As Long As wewe upendo Me!
Hi guys, I have been a shabiki of the Backstreet Boys since young and here are the princesses choice.

1. I'll Never Break Your Heart

The 3 classical princesses and their respective princes will sing this song as duet.

2. Drowning

When Prince Eric drowns on his birthday, Ariel will sing this to him when they are ashore.

3. As Long As wewe upendo Me

The lyric says it all! This song is from Belle's point of view about the beast/ Prince Adam.

4. The Call

This song fits Aladin because he could not bring himself to tell jimmy, hunitumia that he is just Pauper.

5. onyesha Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

This is the moment when Captain Shang discovers that Mulan is actually a woman and the soldiers abandon her!

6. I Want It That Way

This song reminds of Colours of the Wind, because it has the same meaning. So Pocahontas will sing this to John Smith.

7. Larger Than Life

When Tiana and Naveen gets turn into a frog and they could not believe that everything is larger than life.

8. Just Want wewe To Know

Once again, the title says it all and the song is zaidi of a confrontation between Merida and Queen Elinor.

9. Shape Of My Heart

From Flynn's point of view, he looks back into the past and starts have feelings now.

10. zaidi Than That

Talking about sisterly love, this song will be an amazing song for both Anna and Elsa.

11. Bigger/ The One

When traveling with Maui, Moana never expect her journey to be dangerous and therefore she sings this with Maui, explaining to him about her feelings. She also achieves her aim at the end of her film!

Calling Out Backstreet Boy Fans

So, here are my personal choices on their famous songs, do wewe have anymore choices?
How Young They Were!