My opinion changes a lot almost weekly but every few months I update my inayopendelewa Disney Princess list, and I pretty much stick with it, until I update it again. This is my latest update of my Disney Princess list. Enjoy:)

14. Elsa

Honestly, she was sixth on my Disney Princess orodha for a while, but I think that was the only length of time I actually liked Elsa. Other than that length of time, I've never really liked Elsa. I mean, I guess I like seeing so many girls relate to her, but I really don't like much about her.

She has a horrible personality, she blames everyone else for her problems, and not to mention she never learns from her mistakes. Part of me realizes that I'd hate her a lot less if she learned some kind of lesson, but she didn't. But what irks me is how her mental illness is supposed to make everything she did okay.

I can go on and on about how much I despise Elsa, but I have the rest of this orodha to finish.

13. Aurora

I don't exactly hate Aurora....but she definitely is my least inayopendelewa out of the ones remaining..

I mean I do like Aurora, but I feel like she did the least out of any princess. But I do think she's one of the kindest princesses, I just can't put her above the other princesses. Maybe if she had a little zaidi screen time.

12. Pocahontas

Don't get me wrong, she was one of the most strong-willed Disney Princesses, and wewe have to respect her- she didn't get her happy ending until the sequel, while every other Disney Princess has theirs in their first movie. However, I did find her pretty boring, overall.

It's strange, because I don't even find her movie boring at all, just her. Again, I don't dislike her, but she's not really a character I would want to read zaidi on. Despite her being badass, she wi receive this low spot on my list, unfortunately.

11. Tiana

Once again, someone I like but just find kind of boring. I mean she is a good role model, but I just didn't get into The Princess and the Frog very much. Okay, so I guess her story is somewhat sad. An African-American girl, who is working her arse off to own a restaurant like she always dreamed of, and would do anything to do so. Even kiss a talking frog. (seems legit, right?)

However that seems to be pretty much the whole story as well as trying to change back into a human. So, therefore while she is zaidi interesting than the last few, I still put her fairly low.

10. Snow White

Okay so now we go from the princesses I'm okay with, to the ones that I really like.

To be honest, I really like Snow White, which made it hard to decide who went this low. However, I prefer most of the Reniesiance (or however wewe spell it) and Revival princesses. I know it's really not an unpopular opinion, but I just relate to them more.

So why do I like Snow White? Usually when I think of classical princesses, she comes to mind, even though one other is above her. I think she is the most iconic princess of them all. I mean she can be stereotypical, she was the first to come out after all, but all princesses have something unique about them.

For her; I feel like she was hardworking- she didn't just accept something that wasn't aliyopewa to her, even just a place to stay. She offered to work, in exchange for a place to stay. True, most princesses are hardworking, but I find the way she did this stood out more.

9. Cinderella

Unfortunately, the highest ranked classic era princess is still within my bottom five. I still really like her, though and I find her to be one of the best role models out of all Disney Princesses.

I mean this is a girl who doesn't turn uchungu, chungu at all, despite the abuse she went through since her father died. Even in the sequels I found her to be very tolerant and trusting, as she treated Anastasia kindly and even gave her a sekunde chance after the cruel way she treated her. That's something that I have a hard time doing un.bitterly.

So I really like her I just prefer the rest.

8. Merida[

I know....she was like my fourth princess last time, but my upendo for other princesses grew within me.

I get she s not necessarily a kind princess, but she is no doubt strong. She knows what she wants and know who she is, at the beginning. Instead of trying to find herself, which is a common plot within the franchise (I do like it, don't get me wrong). However, instead she knows who she is, and doesn't want to be something she's not.

Quite honestly, I don't dislike her as much as most of the people on here, but I did find her a little bit annoying at times. However, unlike a few Disney Princesses, she actually apologizes for her behavior, makes things right.

So, she did go down a bit, but she's still pretty cool.

7. jimmy, hunitumia

Honestly , I don't get the hate she gets. People say she's rude and selfish, but I think it's actually the exact opposite. She is very demanding, true but she is not that snobby.

She forgave Aladin for lying to her and didn't upendo him any less because he wasn't a prince. She also tried to give a little child a piece of fruit, even if it was stealing. It wasn't like she just aliiba the apple for herself.

Anyway, I upendo Jasmine! She's sassy and funny, and I really upendo those things!

6. Rapunzel

Another princess that went down on my list, yet I don't upendo any less!

There are many things I upendo about Rapunzel- her sense of humor, her creativity and her open mind. However, I think the trait I upendo most about her is probably her determination.

She is willing to do anything to live her dream, even if it is to go against her "mother". She is pretty smart for someone who hasn't left a tower her entire life. Also seeing the first episode of the new television, Incan already tell I'm going to upendo her there!

5. Moana

Now we're down to the juu five and the newest princess makes it! I was going to put her higher, but I've only watched Moana a few times, and I don't know much about her like a I do with the other princesses. Yet, I still put her in the juu five, because I can already tell I upendo her!

I think she is definitely one of the best role models out of the fourteen, if not the best. Instead of choosing her dream over her responsibilities, like most princesses do, she chose a way where she could both live her dream and be a leader.

She is obviously quite smart and outgoing, and she isn't afraid to stand up to herself. I also like her story of finding herself. I just think she is ujumla, jumla very realistic and a good role model.

4. Ariel

Ariel seems to be one of the zaidi maarufu princesses in general, and though I usually have unpopular opinions about everything, here she is. High on my list.

Ariel is a pretty strong and ambitious princess, which is what I upendo about her, along with her persistence. She is also interesting and I actually find it quite adorable when she tries to fit into the human world. Especially when using her fork as a comb.

I also her and Eric's relationship is probably my inayopendelewa romantic relationship out of them all.

3. Belle

Belle may seem snobby, but I feel like she just knows her worth, which I don't equate to being a snob. She wants to go on adventures like the ones in her stories, which I personally relate to.

I guess with the new Beauty and the Beast movie, I've been watching it a lot (haven't seen the new one yet, unfortunately). Which has made me upendo it zaidi than ever.

Belle does have her moments, and I certainly don't think she is one of the nicest princesses, but definitely one of the most selfless. I do value selflessness a lot, and she literally traded her life for her father, if that's not selflessness, then I don't know what is.

2. Mulan

No doubt the most fearless and selfless out of all the Disney Princesses. I thought Mulan is the most badass of them all. She is still nice, but will still defend her country, her friends, he family...I mean she literally risked her life-whether in war au execution to save her father.

She is a pretty well balanced character with her flaws and strengths. All she wanted was to honor her family and prove that she could do things right. She also was worried for her father's same! If that isn't balanced then I don't know what is.

1. Anna

Meanwhile, her sister sits in last place and Anna here is in first place. Strangely enough, people see me as Elsa when they first meet me, but they say I'm Anna after they get to know me.

I just see so much of myself in her, always trying to help others and but getting pushed away and ignored. I have her clumsiness and her awkwardness too. I guess the only difference I have is that I'm pretty quiet...and Anna....isn't. I absolutely adore Anna's unconditional love, and the way she cares for Elsa no matter what.

Thank wewe everyone for kusoma my updated princess list!