Hello Lily!!
Hi guys, again I'm neither being prejudice nor am I putting down Emma Watson in any form of way, especially her uigizaji skills. So are my thoughts on what would really happen if Lily James played Belle instead.

Interesting Idea

In a hivi karibuni interview with Lily, she doesn't mind being typecast in periodical costumes since she was previously from Downton Abbey.
Secondly, Lily can actually sing as we all heard her at the 2015 cinderella reboot ending credits with her rendition of A Dream Is A Wish Your moyo Makes, so playing Belle would be a challenge for her.

Not So Good Idea

I personally think that it is time give another actress another chance, since they have some hidden talents up their sleeves!
The other main factor will be her Downton Abbey co-star, Dan Stevens is also in this film and if Lily were to be cast in the film as Belle. Many Downtown Abbey fans, including rookie mashabiki like myself will think that Matthew (Dan Stevens) and Lady Rose (Lily James) had done a crossover with Disney, they might even ship them before the film is being release internationally!

Lily au Emma?

So there wewe have it, what are YOUR thoughts?
Ella Dancing!