This is a real life image of you, yes wewe dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is inspired kwa this hilarious twitter I found, @celebsinhs.

Examples of their tweets:

This is my collab with my friend Olivia, wewe might know her as _CatWoman_. She helped me a lot with this and gave some hilarious ideas.

Alright, let's get on with my take of them! Try to guess which DP it is as I give hints of their qualities. Don't scroll too far too fast!

-nice enough to eat the gross sloppy joe in the cafeteria
-casually catches bugs and take them outside when they scare everyone else in class
-looks like the grudge in the winter
-dated a sophomore when she was like 10, is still dating alisema person
-thinks she's a slytherin because she can tolerate emo, punk, and goth kids
-a pigeon shat on her once and she responded kwa passive-aggressively imba to it about how the bird should say sorry
-gets shook when people don't wash their hands in the school bathroom
in her hospital bed, the sloppy joes almost killed her. The Prince was cool enough to kiss after she vomited though, so she's alive now.

Snow White

-hates gender norms, is passionately against guys being made fun of for wearing pink
-became a really chill hippie
-so she's spiritual too and meditates at like 7 AM
-tried to pierce herself in her embarrassing cheerleader days hazing with an apple and a needle but fainted afterwards. Nobody knows if she fainted from striking the needle in earlobe au kwa biting the school caf's nasty apple
-can't choose between cool and warm tones during art class
Zebedee, if Audrey is being a basic bitch, kahaba again and says you're weird for wearing blue, call me and I'll square up with that panya


-is scared of chopsticks because they're like reincarnated trees to her but in peasant form
-almost Lost her soul in a weird dream, told whole class about it but forgot that it was in Mr. Frollo's class and now he thinks she's a demon
-sells weird knickknacks like pokemon cards, Candy and troll dolls in the student black market thinking she's a rebel
-always has an extra pad for a sista, but encourages tampons
-spirit animal is a koi samaki because she realized humans lay eggs like samaki and that somehow blew her adorable mind
-thinks cooking utensils have the perfect aesthetic
-received cutlery from a secret santa, was never happier
-gets offended when wewe assume her hair's dirty because she brushes it with a fork


-thinks she's baridi than Beyonce
-used to copy Kim K's contouring because she was self conscious about her nose
-wears designer PJs to school but the craziest, heaviest bling wewe can think up
-knows a janitor that can spit fire
-no, literally eat and spit fire, not just in bathroom rap battles
-is the kind of chick that begs for Marafiki to share snacks but always wears Louis Vuitton
No samaki handshakes!


-is that overachiever that joined every club in the school
-because of that, she's in the muslims association club but she's not even muslim it's cool tho
-super cheerful and positive, but so cute that even the edgiest kids couldn't help but smile at her
-jack of all trades so she steals time during talent shows with her magicians act
-has the school bad boy as her flirty assistant
-skipped astrology club to see the supermoon
What makes wewe think I'm competitive, Tia?


- seems ice cold but is just introverted
-surprised everyone when she slayed with her style during prom
-says sassy things, gets annoyed with they become a trend/meme in the school
-gets really stressed before tests and highlights whole paragraphs
-feels like a huge wight if lifted off of her shoulders and defends her freedom when she refuses to do her homework
Let GO of let it go, it's not cool anymore!


-gives it her all in relationships
-bf ended up separating with her when he studied overseas anyways
-Doesn't GAF, biggest daredevil and takes her bucket orodha seriously
-went to the gym everyday for a straight 5 months to beat Gaston at a hand-wrestling match
-the school girl crush
-got a rude history teacher expelled for spreading misinformation/rude allegations about native americans
Goodbye world~


-she's wicked smaht
-but invalidate her intelligence just because she's asian and she'll kick your ass
-invalidate her intelligence for just being a woman and she'll still kick your ass
-thought she was slick kwa joining the soccer team through a fake ID and mens uniform but coach noticed something was off the time she winced being hit at the chest area but not crotch area
I only have one piece of gum left, fight me!


-looks like a nerd, is actually a hipster
-makes the weirdest derp faces to be quirky but is still gorgeous
-kid that seems smart because they read vitabu but thought pots could actually talk from that "I'm a teapot" nursery rhyme until she was 13. THIRTEEN
-didn't judge wewe when wewe pronounced acquiescence incorrectly
-has a thing for hairy guys
-was at the maktaba so often wewe thought she was the librarian
wewe being shaven is actually pretty nice but please never mention Starbucks ever again, it's overrated


-goes full on Gordon Ramsey when her nyumbani ec partner put exactly less than 267 TINY GRAINS of sugar in a single doughnut they made
-from then on she always partnered up with Ariel because cooking utensils
-is that bila mpangilio nerd that's Marafiki with the stoners but never goes to parties au blazes it because they have homework and don't care for that life
-school legend that makes thanksgiving turkey and tofu for the caf and now it's tradition
-kidnapped the frogs from some creepy bio teacher in her freshman mwaka and released them into the cheerleader's locker rooms. The cheerleaders sang too loudly in their harmonizing with the ribbits, and because of that, Walt Disney High banned dissecting frogs
Dear God please let this grade be a passing mark amen


-too vintage to twerk but always cheers on Kuzco and Gaston when they do
-was an awkward freshman but blossomed during her junior years and looks amazing now
-binge-watches Nicholas Sparks sinema during lunch in the maktaba because they're so bad they're hilarious
-is the Queen of the school
-but washes dishes with the lunchladies
-wore chokers while they were still out of fashion to the spring dance


-has no filter, asked the most blunt maswali during sex ed
-is that one good Samaritan that's not afraid to speak up to bullies
-hair messier than Rapunzel's yet still cleaner
-wore a shati that alisema anarchy to homecoming
-made the best speech as a valedictorian
-went out with the most unpopular kid as a prom tarehe because she's awesome to people
-is always bombarded with dick pics for her amazing selfies but is apathetic when they tell her "feast yer eyes" and she responds kwa posting a gif of Dory saying "Hey there little guy!"
Aurora fainted because of the needle... right? Not the apple?


-seems like a ditz but actually tutors her sister
-bf thinks he's slick kwa disguising dick jokes with shoe size
-she's slick back kwa saying "What does that say about Cinderella, then?"
-scams people as a medium during the highschool Halloween events just because she can finish other people's sentences