Alan Menken!
Hi guys, I will write down some of the Princesses favourite songs kwa Alan Menken. However, I know that from the Little Mermaid onward with the exception of The Princess and the Frog, Brave and Frozen were tunga kwa him.

1) upendo Can't Be Denied

Okay, so this song was originally going to be in Frozen prior to becoming a less adaptation of the original story. I personally think that it fits the 3 original princesses because the lyrics say it all!

2) How Does A Moment Last Forever?

So this song is from this year's live action reboot of Beauty and the Beast, but I personally felt that it fits Ariel during the mashua scene with Eric.

3) Wonderful Ways To Say No

This song will be like a confrontation between Gaston and Belle, in which the latter is figuring out how to say no to Gaston after he proposes to her.

4) Out There

jimmy, hunitumia has long to know the world outside her palace, aside from Quasimodo. This song is also another theme song for her.

5) Go The Distance

Pocahontas wants to breakaway from her overbearing father, and hope to bring peace between the English and her people.

6) Santa Fe

For the reprise, Mulan sings this when Shang discovers that Mulan is a woman. Only the first part is after the Matchmaker scene.

7) I Wouldn't Say (I'm In Love)

Tiana and Naveen will sing this when they are frogs, especially during the swamp.

8) So Close

This song will be sung during the Lantern Scene between Rapunzel and Flynn, because it's so romantic.

9) Mother Knows Best

Queen Elinor will sing this as a constant reminder to Merida, that all mothers know best.

10) The World Will Know

Since the popularity of Frozen, this song serves as a foreshadow to the movie. It also serves as Elsa's theme since the people of Arendelle knew about her ice powers.

Thank wewe Alan Menken!

So, do wewe agree with my choice of songs? Tell me about wewe think on the maoni box.
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