I know Elsa isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
Last year, I wrote an makala where I listed off 40 of my inayopendelewa fan-arts of Elsa. I was very lucky that I could do it, especially since I also made a drawing for her, tried to re-watch Frozen, etc. But I was also delayed because I had an appointment with my psychiatrist in Arad, and then I had to help out my father with renovating my Godmother/cousin's house, and exercise in order to stay in good shape. While I didn't manage to release it on time for the Winter Solstice, I did finished it with only two hours into the inayofuata day.
However, one of my problems was that I didn't know how to insert the picha into my article, so instead I put a link after each analysis that leads to the fan-arts. I asked for advice in the makala for people who maoni on it, and one kwa the name of MaidofOrleans gave me advice. The good news was that I managed to insert all of them. The bad news is that I accidentally clicked "Unpublish and Save", deleting all maoni made on that article. I worked so hard to get that makala as perfect as possible that I almost had a heart-attack. My hard work paid off in the end, and it became one of my inayopendelewa articles.

Today is December 21st, which according to Jennifer Lee is Elsa's Birthday. As such, I've decided to make a "Part 2" of that makala from last year, but instead of 40, I'll only orodha off 25. This orodha won't be in any particular order, but I will save the one I consider the best as the last. I just want to honor a character that helped me through my tough years, and made me the person I am now. Even if they're not real, Elsa and Anna became like family to me, and I want to celebrate that. I want to orodha off the contributions that other mashabiki of Elsa have made for her in the past.

Without any further a due, let's begin:

1.Elsa and Evil Elsa.

There are two panels in this fan-art. The first one has Elsa broken down and crying, while her evil counterpart is standing right in Elsa's shadow, and the sekunde panel shows Evil Elsa embracing her, basically letting her Dark Side consume her.

This is really depressing in my eyes. Elsa is so broken and Lost that she has nothing left to cling to, but darkness. This gives birth to her evil counterpart, as she's being born from Elsa's shadows, and embraces Elsa, succumbing to her negative emotions.

Either that, au Elsa's so lonely and distraught that even her evil side takes pity on her.

It's also quite relatable, because something like this happens to anyone who suffers from anxiety and depression. Sometimes, we feel so hopeless, so distraught, so broken and empty, that we have nothing else to cling to, but out sadness and fear, as it eats us away in the inside.

2."Korra n Elsa" kwa owlerart.

Before we begin, I just want to say that I'm not a big shabiki of Legend of Korra. It has a lot of great things about it, but it also has several noticeable problems. For instance, I wasn't a shabiki of Korra in the first two seasons because she was kind of a Mary Sue. However, during the last two seasons, Korra actually went through a meaningful character development, and I started to appreciate her character more.

When I first saw this fan-art, I instantly fell in upendo with it. Both look so unbelievably amazing in eachother's clothes. I'm also impressed with how well the color change works for both of them.

I upendo how badass Elsa looks in Korra's clothes, and looks a lot of Yue. I know I'm going to get a lot of weird looks for this, but I think Korra looks just as, if not zaidi beautiful then Elsa in that dress. Don't get me wrong, I do think that dress suits Elsa zaidi and that she designed it. But I also cannot deny how good Korra looks in it.

Originally, I had no idea what kind of similarities these two share, but I soon started to see it: A young girl being locked away from the outside world whilst trying to master her powers.

3."Dole Whips" kwa shibamura-prime

Elsa buys two dole whips, one for her, and one for Olaf, which she gives to him while he's zaidi cheerful than ever.

As I alisema many times before, I personally like to consider Olaf, marshmallow and the Snowgies as Elsa's children. After all, she created them, they're born through Elsa's magic, and each of them represent a part of Elsa's personality.

I upendo it when fan-artists onyesha off Elsa's motherly side to her Snowmen, and this is one of my favorites.

Another detail I upendo is what's written on the sign behind them. Almost all of it just says different variations of dole whip, with the only exception being Pineapple Spear. The last one even asks that why should wewe buy anything else when wewe can buy dole whip.
Now, personally, I never tasted dole whip, so I don't know how good it actually is. But even if I don't know how it states, this sanaa ya shabiki will always be adorable.

4.Frozen Fever Elsa.

One of the things I noticed in my old makala is that I forgot to put any fan-arts of Elsa in her zumaridi, zamaradi green dress from Frozen Fever. My mistake, but I guess I just didn't notice it.

While this one isn't anything spectacular, I do appreciate its simplicity. It's very beautiful to look at, and I especially upendo the details on the maua, ua in her hair.

5.Elsa and Nancy Tremaine.

This one features two characters that Idina Menzel played: Elsa and Nancy Tremaine from Enchanted; as they're both surprised how similar both of them sound. It's a joke on how both of them are voiced kwa the same voice actress.

What's even zaidi ironic is that in Enchanted, near the end, when Nancy's getting married to Edvard, a man she just just met.

I also upendo how adorable both of them look, especially Elsa with her high-heels.

6."Elsa and Charmander" kwa alanscampos

A lot of wewe guys know that I'm a massive shabiki of Pokemon. It's without a single shadow of a doubt, my inayopendelewa franchise of all time, and one of the most inspirational things in my life. Not only that, but it's just a lot of fun. This Christmas, I'll be receiving the 6 Pokemon games I've never owned au played.

I've seen many people pair Elsa up with Ice-Types, and while that does make sense, I also welcome some originality. And this one definitely has it. Seeing my inayopendelewa Disney character hold up kwa inayopendelewa starter Pokemon gives me so much joy.

I also like how they're balancing out the elements, with a introverted and quiet Queen with ice magic having a moto Starter. I've always seen people give Elsa Ice-Type Pokemon.. this is different, a good different of course! XD

7."Mei and Elsa" kwa Dormant0611

I'm a casual shabiki of Overwatch. I don't play the game, but I do know the lore, the characters, and the trivia about it. One of my inayopendelewa characters is Mei, a climatologist who is on her own adventure to preserve the environment and ecosystem after waking up from a decade-long cryostasis sleep.
Mei’s weather-altering devices slow opponents and protect locations. Her Endothermic Blaster unleashes damaging icicles and frost streams, and she can Cryo-Freeze herself to guard against counterattacks au obstruct the opposing team's movements with an Ice Wall.

The artist is a big shabiki of both Elsa and Mei, and he expressed his upendo kwa having both of them embrace like good friends.

Fun Fact! Mei makes references to Frozen through her in-game voice lines. Those being: "You have to let it go"; and "Do wewe want to build a Snowman?". I can definitely see the connection.

One of the things I upendo about this artwork is how Mei a bit taller than Elsa. This makes sense, because Mei is biologically 31 years old, but chronologically she's 40, while Elsa is in her early 20's.

I upendo how the artist didn't really take any liberties in terms of the character's design, and it works well, sine it really looks like the actual characters from their respective universes are meeting with one another.

Simply put, this sanaa ya shabiki is a-MEI-zing! XD

8."Pile of Fluff" kwa Beanie20008.

As a cat-lover, there's no way in Hell I wouldn't include this!
While I think that Anna would be zaidi appropriate for this kind of situation, I do think that even Elsa would enjoy the cute company of cats.

I upendo how two of Cats are beneath her arm, which could be implied Elsa deliberately did that. In fact, with all of the fact sorrounding her, it makes Elsa look like a big cat mother, while all the other Cats are like her children. I also upendo the Cats that sleeps on Elsa's waist.

The artwork itself isn't anything spectacular, but Goddam is it the cutest thing ever!

I loved this one so much, that I tried sending it through a Tweet to Idina Menzel herself, but she didn't reply back.

9."We got you" kwa alassa

One of the things I loved about Elsa is her pacifistic nature. Sure, she almost killed those two guards, but that's because they were trying to kill her, and she was doing it out of self-defense. However, as I explained in the very first makala I ever wrote, all the way back in December of 2014, Elsa has unlimited power. She has the entire power of Winter on her side, and she can basically do whatever she wants with it. It's shown that her powers are connected to her emotions, and how she can create eternal Winters, blizzards, living snowmen, palaces and works of art out of ice. There's so much zaidi she could do if she let loose, but seeing how "letting lose" resulted in almost freezing everyone in Arendelle, I understand why she wouldn't want to do that. And I respect her. She's quite possibly the most powerful being on Earth, but like Superman, she uses her powers for good.

One of my ideas for the upcoming sequel in 2019 is a teenage boy who's just like Elsa, but never had an Anna in his life in order to save him from falling into darkness. As a result, he let his negative emotions take control of him, turning him into the monster that Elsa feared she'd become. He has no restraints like Elsa, and would turn anyone into an ice statue if wewe pissed him off enough. And the fact that he's just a teenage boy could onyesha the death of his childhood innocence at a young age, and how even teenagers can be violent. Maybe he can drive Elsa to homocidal rage, and they'd have an epic battle between ice users, where Elsa would onyesha the true power of snow and ice.

As a fellow pacifist, I don't really want Elsa to be turned into a violent sociopath, but it would be interesting to see.

10.Olaf's Frozen Adventure - Elsa.

Yes, we finally have one with Elsa in her new dress from the hivi karibuni Holiday Special: "Olaf's Frozen Adventure".
Before we begin the analysis, can I just say how much I ADORE Elsa's new dress? The puffy boa-collar, the diamond's on her dress, the dark blue coloring, the cape, Elsa's kombora, yamuua toe on in her hair...I upendo IT! This is without a doubt my inayopendelewa dress from Elsa! I upendo the blue and green one, but this one takes the cake!

I have seen Olaf's Frozen Adventure two weeks ago, and I loved it. I did have problems with it, but the good outweight the bad. I loved the last song "When We're Together", and I especially loved this part.

One of my inayopendelewa parts of the special is that it showed zaidi of Elsa and Anna's past during their separation. On Christmas, Anna would always snuck in drawings and even a doll of Olaf to Elsa, as a krisimasi gift for her. Olaf became Elsa and Anna's tradition, and they wanted to honor him, kwa making a giant krisimasi mti out of ice, and place Olaf's doll as the star. I absolutely adored that part. My only problem is that I wasn't there along side them to witness it.

A detail I upendo about this artwork is that the snowflake is the exact same one that Disney used her in that wallpaper. I don't know if this was laziness, au a clever homage, either way, I upendo it. Also the lighting is gorgeous and Elsa's smile is heartwarming!

11."What's the point of that slit in your dress?" kwa slightlyangryunicorn

Back in October of 2014, I fell in upendo with Elsa. One of those reasons being is that she's quite possibly the most beautiful looking female character I've ever seen. However, what was once lust turned into actual upendo and respect. I used to think that Elsa's going to be a fictional crush that I'll get over with in a week, but she was different. She was the first fictional character I ever related to, in almost every level.

I bring this up, because if it hadn't been for her looks, then I wouldn't have ended up here, uandishi my makala and expressing my opinion.

Speaking of which, I upendo how the artist acknowledged her looks, and poked fun at the slit in her dress. In this artwork, Elsa says she did it because it looked good. This could imply that during her isolation, she probably looked at a lot of vitabu about fashion and dresses, and became inspired to make a dress of her own. That's what the dress represents, her not caring what other people say and just being happy to finally be herself after all those years of isolation, even if it's a little provocative.

I also upendo how the artist drew Elsa. It really brings out her sexy appearance. But even if she wasn't wearing makeup, was bald, had scars all over her face, wrinkles, I'd still upendo her. Appearance is only skin deep.

12."Proper Elsa" kwa David Gilson.

I have a friend on Google+ who's also a big shabiki of Elsa and he wanted to honor her kwa posting 6 different fan-arts of her, back in 2016, and this was one of them.
She's so CLASSY in this one! SHE'S SO PROPER! SO DECORATED! And this sort of trimmed, handsome, fancy crap is one of my least inayopendelewa things. Ever. But for some reason, mingling it with the likes of Elsa just leads to THIS! And I can't believe how much I adore this art!

13."Elsa and The Ice Queen" kwa ASAMESHII

Let's put aside the fact that the Elsa on the right has larger breasts, and let's analyze the context.
In this artwork, the Elsa from the past is greeted kwa the Elsa The Snow Queen, as she expresses her disgust towards her past self.

Elsa has come to the realization that upendo is the only thing that can control her powers. Now that she is both giving and receiving it, life for her has become a lot zaidi simplified. She could have been doing this all along if she had only listened to what the troll said; if she had replaced faith with the fear that controlled her. Now that she is doing the actual right thing instead of what she thought was the right thing, she may not even want to remember those 13 years of isolation. Those were dark times. All she could have been thinking of herself during those times is that she was turning into a monster. Now, if she had a dream were she meets her "younger self" I think that she would respond just like this, BECAUSE she doesn't want to go back there. She would never treat an actual person like this, because she isn't cold hearted. Elsa would only treat herself like this, because even though she has changed, she still deals with insecurities. The younger Elsa to her is nothing zaidi than a memory, a bad one, and so even though it's not good for her, she will still be extremely hard on her past self.

Also, the fact that her breasts are bigger as the Snow Queen could represent how her confidence is bigger than when she was her depressed and anxious self.

14."Elsa's flowers." kwa radissonclaire

Elsa with her eyes closed, is holding up a bouqet of roses.
Even though Elsa is called "The Snow Queen", she looks zaidi like Mother Nature in this artwork, especially since she's wearing her zumaridi, zamaradi green dress. I remember back in January of 2015 when I wrote my "What I like and dislike about Frozen" article, I alisema that I was curious as to why Elsa's new dress is suddenly green. It made her look like Mother Nature. In fact, I remember once kusoma a short Frozen fanfic, where Anna gives birth to a baby boy with nature powers.

I upendo how the picture is painted, and how bright it is. It really gives off Elsa's sense of warmness, and the roses could represent a sense of generosity.

15."Frozen Fever" kwa Tokio92.

Elsa is tightly hugging Anna, as she tells her how she's going to make the perfect siku for her.

While I had mixed feelings about Frozen Fever, I did upendo how Elsa did everything in her power in order to make Anna the perfect birthday, as a way to atone for the 13 years of isolation and loneliness that both of them had to suffer. But Elsa believed that Anna suffered more, and must give her the best birthday gift, ever. It's reasons like this why I upendo Elsa as a character so much.

The red string that Anna had to follow in the short sorrounds both of their legs, representing how close they've become. I also upendo how "for you" is written in a different style, symbolizing how it's basically coming from Elsa, and how much Anna means to her.

I also like how Elsa and Anna embrace each other. Elsa looks like she's hanging off of Anna, while Anna tries to hold on to her. This could be reference to Elsa being so sick in the short that it made her look drunk, plus she almost fell to her death.

16.The Accolade of Arendelle.

This sanaa ya shabiki is an homage to the Edmund Leighton painting "The Accolade". The painting depicts an accolade, a ceremony to confer knighthood. Such ceremonies took many forms, including the tapping of the flat side of a sword on the shoulders of a candidate au an embrace about the neck. In the first example, the "knight-elect" kneels in front of the monarch on a knighting-stool. The monarch lays the side of the sword's blade onto the accolade's right shoulder. The monarch then raises the sword gently just up over the apprentice's head and places it on his left shoulder. The newly appointed knight arises, and the administrator presents him with the insignia of their knightly order. In the painting, the ceremony is performed kwa a young queen, the knight bowed before her feet in a position of submission and fealty. An audience is gathered on the Queen's left, serving as witnesses to the ceremony.

This sanaa ya shabiki is a direct reference to that. With Elsa, the Queen knighting Kristoff, with her sister and her servants watching it in the background.
I like how Elsa is knighting Kristoff while wearing the same dress she wore to her own coronation. It shows the parallel of the two ceremonies. Sure, becoming a knight and a monarch are two different things, but they're still about achieving a higher rank, not just in command, but also as a person.

I upendo this sanaa ya shabiki so much that a few months zamani I made it the new background on my phone.

17."Frozen Heart" kwa lordandgod.

The artwork depicts Elsa and Anna, as they both embrace on the fjord, with tears in their eyes, and regret written all over their faces, as both are consumed kwa the coldness of the blizzard.

I like the new designs the artist gave to Elsa and Anna, and I think they suit the characters perfectly. I upendo crown-like collar, alama that Elsa has, and I also upendo Anna's hood. Art is about being creative, and the artist did a great job with creating new dresses for them.

I also like the height difference between them. Elsa is 3 years older than Anna, so it would make sense why she would be taller.

I honestly would've liked to see a scene like this in the movie. I upendo the melancholic feeling the sanaa ya shabiki gives off, as well as the sense of closeness in an extremely cold environment. From their faces alone, wewe know that they're basically saying "I'm sorry" to each other for what they did to each other, and how they just want to be together.

18."Frozen x Mystery Skulls - Ghost Elsa - color" kwa aeorys.

Like the 16th one, this is another homage. It's a homage to the fantastic fan-animated muziki video kwa MysteryBen27. He's a big shabiki of Mystery Skulls and so he made animated muziki video for one of the bands' songs. The band saw this, but instead of suing him, they hired him to make another one! That sekunde one ended up as a fan-animated muziki video for the song "Ghost" and it pays homage to Scooby-Doo. It became even zaidi maarufu than the actual muziki video for the song itself, which was just a parody of The Exorcist.
I'll leave wewe guys a link so wewe can enjoy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlEb3L1PIco

Back in Spring of 2016, my friend Dan gave me a link to this fan-art, and I was incredibly amazed that the artist combined that muziki video with Frozen. But wewe know what? It paid off!

Like the awali one, it's very melancholic and serene. I also like how Ghost Elsa is in her coronation dress. As I said, her wearing that dress is meant to represent how she shackled herself in a cold, dark cage that she's too afraid to break out of.
I also upendo how the artist incorporated skeletal bits into the dress' design. It reminds me a lot of Emily from Corpse Bride, to the honest.

Spoilers for those who haven't watched the video yet, but the ghost in that video has moto powers, representing his destructive rage.
The flames on Elsa do look cool, but I don't consider them as flames, because if Elsa was dead, she wouldn't have anger and vengeance in her heart, but sadness, regret, sorrow, and fear. As such, I like to consider them as the smoke that emanates from ice, especially if it's super cold.

I really like Elsa's expression - it really gives off the pain that Elsa must feel after all of the things she did to Anna and her people.

19."The Triumphant Sun" kwa Demented.

A new siku is about to begin, as the reborn Snow Queen comes out of her palace, so the world could no the true Elsa, who stares into the horizon triumphantly, with pride and courage in her heart.

The lighting in this piece is absolutely stunning. The use of different shades of blue and pink are amazing, and the lighting makes them stand out even more. The blue represents Elsa's melancholic and tragic journey, while the brighter colors like pink and yellow represent the immense joy that she feels.

I also like how the artist didn't focus on her face, even though we know what the expression on Elsa's face is. It could represent how even though Elsa has found joy and freedom, in reality it's false freedom that she dug herself into, because after this moment, the few bits of joy she feels are squandered kwa the tragedy that awaits her.

20."Do wewe Want to Build a Snowman?" kwa cherrybonniu.

This sanaa ya shabiki depicts the different ranges of emotions the both of them experienced during "Do wewe Want to Build a Snowman?", as their relationship slowly dies.

Back in my 9th grade, I wrote an makala where I analyzed "Do wewe Want to Build Snowman?" but sadly it was taken down.

Let's focus on Elsa.
At first, Anna knocks on Elsa's door with enthusiasm, but Elsa's with her back toward Anna, as she tries to ignore her, but the pain is just too great.
Then, Anna is zaidi enthusiastic than ever to talk to Elsa, but Elsa, having nobody to embrace, hugs herself.
Lastly, Anna just walks by, basically giving up on Elsa for good, as Elsa tries to knock on the door, but she can't, as the pain eats her away in the inside.

I upendo the contrast in colors between the two, it fits them perfectly; and I also upendo that it shows how this incident affected them over years.

21."Pi siku au Pie Day?" kwa EarthHyena.

I know...the artwork is incredibly amaturish and it really shouldn't even be here. But I'll explain my reasons for including later.

To celebrate Pi siku in all its wonderful glory, the artist drew two different aspects of Pi siku (the math symbol itself and pie), starring everybody's inayopendelewa pair of royal sisters: Queen Elsa and Princess Anna! Elsa is making a Pi symbol with her ice magic and is explaining to her sister about Pi geometry, while Anna is watching with confusion as she thought the siku was about actual pie and not the nerdy math symbol.

The reason why I included it is because someone finally remembered that Elsa is supposed to be intelligent because she studied for 13 years in her room, and that her inayopendelewa subject was Geometry! I'd upendo to see a nerdy side of Elsa in the sequel, to onyesha that it's a great thing being an intelligent person, as it can be very helpful in the future, especially for young children who think that Math sucks.

Ironically, even though Elsa is the character I relate the most to, I always sucked at Geometry because of how complicated it is. Algebra was a different story, because while I wasn't the best at it either, I was better at that than Geometry. Not to mention, I'm currently one of the best students when it comes to Algebra! People say that Math class is mental abuse, and while I agree when it comes to Geometry, I highly disagree when it comes to Algebra.

Not to mention, I'm very good Marafiki with the artist herself, and had dozens of conversations with her.
Here's zaidi information she alisema in the description:
"Happy special Pi Day! Why special, wewe ask? Because it's 3/14/15 = 3.1415! This won't happen again for another century! And at 9:26:53 it's going to be the ultimate Pi moment, cause 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 = 3.141592653! Hooray for Pi!

In case wewe can't read my handwriting, here is what they are saying:

Elsa: (describes geometric parts of a circle: radius, distance, circumference, arc)
*A = πr^2
*C = 2πr
*S = 4πr^2
*V = (4/3)πr^3
*π = 3.141592653589793238462643383...

Anna: I thought today was Pie Day...?!

I was originally going to draw a picture of a cute animal eating pie with a pi symbol on it for Pi Day... but then Frozen Fever happened..."

22."I am the Ice Queen" kwa Izumi89.

This sanaa ya shabiki depicts Elsa's evil counterpart, named Evil Elsa, in a calm but menacing fashion.

Even though I prefer Elsa's current look, I also upendo Elsa's original evil look. The cloak, the collar, the dress, the blue crown and black Elsa's hair, int he shape of an onion.
Speaking of which, why is this hairstyle so ubiquitous? Vegeta from DragonBall Z has it; Sasuke from Naruto has it; Ilana from Sym-Bionic Titan has it; Ashi from Samurai Jack has it; and even Elsa was originally going to have it.

Aside from that, Elsa being the villain would be interesting. Not someone like Cruel la Devin, Ursula au Maleficent. But zaidi like Mr Freeze from Batman.
In the original script, Elsa ran away because she was afraid of a prophecy that will come true, and that she'll be responsible for it, since Elsa doesn't want to hurt anyone. However, that's what it states in the prophecy, and she was terrified of fulfilling it and hurting others, in the process.

I am glad this didn't happen, because int he song "Life's Too Short" Elsa's just complaining, just like Ariel, Jasmine, Merida and several other princesses before her. Elsa was a unique character amongst all of the energetic, complaining and young princesses.

I saw the deleted scene of Evil Elsa many times before, and I have to say, Idina Menzel would've aliyopewa a fantastic villain performance. She had that kind of sass and troll like personality that would've made for a very entertaining but also very threatening antagonist.

23.Elsa New Dress.

Like I alisema before, I absolutely upendo Elsa's new dress. It's without a doubt my inayopendelewa dress in a Disney Princess movie, period.

I upendo how the artist made Elsa's collar, alama into a big kofia for Elsa, which makes sense for a Snow Queen.

I also like how calm Elsa is. Even though there is no blizzard au storm, Elsa's calm attitude makes it look like she's not being affected kwa the cold of the blizzard au coldness.

24."Frozen: Elsa's death." kwa Kikuri-Tan.

This is one of the hardest ones to talk about.
In this fan-art, Elsa's throat is cut, as she lays dead on the frozen fjord, as the almost completely frozen Anna embraces Elsa corpse.

I remember back in November of 2014, when I wanted to look up a sanaa ya shabiki of Elsa being dead, because I was a shabiki of tragedies. But I was incredibly surprised kwa this...

I remember whenever I was depressed and cried about Elsa, I always looked at this, because I was a glutton for punishment and wanted to be zaidi depressed because I believed I deserved it.

I saw someone saying that could've easily defeated Hans and survive, but I have to disagree.
Elsa is an intelligent woman who can hold her own, but she's also very emotional and has suffered from emotional trauma.
Think about it: Elsa was informed that she literally killed her sister, the most important human being in the world for Elsa. Elsa did everything in her power to protect her sister and other people from herself, since she almost killed Anna when she was just 8 years old, and was told to avoid human conctact and to conceal her powers and emotions. Elsa, throughout her life, was afraid of becoming a monster. Sure, she almost killed the two guards who wanted to asassanate her - but she was doing out of self-defense, and wasn't thinking straight, until Hans told her to stop.
When she was told that she killed her sister, she was distraught over what she has become: a monster, who hurt people. She let Hans kill her, since what good would come from a monster?

This is actually very relatable to me, because I've been dealing with emotional problems and suicidal thoughts for years. Not only that, but the emotion in this scene is effective, because seeing someone I relate to and upendo be cut down and covered in her blood makes me zaidi depressed the zaidi I see it. I remember not wanting Elsa to be killed, because I would've cried as if a family member died.

25."It's not your fault"

In the makala where I wrote down my entire history with Frozen and how it changed my life, I alisema that one of the first fan-arts that I found on Pinterest was this one, alongside the sanaa ya shabiki I put in last in the first article.

In this one, Elsa goes to her parents' gravestones. She informs them of how things have changed, that the gates are finally open, that she and Anna are close again, that she can finally control her powers, etc. She even makes a maua, ua out of ice to place on their graves.
She breaks down crying, begging for forgiveness, as she blames herself for everything that has happened: The incident with Anna; the 13 years of isolation; The Eternal Winter; how Anna almost died kwa her hands, again; and their deaths, all of it is her fault.
Anna comes to comfort Elsa, but Elsa still blames herself for what happened. She says she's even sorry for crying. Anna tell Elsa that it's not her fault, but Elsa still believes that. The last panel shows Elsa being embraced kwa Anna, and kwa their parents' ghosts, telling her that it's okay.

One of the reasons why I was crying for a full saa back then is because I felt sad for Elsa not being real, as I was sorrounded kwa a bunch of mindless bimbos and savages. But another reason was because I felt so guilty crying over a fictional character, that I subjected myself to all kinds of depressing artwork and music, as a way to punish myself, because like Elsa in this fan-art, I believed I deserve it.

I upendo how the artist refused to color it, because leaving it colorless gives it zaidi importance and meaning.

I gave the sanaa ya shabiki the title "It's not your fault" as a reference to the scene from Goodwill Hunting, because I think it fits perfectly within the context of the artwork.

One of my problems with Frozen is that it has too much focus on cheesy muziki and scenes, as oppose to heartfelt emotional moments, and the drama of the characters. I know, real life isn't a soap opera, so I can't expect the character to act like they're int he world of Bersek where all hope is lost. But I also think that if they respect their audience, than they should tone the comedy down and focus zaidi on the emotions of the characters.
I'd really like to see a scene like this in the sequel, because if they have the guts to pull it off, they'll have nothing but respect from me.

It's an absolutely brilliant piece, but I'm still kind of sad that I wasn't there to hug Elsa too.

I'm sorry if wewe guys wanted more, but I was just not in the mood to make more. I upendo Elsa as a character, so much so that I would dedicate my entire to to uandishi an entire makala about her, and rewatch the movie she premiered in. She's one of my inayopendelewa characters because she's the epitome au relatability and empathy. Not only that, but Elsa and Frozen changed my life in so many ways that it's almost impossible to orodha those off.

At this point, I listed off 65 of my inayopendelewa fan-arts of Elsa, but there are still many, many zaidi left on my laptop. I listed off the contributions of Elsa's other mashabiki because they honored Elsa in their own way.

Even if there are people who dislike her character, that won't stop me from loving Elsa, as a whole. I used to be so offended kwa the negative opinions people gave her that I almost started crying. I was offended because I related to Elsa so much that whenever people alisema something bad about her au Anna, it felt like they were saying those criticisms about me. But, like Elsa, I grew up and changed. I've become zaidi open to the people around me, especially since many of my current classmates are much better than those wanyama that I used to deal with.
I'm pretty sure if Elsa saw how much I've matured since then, she would be proud of me.

Happy Birthday Elsa, and Happy Winter Solstice to everyone!

As always, Smell ya' Later!