Elle Fanning
Hi guys, since Emma Watson did hers, now I'm going to write down my 3 favourite outfits during the world premiere of Maleficent, cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

Elle Fanning's Maleficent Premiere Dress

I just upendo this dress and the hairstyle, because I think it really suits Elle very much. It's zaidi feminine and very modern, in fact it looks like a modernised version of Cinderella's dress!

Lily James' cinderella Premiere Dresses

When I first saw this dress during the World Premiere, I was really amazed that it slightly resembles to Elle Fanning's dress. Including the hairstyle too, but this is even zaidi feminine and very elegant.
During the London Premiere, I upendo how it slightly revealing it is. inaonyesha her body figure is sort of prove that she has a very nice body figure for her age especially, it's ubunifu is very unusual.

Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast Premiere Dress

Another blue in the house! Her dress is a modified version of Elle Fanning's dress, except that it has some sharp edges on the sleeves though.

Team Blue!

Looks like Merriweather is one happy fairy! So which of these 4 are your favourites?
World Premiere Dress
Sexy Lady!
What the?!?!?!