11. Brave

This revisionist fairytale, while less inspired than average Pixar fare, boasts typical awe-inspiring uhuishaji and flare. The contemporary story of mother-daughter bonding is a step in a new direction, but the main problem is the convoluted execution and the fact that Merida craves adventure but is stuck in a mother-daughter psychodrama.

"I've only seen it once so I don't have too much to say about this one. What I remembered about it is that I loved Merida and really felt connected to her and her mom's relationship. I was invested in their story and wanted it to work out well for them. It was a smart choice to introduce Merida as a toddler and onyesha the bond between her and her mom that way. Then the journey they go through to get back to that."- SarahCorine

" Could have been significantly better than it turned out to be, but isn't a bad movie in and of itself. I'm mostly just disappointed kwa the wasted potential. uhuishaji is gorgeous, and soundtrack is my inayopendelewa of all DP movies." -MaidofOrleans

10. Tangled

Tangled is the most tightly written of the revival princess movies, carrying with it the most well-rounded characters and an charming folk soundtrack leading with guitar. It is full of clever cut scenes and editing that serve to distract that the movie is just another predictable Disney fare, if a zaidi smartly executed and creatively done one at that.

"Perfect pretty movie for a perfect pretty princess, we're back into that cookie-cutter category again." -MissCinico

" I prefer it to the chanzo material. I upendo the changes they made to the character of Rapunzel. Rapunzel is one of the most admirable Disney characters, I upendo her personality. Flynn is the most handsome prince. Mother Gothel is very realistic character. Rapunzel and Flynn's romance is very touchy and one of my favorites. The only movie's flaw is this whole " she changed him to better with her love" thing I don't like( my #1 and #2 also have it but less prominently). " -Adelital

9. Sleeping Beauty

Walt himself focused on the aesthetic of this film with a tight fist. Every inch of the uhuishaji screams culture and it is probably the most straightforward old-timey fairytale Disney has produced. A thin plot and possibly thinner lead keeps it under the pot of the bottom 3.

"A surprisingly feminist film for its time (talking about the vichimbakazi here, not Aurora). Looks like a moving painting. Score based off of Tchaikovsky. A+ in my book."- MaidofOrleans

"Aesthetically it's pretty, and sort of like a movie version of a lullaby, but wewe have to be in the right mood for it because it can be a bit lifeless.. definitely not the film to watch if you're looking for a gripping story."

8. Cinderella

cinderella is beguiling and holds the clamp on essential Disney charm. It has a reed thin story bogged down kwa extensive scenes with the side-characters, especially with the mice and Lucifer, ostensibly because Walt Disney was fighting to keep this a feature-length picture. Regardless, no one can deny the impact this film has had on the Disney corporation, and wewe end up being won over kwa it's uplifting, enchanting effects of watching the peasant girl win it all.

"The main character and the plot is lovely, but there is just way too much focus on the side characters and their shenanigans. I upendo watching the movie since, for me, it's the most iconic and nostalgic, but it didn't need all that filler. The film could be reduced to a mere 20 - 40 minutes, at least that way it would be perfect, just cut out the mice. I really like Cinderella, though, it'll always be the highlight of my childhood, but from a cinematic standpoint it really needs to step up its game with the screenplay."- MissCinico

" Another stunning movie. The set up with the narration is amazing. It sets up a feel for the whole movie. If a movie is gonna do narration it has to be done right au it just feels out of place au unnecessary. Not the case with this movie. Because cinderella is such a well known fairy tale that just about everyone knows, Disney did amazing kwa telling this story in a way that makes wewe feel like it's the first time you've heard of this famous fairy tale."- SarahCorine

7. The Princess and the Frog

This is a pioneer Disney movie that let audiences know wewe can achieve your dreams, no matter your color. The musical numbers don't disguise the sekunde rate song-writing and the stunning uhuishaji can't conceal a very uneven and not well thought out plot. It is, however, a happy story featuring a heroine with ambition and a colorful cast and proof that Disney can still achieve greatness outside of computer animation.

"I upendo how this movie mixes tradition and innovation. The uhuishaji is gorgeous and very Renessaince-esque. I upendo the choice of setting. Tiana is an awesome character in every, extremely beautiful and a great role model. I also upendo Facilier, he is my sekunde inayopendelewa DP villain. " -Adelital

"The highlight of this movie is its music, its uhuishaji is next, but other than that doesn't really do much for me besides pretty visuals and snappy music. The story could use a little zaidi flavor, I absolute resent the choice to make all the characters wanyama for most of the movie, and for the movie to take place in a pretty ordinary place (IMO), it's definitely a compelling movie, but I think wewe either upendo it au hate it."- MissCinico

6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

There are only a small handful of films that come close to achieving what this film did, though it is possibly zaidi historically important than it is entertaining. Stunning uhuishaji that still holds up zaidi than 80 years later and sweet songs that set a tone for Disney musical films for the rest of their canon, Snow White can be criticized for its very dated representation of women's desires and practices in Snow White, with her pining for romance and mostly cooking and cleaning during the course of the film. Still, she has hutzpah, and without this movie we wouldn't have any of the others.

"Just a stunning movie. I upendo the art style. For the time it came out, it's such a strong effort. That ending scene when Prince kisses Snow. Breathtaking. The muziki in that moment adds to how beautiful it is."- SarahCorine

"Quite good from a critical standpoint, if wewe ignore its portrayal of women and people with cognitive disabilities. A technological masterpiece for its time. Unfortunately, it's not really my cup of tea." -MaidofOrleans

5. Pocahontas

Pocahontas, like Sleeping Beauty, is technically brilliant, with vivid uhuishaji and possibly the most inspired soundtrack Disney has ever created. Where it falls short is in its watery plot, unfortunate lack of fun, and its sharp backhand at the tragic history of the real life Pocahontas (with many Native Americans lamenting its creation, offering input, and being rejected). Where it holds strength is in its powerful emotional impact and deeply passionate themes.

"I think we can all agree that the uhuishaji and soundtrack in this movie is sekunde to none. The characters and storyline may be far less popular, but I find most of the characters to be at least likeable, and I certainly upendo the main two. The story itself is controversial for good reason, however I am able to set the history aside when I watch the film, and the result is that I really enjoy watching it. The message of acceptance is strong and very relevant in the present day, and the poignant ending really allows the emotions to hit home." -JungleQueen13

"Beautifully animated and scored, but the plot and character dynamics are weak and not very creative au mbele thinking. It's a lovely movie, but too historically inaccurate for my tastes." -MissCinico

4. Aladdin

Aladin is a film of magical wonders, encompassing the romance, exciting adventure, well thought out characters, and sense of fun we demand out of Disney films. It is not lacking in a surprisingly sly sense of humor, though if you're not a Robin Williams fan, wewe may consider this an saa long self-indulgent circus act that can be grueling to sit through. No doubt that Aladin is one of Disney's best and most daring animated features.

"It's my inayopendelewa Disney movie since childhood. I slightly prefer it over BatB because of the prince. Alladin is my childhood crush. I upendo how adventurous, playful and witty he is. "It's not everyday wewe see a horse with two rear ends." jimmy, hunitumia is no less adorable character, free-spirited and humorous. In my opinion this movie has the best Disney cast ever." -igorevna90

"Overrated film, and some of the humor is sadly dated. The uhuishaji is so smooth and consistent and gorgeous though. Some of the songs are fun." -MaidofOrleans

3. Mulan

Mulan is exciting, adventurous, and kick-butt family fare that halfway takes Disney in a new direction, especially with female leads. Often during the film the Disney formula shows too blatantly (wacky sidekicks, handsome male lead, heroine who needs to prove herself) and the soundtrack is awkward and inconsistent, with two powerhouse numbers and two weaker viungo in a 4 link chain; it doesn't make for Disney's best musical endeavor. Despite these flaws, Mulan still manages to go in a new direction and not become entirely trapped in paint-by-number film qualities.

"A really empowering movie. wewe watch it and makes wewe feel motivated and determined to accomplish anything wewe want. A heroine wewe can relate to and sidekicks wewe can laugh to. It's an all around perfect movie." -SarahCorine

"The uhuishaji is beautiful but I don't like the rest much." -igorevna90

2. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a multi-level, multi-age crowd pleaser with a vibrant soundtrack, enchanting story, and chock full of Disney fun and magic. Where it becomes polarizing is the main character herself; while Ariel certainly brought heroines into a new and zaidi independent path with agency, she is highly criticized for having consumer minded-entitlement and many damn her for her reckless actions. The Little Mermaid was and is proof that Disney could return to its former glory of the Golden Age.

"sorry, TLM fans, I don't understand why this movie is so admired. It's kwa no means lame( none of Dsieny Renessaince sinema is lame in my opinion) but other Renessaince sinema are much zaidi exciting to me. I don't care about the character( besides Ursula) au soundtrack( besides Poor Unfortunate Souls) and I slightly dislike the animation. Anderson is one of my inayopendelewa authors( if not my favorite) and Pocahontas is much zaidi Anderson-esque movie to me than TLM is( no, not because of the bittersweet ending). However, this movie has my inayopendelewa FP female villain." -Adelital

"Such a fun movie. Water scenes in any animated movie can be breathtaking. This movie did water so well and made it so beautiful. Such attention to detail too as wewe see every bubble. It's a feel good movie to watch if you're having a bad day." -SarahCorine

1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a movie where everything went right- the animation, the plot, the characters, the voice acting, the production, the concept, and the execution. Considered one of Disney's best films of all time (if not its best), Beauty and the Beast has the vigor of a well-written Disney movie without falling trap to obvious formulaic tendencies-- au it does, but they're so well done that it doesn't even matter. It's not without its flaws; Belle is so well sculpted to connect to every possible audience member that she can be seen as forcibly relatable and almost superhuman in personality, and there are some qualms about her potentially abusive relationship with the Beast. But these are nitpicks in what is ultimately an inventive, imaginative, charming, and sentimental movie in the Disney canon.

"Story telling at it's best. Again, that first scene. Just amazing. To tell it with stained glass is so original. For me, it's classic tarehe night movie as it has such a romantic feel to it. But wewe can also watch it with Marafiki and just laugh at the villain. I also have to say I upendo this movie for sentimental reasons. My church was having a father daughter dance and I was so excited for it. My dad forgot to buy tickets, so to make it up to me he alisema he'd watch a Disney movie with me. I choose this one." -SarahCorine

" Loved it when I was little, but I find it so cookie-cutter now, no real twist au wow factor in this movie. The uhuishaji is pretty subpar for such a maarufu movie as well." -MissCinico

You'll notice I didn't put anywhere how they ranked in terms of 1st place. This is because after looking through those factors, they actually ended up being the exact same placements as the orodha above. Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty/Tangled/Brave all received no first places, and they are the bottom four. Beauty and the Beast received the most, and it's first. The same goes for the rest of the list-- essentially the order was exactly the same in both cases. This to me is fanpop's most accurate orodha of favorites.