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posted by Alanaprincess
okay i gotta say that merida wasn't my favourite straight when i saw the movie
but now i adore her spunky tom-boy personality

besides she is the only princess from PIXAR....seriously if wewe don't know what i mean

what i mean is Pixar sinema are the literal defenition of AWESOME
(this is just my personal opinion and experience)

so let's not get carried away and count down a few reasons why merida is TOTTALY AWESOME

yes merida is the heroine of her own story ......also the thing that i've noticed lately while watchin' the movie is that the plot wouldn't be completed without merida talking in every point (which is pretty awesome kwa the way)

yeah yeah.....we hear that ALOT with some other princesses.....but let me ask wewe something...have wewe ever seen a princess in Disney history with fluffy red locks that are just ALLover the place ....or have wewe ever seen a princess with such a messy hillarious atitude

wewe propaply expected me to mention that one ...yup she doesn't have pocahontas hair
the hair is what makes merida....well merida
moana's hair is also not ariel perfect but her hair kinda drys right away after being wet

the thing that i ADORE about BRAVE is the focus on mother-daughter relationship.....me as a person i have a huge connection to my mom she
is zaidi than my mom she is my BFF,personal assistant,personal shopper,advisor(and i propaply forgot to mention zaidi than 800000000000 other things)

It is a very good quality....she is physicaly strong
and emotional strong too

yeah i have a younger brother too (hopefuly wewe know what i mean)

well there ya'll go she is not even my favourite at all but we gotta take time to appriciate every princess every once in a while

that all for now inayofuata time i'll be talkin' about moana
One thing I upendo about krisimasi is all the cute outfits avaliable and Disney Princesses also wears krisimasi Outfits aswell as Winter Outfits and since those two pretty much are the same I decided to rank my inayopendelewa Disney Princess Christmas/Winter Outfits, there are quite a lot of them so I decided to do a 2 part countdown, this will be dedicated to all the outfits from sinema (sequels included) and tv-shows (Only Sofia The First) and the inayofuata one is dedicated to all the ones seen in promotional images

12. Pocahontas's Winter Outfit Without Cape

This outfit despite it's low placement...
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added by RiddlersSphinx
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hujambo everyone! So I thought I'd try something new with this article. I have heard that wewe guys like criteria-based makala as well as opinionated makala so I am trying to combine the 2 for your liking. :D Because I'm a bit dorky and I upendo making and solving math equations, I always make a formula to figure out my rankings. For this article, I took the 24 most important elements of a Disney Princess film to me and rated each film relative to those elements. I also then separated those 24 elements into 5 categories depending on how much I valued them (relative to each other) and factored...
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 Credit to rzenteno for this wonderful image!
Credit to rzenteno for this wonderful image!
So I didn't use any 1 prince twice and I tried to match everyone to their best match outside of the original. This is inspired kwa the wonderful job of link article. She did an amazing job pairing them up! Such an amazing job that it made me want to try myself. Hope wewe guys don't mind, this was just for fun! The absolutely ❤️amazing❤️ crossovers were done kwa a multiple of talented users on this site. The makala image (top right) was made kwa link He did a wonderful job, in my opinion! :D Most of my crossovers were done kwa link No, really. Would wewe believe she did like 6 crossover photos...
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I have always been intrigued with crossovers among Disney princess couples. Although, honestly, most of these couples are for imagination and fictional enjoyment only as I tend to find zaidi and zaidi similarities between them than the original couples. I prefer original couple but sometimes i imagine different pairings as well.
Hope people won't find it awkward au weird to see these pairings and would enjoy it as interesting read. Having alisema that, I'd upendo to hear your opinions of why any of these pairing is completely off and who would wewe rather pair them with?

1. Snow – Charming

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Charm-the Real Feminine Mystique:
"A girl need not have perfect features nor an outstanding figure to be popular. But she should have charm. As Sir James Barrie had Maggie say in his play, What Every Woman Knows, 'If wewe have it, wewe don't need to have anything else; and if wewe don't have it, it doesn't much matter what else wewe have.'

Once wewe have acquired charm, you'll probably never lose it. Especially after wewe have discovered how much happier your life is because wewe are considered to be that charming girl down the street.

To be charming wewe need not to be any particular age, weight au height...
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added by tiffany88
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added by purplevampire
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From anukriti2409 and sweetie-94's makala about most beautiful things from DP movies, I was inspired to make one. But my version is a little different: this one is most beautiful things from each DP movies, from the first until the latest ones. Well, hope you'll be enjoyed my makala and sorry for mistakes I may be made.

1. The Ending (Snow White and Seven Dwarfs)

 The scene of Snow White's movie ending (credit to image from sweetie-94's article).
The scene of Snow White's movie ending (credit to image from sweetie-94's article).

The movie isn't really my favorite, so it's kinda hard for me to decide the beautiful things from that. It was while Snow White and her Prince...
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posted by laylastepford
What if all of the Disney Princesses were from American cities? Which ones would they be from? (*Note, I comprised this orodha of where they would be born and raised from not where they would be most suited as a free choosing adult. That is another list.)

Snow White: Portland, Oregon
Because it has a very friendly and comfortable environment. Snow was very naïve and very trusting, it would make sense if she grew up in a salama place like this.

Cinderella: Dallas, Texas
Because it is very conservative and traditional. There are zaidi gender roles so it would make zaidi sense why cinderella took...
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Before anything, i have to say that my english is pretty bad so they will be some spelling mistakes here
Not trying to critic anything , oh and please this is an idea that came to my mind , but if anyone in fanpop already had done something similar, please let me know so i can erase it

Snow white: while,her beauty was a huge point in the movie , the main thing that made her stepmother hate her , if snow wouldn't beautiful,there is no reason why made her a servant au trying to kill her , sure she would still keeping her inner beauty but Queen grimhilde doesn't seem to mind about that

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