Hi!! I am an old member of this club, I'm not sure if anyone here is been around long enough to remember me, but Disney is kind of my religion. It adds sweetness in my life, and my inayopendelewa characters are the Disney Princesses. So I am updating my inayopendelewa DP orodha (I think it's been 5 au 6 years since I last wrote one), so here we go! (Sorry if there's some bad english, I'm brazilian..)

14) Jasmine

jimmy, hunitumia may be the one DP I dislike. She screams feminism and independece during the whole movie, but she does very little to establish herself as a strong, level-headed au feminist character. She needs saving kwa Aladin all the time, and the one time she tries to help, in the final battle, she is reduced to seduce Jafar in order to distract him, but fails anyway. And it doesn't help that she has a rude attitude towards most of the movie's characters. I feel that she spends so much time being rude towards people and screaming girl power, that she ends up being a very shallow character, and we end up knowing very little about her.

13) Merida

This one was advertised as the anti-Disney princess, the one that would be the most badass of all kwa going against a lot of elements that we upendo about Disney Princess. But at the end of the day, she is very incompetent and her dreams are very shallow, just as pointed kwa her father: "I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset". She doesn't have real goals like Ariel au Tiana. The badass arrow-shooter Merida of the trailers is reduced to poison her mother and asking her 3 little kubeba brothers for help when she is locked in a bedroom. She always needs saving kwa someone, specially her mother who ends up being a lot zaidi likeable than her. Don't get me wrong, I upendo flawed characters (you'll notice that when wewe see my juu 2), but not when they scream to be perfect, badass characters.

12) Aurora

So, now we start talking about the DPs I really like. Aurora is lovely. She is a siku dreamer, she is kind to her family, has a great speaking voice and is one of the most elegant Disney Princesses. She also has a sense of responsability lacked kwa Merida and Jasmine: she gives up her dream (Phillip) to assume the throne. However, that's about all we get to know about her. Like I said, she's lovely, but the other DPs had zaidi room and screentime to build their characters.

11) Pocahontas

Pocahontas is a great singer with a great message about the relation between men and nature, and she develops a lot through her movie, but she isn't very self confident and has a noticeable difficulty in the decision-making field. In fact, had she taken 1 sekunde longer to go and talk to her father to save John Smith, he would certainly die. She walks from one side to another most of the movie, and only shows her peacemaking skills when everything has gone to shit. She's never honest with Kocoum so things end up very badly for him. She also suffers from the same issue Merida does: in the beginning of the movie, she doesn't really have a concrete dream that make the audience go for her. She oscilates from too playful (when she jumps of the cliff), to very serious sometimes. However, she is a really good character and develops to be a very mature woman that gives up her upendo interest over responsability.

10) Snow White

I upendo Snow White. She is an optimistic siku dreamer and leaves a very important message about perserverance and making the best of a bad situation. I also upendo her being bossy towards the dwarfes and specially her relationship with Grumpy. She cheers me up whenever she's in the screen. However, the fact that she basically reacts to everything that happen to her and is very little proactive prevents me to like her more.

09) Belle

I upendo Belle. In fact, I wish I loved her more, but I have some issues with her. It annoys me when people say she's the first feminist, smart, proactive princess because that's really not true. I upendo her for being a bookworm and I totally identify with her feeling like an outcast, but she made a lot of stupid decisions through the movie that make me wonder why she gets a pass easier than Ariel. Staying in the ngome instead of running after help, going to the West Wing, inaonyesha the Beast in the mirror when she's back to the village, well... I really don't get it. Her relationship with the beast isn't that well explaind either, and in the end of the siku she fell for her kidnapper, so she's lacking points in the feminism department too.. Well, at this point I think it's clear that I hate to see a princess advertised for what she's not. Belle is book-smart, and I identify to her dreaming about leaving the village and having zaidi to her life, and she gives Gaston the treatment he deserves, but I think she's ujumla, jumla overrated.

08) Cinderella

Just like Snow White, cinderella leaves an important message about perserverance and making the best of a bad situation, but she gets extra points, because unlike Snowy, and unlike she gets often criticized kwa feminists, Cindy doesn't just wait for things to happen. She works hard to get everything done so she can go to the ball, she goes after her mother's dress, she steps up when her stepsisters say she can't go to the ball... I also upendo when she's slightly ironic about her sister's imba when she delivers the ball's invitations. Like the other classic princesses, cinderella doesn't have much character development, and she is portrayed as a little too perfect to my taste, but I still upendo her.

07) Rapunzel

This is one of the DPs I identify the most with. Just like her, i highly expect for my life to begin, and that would be when I finsh med school (I have zaidi than 2 years left, though lol). She's talented,and secretely strong. I like that wewe have to pay real attention to see that she's a strong, competent heroine (unlike Mulan. whose girl-power is really evident). Rapunzel isn't higher in this orodha because she's too perfect and there's not one person in the movie that doesn't immediately fall in upendo with her. She lacks a little in the originality department too.

06) Moana

Disney's new princess made pretty far in my list. Unlike Merida, she's not false advertising: she's really competent, strong, agile and smart. She develops a lot through her movie, and chases her dream with all her inner strenght. I upendo that she's really funny, stands up for herself and gives Maui the treatment he deserves. However, there are 3 problems with her: the same lack of originality (personality-wise) and excess of perfection that Rapunzel had, and the fact that she is constantly doubting herself rather than trusting her skills.

05) Elsa

Elsa is one of the most complex and original princesses Disney has ever done, and I think that going in a different direction really paid off. Elsa and her song, with the message of really being yourself no matter what anyone else things, got into my moyo and the moyo of millions of people. She's likeable, ellegant and responsible. However, she's not a very well-layered character and would certainly benefit of a bigger screen time, so it's hard to defend her when people call her a "blank slate".

04) Mulan

I have a hard time taking seriously a best DP orodha that doesn't have Mulan high, because she's such a well layered character... I upendo that her big flaw (always looking for shortcuts) became her biggest skill. It's impressive that she gets zaidi important stuff (like, wewe know, saving China) done than Rapunzel, and still looks zaidi like a flawed, real person than her. This is the first princess in the orodha I don't really have anything to dislike.

03) Tiana

This is the one that gave me inspiration while I was studying really hard to get into med school. Her final message of having faith and working hard to achieve her dreams is just amazing. She could be #2 in my list, but I have a thing for flawed, real characters, and while Tiana may be uchungu, chungu and a big workaholic, the other 2 feel zaidi like real girls to me.

02) Anna

OMG I upendo Anna so much. She's quirky, she's goofy, she's headstrong, and above all, she pursues the greatest of all magic (and I know this may sound cheeky): LOVE. She spends the whole movie chasing it, and geting knocked down because of the people she wanted to upendo her: Elsa and Hans. But it doesn't stop her. She's determined, she never gives up on people, no matter what and I really wish to have someone like Anna in my life.

01) Ariel

It's not like I can put into words how much I upendo Ariel... She is the kind of person I try to be. She has a very clear, specific, goal, and won't stop at anything to get it done. She trusts her own skils and tries to make the best decisions she can. Like a REAL PERSON, she neverthless makes some mistakes in the way, but she doesn't get knocked down. She swims into the surface, she signs a contract, she jumps into the sea, she jumps to Ursula to save Eric, and whatever she judges she has to do. Ariel is about self-realization, the epitome of the "follow your dreams" princess motivation. Never mind that se is funny, lovely, and has the most charismatic eyes in Disney story. She is and always will be an important part of my life.