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Anna walked to the living room and alisema "Elsa did wewe hear the news?"

Elsa replied "Yeah. There are reports of a villain from space nearby."

Anna stated "We better find out what that villain is up to." Elsa agreed.

Anna and Elsa changed into their super hero costumes. They were shirtless and pantless like Captain Underpants. They only wore underclothes, a cape, and boots. Anna's costume was pink and Elsa's was light blue.

Anna (Super chokoleti Lover) and Elsa (Super Icicles) went outside. Anna alisema "It's cold outside."

Elsa replied "I don't mind the cold."

Anna tapped Elsa on the head and alisema "Look. I see Space Ghost."

Elsa alisema "Wow. A real super hero wearing real clothes. Can we get clothes on?"

Anna proudly replied "We have our best outfit on." Elsa rolled her eyes.

Space Ghost alisema "Welcome to Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Are wewe getting enough oxygen?"

Anna (Super chokoleti Lover) alisema "This isn't your talk show. Also we have plenty of oxygen."

Space Ghost looked at their costumes and stated "I'm guessing wewe are big Captain chupi, underpants fans?"

Elsa (Super Icicles) tried to use her cape to cover her up while she replied "Not really."

Super chokoleti Lover alisema "I was inspired kwa Captain Underpants' fashion styles."

Elsa told Space Ghost about the space villain. Space Ghost alisema "I knew about that. It doesn't seem like a big deal."

Super Icicles stated "Mr. Ghost the world could be in danger."

Space Ghost alisema "It doesn't seem like that much of a problem. I just came to Earth to promote my show."

Super chokoleti Lover asked "Didn't your talk onyesha end over a mwaka ago?"

Space Ghost alisema "This was 1 of my weaker ideas."

Super chokoleti Lover alisema "Are wewe going to help me and my sidekick save the world?"

Space Ghost shook his head and alisema "I have zaidi fun things to do."

Super chokoleti Lover replied "Space Ghost I'm pretty disappointed kwa you."

The 2 female Heroes thought that the space villain was going to try to rob the city's biggest bank. They were right about that. However they were unaware of that the Duke of Weselton was working with the space villain.

The Creature King alisema "Being in charge of creatures is enjoyable, but being rich will be a far bigger reward."

The Duke of Weselton alisema "I agree. We will be so rich. Ha, ha."

The Creature King used a ray to break the salama door. He and the Duke started stealing the money.

Super chokoleti Lover alisema "Prepare to give wewe vile space creature."

The Creature King angrily alisema "I'm not a creature. I'm the king of the creatures."

Super Icicles stated "Hello Duke of Weaseltown."

The Duke of Weselton replied "It's Weselton!"

The Creature King alisema "Why are these 2 super humans dressed so oddly?"

The Duke of Weselton replied "Those 2 are freaks, weirdos, even monsters."

Super chokoleti Lover alisema "You are going to pay for your crimes." She punched the Duke. The Duke tried to ngumi, punch back, but he accidentally punched the Creature King's helmet. The kofia, chapeo broke.

The Creature King alisema "You idiots ruined my device that controls the creatures. I will get rid of these 2 immodestly dressed female fools."

Super chokoleti Lover and the Creature King battled each other. Super Icicles alisema "I need to help my sister and I think I know how to do that." She froze the Creature King.

The Creature King tried to keep moving, but it didn't work. He alisema "This is my biggest defeat. Can I have some of the money?"

Super chokoleti Lover alisema "You don't get any money."

The Duke of Weselton grabbed several bags of the money. He went into the Phantom cruiser (Space Ghost's ship). The Duke tried to escape, but Space Ghost showed up to stop him. The Duke alisema "Oh no. A space monster."

Space Ghost grabbed the Duke of Weselton and threw him out of the Phantom Cruiser. The Duke and the money crash landed. The 2 female Heroes returned the money to the bank.

Super chokoleti Lover alisema "Space Ghost I'm proud of wewe for returning to fighting crime."

Space Ghost stated "Actually I was only showed up to save my ship and to advertise. Buy Space Ghost to Coast DVDs."