10. Cinderella- I like cinderella but I feel like she is a little too inexpressive in my opinion. I like that she is very strong and shows it kwa keeping her cool throughout the movie. I mean her life is hard throughout the entire beginning of the movie, she is a victim of abuse kwa her step-mother and sisters. So I definitely respect that about Cinderella. She is still a very monotonous character in my opinion so that's why I put her so low on this list.

9. Rapunzel- I like her girly and childish attitude, and I really like her style. I think purple definitely fits her. One complaint I have is her animation, I am definitely not a big shabiki of CGI uhuishaji and I definitely prefer 2d animation, but I still upendo the movie Tangled and like Rapunzel's bubbly character!

8. Snow White- I like her childish, naive, and innocent personality because it goes with her whole characters look. The one thing I will say though is she didn't really do anything in the movie, she was just a damsel in distress. So she definitely loses points there for me, but I definitely find her cute and her character just seems like a fun person to be around!

7. Tiana- I upendo Tiana because she is smart, beautiful, and respectful, but also holds a modest view of herself and demonstrates a lot of humility and humanity. I upendo that she is also hardworking and ambitious and passionate. I also just loved the movie Princess and the Frog.

6. Ariel- A lot of people say Ariel is just a spoiled brat who disobeyed her father just to be with a guy she doesn't know anything about, but to me I view it zaidi as a girl who just wanted to follow her dreams, au see zaidi of the world around her. Ariel is very curious and energetic.That's what I like about her, is her determination and curiosity. She is definitely a little bit of a klutz and may seem a bit odd to everyone around her. So many people believe the reason Ariel left the ocean was because she found Eric and decided she wanted to be with him on land, but that isn't true. She always wanted to be apart of the human world, and Eric was just a small aspect of her leaving the ocean.

5. Aurora- I guess the reason I put her so high on my orodha is because when I was a little girl I always favored Sleeping Beauty, so it's zaidi of a nostalgic reason that she is so high. I do find her character to be lovely, chic, and very feminine, and I really upendo her luscious hair. I also sympathize with her because she was separated from her parents for such a long part of her life and didn't even know of her true identity for such a long time in her life. I find her character to be very original as well as very attractive. I always thought that the Fairy Godmothers should have settled for a violet dress for Aurora, because I feel it fits her zaidi so than blue au pink.

4. Pocahontas- One of my inayopendelewa Disney movies, as well as Disney princesses, I just adore Pocahontas. She is just so majestic and graceful. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also thoughtful and audacious. I also upendo how she is very spiritual and she is one with nature. She isn't afraid to help the ones she cares about and stand up for what she believes is right. I also believe she has the most aesthetic imba voice out of all the Disney princesses. Pocahontas shows people that it's okay to speak your mind and still be a caring, and nice individual to everyone.

3. Jasmine- jimmy, hunitumia is a great Disney character because just like Pocahontas she isn't afraid to speak her mind! She is definitely not a push over and doesn't let anybody intimidate her. She also has this seductive charm about her that she likes to use throughout the whole movie. She could also be considered a risk taker and seems to live in the moment. I upendo how she even helps Aladin out at some parts of the movie like when she pretends she is under a spell to distract Jafar. My inayopendelewa thing about jimmy, hunitumia is that she remains a sweet caring person and most of all she cares about her own self, like her thoughts and feelings are important to her.

2. Mulan- I upendo both Mulan the movie and the character so much because it demonstrates that if wewe really set your mind to it, anybody can do anything they are really passionate about like Mulan exhibits. In the movie I respect that Mulan goes to war for two reasons: the first one being for her father, who was too old to fight in war. The sekunde being that she just wanted to prove to everybody that she wasn't worthless like everybody alisema she was. I admire Mulan for being passionate and courageous and never backing down au giving up. I'd also add that I upendo that Mulan has natural beauty and shows how much she cares for the people she loves. Her cleverness, bravery, loyalty, and competence is definitely my inayopendelewa aspects about her!

1. Belle- There are many reason why I admire Belle. For one she is intelligent and loves to read. She finds kusoma a book zaidi important than gushing over any guy in town. She is also very creative and imaginative, and yearns for a zaidi exciting life. I also upendo how she is independent and loves to be kwa herself. I can definitely relate to that because I happen to be an introvert myself. She is treated as an outcast in her movie because she happens to be a very beautiful woman who isn't like any of the girls in her village. She also doesn't give in to what others want. Like she won't marry an misogynistic egotistical man just because it's what everyone feels she should do. I also find her to be the prettiest princess and most kind and down to earth as well. She is very understanding and compassionate and puts her loved ones before herself. Belle is definitely the best Disney Princess out there in my opinion!