Here are fanpop's inayopendelewa Disney Prince rankings. How I did the counting is that if a Prince was in 2nd place, they got 2 points, 3rd place 3 points, etc. Whoever had the least amount of points won. It has been argued that this only shows fanpop's least disliked prince rather than inayopendelewa prince. If wewe see me quoting myself, it's because that particular prince lacked quotes. I added my own nukuu only arguing the other side-- say I only had positive opinions about a prince, I will write a quote with a negative opinion, whether I personally agree with it au not.

10. Prince Charming

I alisema it best in my last article: It's ironic that Prince Charming spends so much time yawning at the ball, because I think most of fanpop spends most of their time yawning when they think about Prince Charming. He only serves as the prince placeholder for cinderella to get swept off her feet kwa and his personality never extends beyond that. From what we see of him, he seems sarcastic, romantic, kind, and unjudgemental, because he likely found out cinderella was just a peasant and didn't care.

"He probably gets zaidi flack than he deserves, but that doesn't make me upendo him. He's bland, and can't be bothered to tafuta for Cindy himself. I could care less about the eye-rolling though, which some people seem to get stuck on.- MaidofOrleans

"He's funny and I upendo his exaggerated eye rolling to his dad-- I think he probably has a very sarcastic personality. That being said, we only get so much of him."- princesslullaby

9. The Prince

Well versed in the art of breaking and entering, The Prince shares that same talent with Snow White which is one of the reasons they are a perfect match. Highly zaidi emotionally demonstrative than the rest of the princes, The Prince is very straightforward, getting unabashedly right to the point about his feelings for the princess. Unfortunately, lack of screentime and the wrong shade of lipstick leads to him having a low ranking on fanpop.

" A precious maharage, maharagwe who deserves upendo and protection. He may not have much of a personality, but he spends an entire mwaka searching for a girl he only met once."- MaidofOrleans

"There is no depth to his character, yet I find his gentle, sweet approach with Snow White and his devotion to finding her very endearing. Certainly a unique male character, as I don't think we will ever see another like him again."- JungleQueen13

8. Flynn Rider

Twice voted fanpop's inayopendelewa prince, it seems the Tangled hype has died down on fanpop as Flynn got knocked down to 3rd to last along with his beau Rapunzel. Flynn is adored for his sense of humor and bravery, especially when he sacrifices himself for Rapunzel. He is also condemned for his thievery and the pretense he puts on for most of the movie seems to be his Achilles heel in placing him higher on the list.

" I admit that he is not the best role model and I don't like this whole "she changed him to better with her love" thing. But he is still my inayopendelewa prince. His romance with Rapunzel is my favorite. I also upendo his famous line about brunettes. I think it proofs that he is very tactful person with a good sense of humour. I completely agree with JungleQueen13: "His self-sacrifice for Rapunzel's freedom might just be the most touching thing I have seen a Disney character do." And he is the most handsome prince, he has the eyes of angel."- Adelital

"Never thought of it that way but I agree with wewe on Flynn. He really annoys me- smarmy, rude and condescending to Rapunzel knowing she's too naive to see it, led her to a dangerous bar on purpose, completely got away with all his crimes because... movie, and just embodies the "snarky cocky Playboy" thing that's so common now that I can't stand. And when wewe realize that's just an act, there's not much personality in Eugene, so... Who is he? "-AudreyFreak

7. John Smith

The only prince to be based on a real person of history, John Smith is part of a larger desecration to Native American history that is Disney's Pocahontas. He is also the only prince to admit to murdering people because of their race. Those who upendo him take him separately from actual history and admire his relaxed attitude, his gentle sarcastic sense of humor, his bravery and intrepidity, and how he changes over the course of the movie.

"I upendo that he is adventurous, and completely at ease with going off on his own in a new land, even when the other settlers don't want him to go wandering off. It indicates that he is really there for his own experience rather than to serve the King. I also find his character to be incredibly soothing: he is always so relaxed and manages to keep good humour even in stressful situations. He's a rebel, but in a very likeable way."-JungleQueen13

"Racist pos. At least he learns to be better... but I still hate him."-MaidofOrleans

6. Naveen

Naveen is an interesting mix of predictable and unique. He fits the hero mold of lazy, cocky, philandering pretty-boy (traits zaidi commonly seen in Gaston) but defies typecast kwa being totally talentless and unheroic and admitting to it. Fanpop's opinion seems to be that Naveen still can't be trusted and that within a mwaka he'll be out the door of Tiana's restaurant, the contents of the cash register with him. Those who upendo him upendo his passion for having fun and realizing that wewe only live once, his carefree attitude, and his passion for Tiana.

" A sleezy womanizer who doesn't give a shit about other people's feelings. Ugh. #TianaDeservesBetter"-MaidofOrleans

"He's a spoiled, pampered, useless rich boy, and actually this sets him apart from the other princes. He's not a swashbuckling hero running in to save the day. He really can't do that AND he acknowledges it. Plus "life is short, when you're done you're done, we're on this earth to have some fun, and that's the way things are..." I wish I could be this carefree!!"- princesslullaby

5. Phillip

Phillip is pretty easy to decipher and pretty well placed at #5. He is your classic prototype knight in shining armor, riding in to save the siku and slay the dragon. If that's what wewe like, Phillip is your guy. If wewe don't care for the princely type, wewe may not be a shabiki of Phillip.

"He's perfect as the archetypal hero. I upendo how classic he is, rescuing the maiden from a dragon with a horse and sword, and help from magical fairies. Without making it cheesy au too "manufactured"... it's natural. And his romance with Aurora is so dreamy I upendo it!"- quishy11

"A classic fairytale prince with just a sprinkling of misogyny. He was seriously creeping on Aurora in the forest, and he didn't let her leave when she was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. But then he fights a dragon for her, so he mostly makes up for it." -MaidofOrleans

4. Beast

Arguably Disney's most complex prince, the Beast probably has the biggest arch of any of our Disney heroes. Starting out as a cruel, wounded, spoiled-aggressive monster, his upendo for Belle brings him out of his despair and reveals him to be the gentle, caring, hopeless romantic that he truly is on the inside, but it does take a lot of digging.
" I don't like how cruel he is at the beggining. As a child, I even was somewhat scared kwa him. I am pretty vegneful person so I don't think I would be capable to forgive him." -Adelital

"An extremely well-written character who learns to overcome his emotional problems. He gets a lot of criticism, and some of it is deserved, but I also think some of it is a little too harsh considering his circumstances."- MaidofOrleans

3. Aladdin

Aladin has always managed to win the moyo of most fanpoppers. He is undoubtedly a well-written character- relatable, insecure, trying his hardest, generous, and brave. He is extremely witty and in the end learns to be himself and do the right thing. His critics point out, however, that he constantly lies and takes advantage of Jasmine, manipulates others, and never apologizes.

"his attitude towards children is very touchy. But I don't like how treats Jasmine. wewe need to be the most horrible judge of character in the world to suppose that Jamine is an elitistic snob. I really dislike that Alladin doesn't care about how open-minded jimmy, hunitumia is and still wants to win her heart." -Adelital

"he is kwa far my inayopendelewa Disney Prince. He was my childhood crush! His adventurous, playful and witty personality is so adorable! I always loved this line: "Look at that Abu, it's not everyday wewe see a horse with two rear ends." He is a type of guys I'm usually attracted to."- igorevna90

2. Shang
All fanpoppers agree- Shang deserves to be #2 because he is shirtless for most of his scenes. Thank wewe so much Shang for your service to us.

His mashabiki upendo him for being a self-sacrificial, brave, sensitive, hardworking, adorable dork. Others have pointed out that can be seen as misogynistic, unsympathetic, and stiff.

"The epitome of perfection and my future husband. songesha over, Mulan. He's sensitive but strong, awkward but dutiful, and he WORKS SO HARD TO BE THE BEST HE CAN BE. <3" -MaidofOrleans

"Shang comes across as being terrible with emotions and feelings. There is good reason for this, aliyopewa his role, but still, he doesn't come off as a very compassionate person. Yes, he spares Mulan's life, but that was to repay the debt he felt he owed to her." -JungleQueen13

1. Eric

fanpop was right to predict he would be voted as the inayopendelewa prince. Eric rarely appeared outof people's juu 6. Eric encompasses the qualities of the knight in shining armor types like the princes before him, but with zaidi personality and subtle distinctions that keep him out of being that stock archetype completely. Eric is kind, modest, caring, and thoughtful with an unassuming attitude and a tender sense of humor. Some fanpoppers say he is too bland and a bit naive au thick in the head.

Time and time again, the wise-cracking egotistical pretty boy is the hero of many animated films, Disney and non-Disney alike, so Eric is refreshing not so much because he is kind and zaidi classic, but because of his humility. He is so understanding and non-judgmental, agreeing to help Ariel immediately at meeting her and inaonyesha real sympathy for her, something rarely seen in animated Heroes (not because they are unsympathetic to others, but because they are not aliyopewa the agency to onyesha that). Eric also falls for Ariel, who kwa all accounts, is uigizaji like a complete wacko, so it's kinda nice to see this normal, sweet, humble, hardworking guy fall for the girl who acts nervous, silly, wild, and unconventional. He's so laidback and kind. I upendo him." -princesslullaby (I couldn't help it this is my baby)

"eric is painfully bland, basically female wish fulfillment but as a character" -UnholyNoise, in what might be the most offensive and wrong combination of words to form into the biggest false statement that has ever been written, spoken, au thought in this universe.

The princes as ranked kwa how often they appear in first place.

1. Aladdin received the most first place rankings, with 5 spots. It was also his most common placement. Aladdin's rankings were a healthy mix across lists, meaning he was about equally in everyones top, middle, and bottom (although he never appeared in 6th place).
2. Beast had 4 first plce rankings, again his most common ranking. Like Aladdin, he has a healthy mix across the board. Beast and Aladin were only separated kwa one point, and in fact Beast was winning until the last two people ametoa maoni their polls.
3-4.Eric and Phillip were tied for first place rankings, nabbing 3 first places each. However, Phillip's most common ranking was 7th place, while Eric's was equally 2nd, 3rd, au 6th.
5.John Smith had 2 first place rankings, but no one put him as their #2. Past that his orodha also seems to be pretty mixed rankings but he somehow ended up with higher points.
6,7,8. Shang, Naveen, and Flynn each got a first place spot on someone's lists. However, Shang's most common ranking was 5th and only 1 person put him below place 6. He was rarely outside anyone's juu 5. Naveen's most common rankings were 2, 3, and 8 so he was pretty polarizing, while Flynn's most common ranking was 10th place.
9-10. The Prince & Prince Charming Unfortunately did not get any first places. The Prince's most common placement was 6th place, while Charming's was 8th. They were also tied until the last person ametoa maoni their ranking.

kwa this list, combined with the countdown, I would rank the princes as follows: Aladdin, Beast, Eric, Phillip, Shang, Naveen, John Smith, Flynn, Prince, and Charming. Pretty similar to the current list, but juu 5 switched around a bit.