Tiaras....tiaras.....tiaras. Real princesses have crowns, what are even they without that? Sorry, it was a bit sassy. Only tiaras here, so yea, the females who don’t have a royalty status didn’t get into this ranking. This is an makala about prettiest DP tiara!

11.    Tiana's after wedding tiara
First kill me, then I'll wear it

Sure it suited Tia’s brown complexion and is extremely unique. But, meh, does unique always has to mean pretty? I don’t think so. It isn’t very nicely shaped for my taste and this tiara is too small. Ugh, I felt it’s a weird shape and the oblong shape seriously made me cringe.
10. Ariel’s in 1st sequel:
Just ew

Lllllloooookkkkk at that weird shape God! Just ew! The gems are just tolerable. It looked as if it had been made from a block of wood au cardboard. Purrfect for a Haloween party, just sayin’. Too childish and toy-like, not pretty au elegant. This one was pretty clearly designed with marketing for little girls in mind. I don’t find much beauty in it!

9. Cindy’s in her wedding

It just looks a little odd... The mduara, duara doesn't even look like a jewel. Whoa, too plain and boring. Isn’t it unpleasant? This doesn't look like a proper crown. It's too simple, and it is zaidi like a sparkly headband, instead. I like it has gems and it is simple. I feel it looks very plain, and as if made out of paper. Weird!

8. Cindy’s 2nd in sequel
Ugh, no thanks

It just looks like a one-dimensional block of cheese made frankly colourful kwa paints. Too gaudy, I prefer a zaidi simple design. I like the gems and it is perfect for any 1st time au 1 siku princess. It looks like a cheap plastic tiara made for a toddler. Like a toy! I think it’s meant for being sold to little girls, again.

7. Jasmine’s crown
What the crappy crown

I assume it to be too plain and some jewels would have added some beauty to it, perhaps. I thought it is too big for Jas and not very delicately carved. Things I like : It’s golden, shiny, I’m okay with the edgy shape and that it isn’t overdone. I just don’t wanna say anymore about this thing. No more.

6. Ariel’s wedding crown
Boo, kiddo

Ooh! Tolerable! The tiara looks a piece of cheddar! Seriously, boo! I can’t tell it whether I like it au not. I don’t hate it, I’m neutral about it. I don’t like it is so plain and cheese-like. I mean, the shape! But I like the shimmer and subtle elegance.

5. Merida’s

Unpopular opinion, is it too high?! The thing that bothers me is the fact, eh, is it even a tiara? Merida's tiara is not even a real tiara, it is just a piece of jewellery around a wimple. I don’t see people liking this, this....... call it a coronet, a circlet, au a diadem. But I find it to be really nice. 3 cheers for odd opinions! I upendo the pearls on this tiara. I upendo the pretty splash of color the aqua jewel in the middle adds to the crown. Plus, the Celtic designs that surround that gem are so intricate and beautiful!

4. Tiana’s blue dress tiara

Some pros, some cons. The ubunifu steals the show! I like the shape, really delicate and beautiful in a simple way. The ubunifu and the pattern in the middle are very sophisticated and pretty in my opinion. I like the sparkle and how beautifully it goes with her lovely blue dress. But I would upendo it zaidi if it was made of gold. No offence if diamond crown, but the crown doesn’t stand out if it is the same color as the dress. Umm, wouldn’t it be zaidi attractive if it had some carvings and gems? I feel it was plain at the edge.

3. Tiana’s wedding crown.
Duh, Tiana's crowns excite the hell out of me

Heck yea! Most of the people hate this cute crown. It's not too simple, it's not too gaudy, I upendo it. I upendo peridot jewels, yay! Some people say it has a weird neon green color, I quite agree, that’s why it isn’t higher on this list. Many users complain about the leafy structures, but I think they look like adorable petals! Ooh, I always liked nature inspired crowns! Isn’t that very pretty? But god, it was jewels. I upendo the trinklets adorning the crown! Ah, I like the shape and trinklets too much!

2. Aurora’s crown

It is a way too lovely to hate! It is iconic guys! Some tell that it looks like a block of Swiss Cheese, I agree a bit, might be for the animation. I also think that it could be #1 if the jewels could appear in each and every scene. But whenever I see the shots in which the gems appear, my jaw drops with amazement, really! The shape is stunning, the epitome of elegance and class. Aurora's is classy and beautifully carved. I upendo that it is gold, so nice! The shape is nice, representing simplicity and royalty! Just wow. I simply adore the nice tulip carvings! I just upendo the rubies and pearls, they are my favourite gemstones! So, huzzah! Gorgeous crown!

1.    Rapunzel’s crown
Loooovvvvveeee so much!

Yo, this one rocks. Some haters sya it is too childish and not elegant, really! I feel anoyed, anyway, fanpop loves it, and the word ‘jealous’ springs to mind when they get mad and insult this crown. Just the symbol of beauty and grace. I upendo this crown too much, so adorable but classy. Wow, the jewels! The crystallites steal the show, no contest! They sparkle, they glow as the rest of the golden, bejewelled crown! The tiara has the surface of shining pearls, which I love. The ubunifu and shape are made for winning. The sparkling rubies are also nice. I can’t help but stare at the cute little pearl flowers in the tiara. It definitely is as ravishing as Rapunzel is, it went nicely with her, the sleekness, beauty and sparkle, and everything. I’d absolutely wear this regal and princess-y crown if I could.

All crowns are nice, but some are better. Would upendo to hear from all of you, as always! Is your orodha different than yours? Do wewe agree with me? Well, be sure I’ll respect your perspective as well! Please comment!