Wedding of the Century!
Hi guys, since I am watching a documentary about Princess Diana. I will be uandishi a few wedding march muziki when the Princesses march to their upendo ones down the aisle, ready?

1. Wedding Voluntary/ Prince of Denmark's March (Jeremiah Clarke)

Okay, we heard this piece of muziki when Diana walked down the aisle at St. Paul's Cathedral in 1981. I prefer this interpretation because it sounds majestic.

2. Wedding Tune (Henry Purcell)

This is also another majestic music, it woud be when all the princesses march together if their wedding are together!

3. And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time (William Blake)

Also known simply as Jerusalem, it was sung at the 2011 Royal Wedding. It's a very moving song and I know that it is about England, but it has a meaning.

4. Hornpipe from Water muziki (G.F. Handel)

I upendo all of Handel's music, because it sounds magical and memorable. So, this piece of muziki will also be another wonderful choice for a wedding.

5. I Was Glad (Hubert Parry)

This has got to be the wonderful choice, it was when Kate Middleton walk down the aisle in 2011 and it is majestic and magical at the same time!

Here Comes the Bride!

5 choices make it through, do wewe have more?
upendo is Making Our Way!