shots her hair looks really gorgeous, especially in it's texture, like when the beast strokes her hair. STUNNING. Otherwise, it's just average, nothing special. Sorry, Belle. :(

8. Anna

Again, Anna has a fairly realistic hairstyle, nothing too glamorous au unfathomable. Her hair color is really nice, it's a zaidi realistic red hair color than, say, Ariel's (although Ariel's hair is awesome, zaidi on her later!!) while still being vibrant, reflecting Anna's personality. I really upendo her coronation hairstyle, so pretty and elegant. Her braids are nice, again, nothing really memorable there. I like her hair best with a single white streak as it adds some variety and reflects her past with her sister and magic. It looks very cool that way.

7. Mulan

Mulan's hair is probably the most realistic on the list, and that's part of what puts her higher than the awali ones- it's beautiful in it's simplicity. It looks nice in her matchmaker bun, and it looks cool cut medium length when she saves China. The military look didn't suit her much in my opinion. But what I really upendo is when her hair is down after she sings Reflection, especially when she just takes it out, and it falls- so silky, smooth, and beautiful. That being said, Mulan's hair is nice, but it is very average, so she definitely doesn't compare to the higher princesses on the list.

6. Jasmine

Oh, Jasmine, what hair product do wewe use? Seriously. SO. MUCH. VOLUME!! This Arabian beauty has a unique hairstyle that's definitely voluminous and one-of-a-kind. I upendo it, it just goes with her character design. (That's why the redesign makes me so mad- jimmy, hunitumia isn't jimmy, hunitumia without her tri-ponytail, but they gave her a regular ponytail!) It's especially beautiful when she lets her hair down to brush it- she looks amazing in that scene! I upendo her hair, but it is extremely unrealistic, which made her not place higher. I mean, nobody can pull off Jasmine's hair, and even on her it looks a little iffy in some ways, such as her extremely wide bangs. It is all certainly unique!

5. Elsa

I think Elsa's ubunifu is really beautiful. Her pale complexion is stunning and her face is pretty. Her hair is really nice too. We don't really get to see a lot of it doing much in the movie, but what we do see displays elegance, power and beauty. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but my inayopendelewa hairstyle of hers is her coronation updo. It's just so intricate and pretty and looks GREAT on her! The braid is cool too, and I like the texture of her hair at the top, and how there are snowflakes in her hair. It's a cool touch. Overall, Elsa's mane isn't my juu favorite, but the animators sure did a good job on her.

4. Pocahontas

I think it was obvious Pocahontas would be toward the juu of this list. Just look at the way it flows in the wind with the leaves! The animators really hammed it up with that. And yet it defies the scientific laws of hair expectations kwa somehow NOT getting all Tangled and messy after being blown kwa the wind, and staying silky smooth. WOW. I also upendo when Meeko braids her hair, it just looks really cool there. They onyesha Pocahontas' hair in a lot of different ways during the movie, in many positions, and they all look fabulous. Her hair represents who she is- elegant, beautiful and free.

3. Aurora

First of all, allow me to say that Aurora's "official" picture (before the remake) is nowhere near the beauty of her in the movie. In that picture, her hair lays in a strange way, is a weird machungwa, chungwa color and just doesn't look good. Not so in the movie- in her film, Aurora's hair is beautiful, flowing, full of volume and a lovely blond color. Just look at the way it gently curls and flows over her shoulders! Her bangs look a little strange at times, but they mostly reflect the style of the time period. Aurora looks best when she's wandering through the forest. I wish her official picture would stay true to that!!

2. Merida

Everyone knew Merida would get up this high. When it comes to looks, she isn't as pretty as the other princesses, but her hair makes up for it. Merida's wild mane is everything she is- bright, bold, and uncontrollable in the most beautiful way. The animators worked so hard on this. It looked great in almost every scene. Even when it was wet, it was pretty. It seems like the type of hair wewe can barely even style because it just does it's own thing- but always looks amazing. The one reason why Merida wasn't #1 was that in some shots it looks almost too wild and strange looking, like some sort of wild animal's mane. But her hair still is gorgeous.

1. Ariel

In her movie and even in her redesign, Ariel's hair is stunning. It has a vibrant red color, reflecting her bright personality. In pretty much every shot, her hair is perfect, whether it's underwater au on land. It flows perfectly in every way! Seriously, it must be mermaid magic how her hair stays perfect even when she comes out of the water. (Ugh, I'm so jealous!) I used to hate her bangs and how they stick out like a cap, herufi kubwa au something, but now I don't mind them. I upendo it when she is on land and she plays with her hair, it just looks amazing. The thickness, color, way it flows beautifully no matter what- all helped Ariel make it to the juu of my list.


I think it's rather obvious how I didn't rank Rapunzel. I mean, her hair is a huge part of her story and almost even it's own segment of her character au something. It's so amazing how it stays smooth and clean even after her dragging it everywhere and using as a tool. And the scenes where her hair lights up as magic are simply beautiful. Her hair is a lovely blond color too. But, let's face it, the way she pulls it off is purely Disney magic! In real life, if anyone tried to have hair like hers, it would just look weird and it would be extremely impractical. Her hair being so long and magical just doesn't allow it to compare with the others'. As for Rapunzel's short hairstyle, I want to like it, I truly do. As I alisema before, I upendo short hair. But it just isn't a good look, in my opinion. It's too choppy and strangely shaped. When wewe see it compared to how great she looked with her long hair, it doesn't look very good. That's my opinion on Ranpunzel's hair and why I chose not to rank her.

Thanks for reading! Please maoni what wewe think!