Hello all, long time, no see, hello to newcomers.

I've decided to take a crack at being apart of this club again, with fresher, clearer perspectives and what better way to start than to review the film of the inayofuata potential Disney Princess, Moana.

I'm a little rusty so forgive me if this is all over the place.

So right off the bat I gotta say this movie's very.....average.

It honestly feels like a tv episode padded out with songs to make it feature length.

Moana is a likable enough character, I can almost pinpoint exact moments where she's similar to Ariel, Pocahontas, Mulan and Rapunzel but maybe that's just me being a jaded Disney fan.

I do like the fact that the story has no allusion to marriage and romance at all instead of being dismissive au condescending towards those concepts.

The songs are okay, I probably have to listen to them a few zaidi times to really get the hang of them. One thing I will say is that the transitions into the songs felt kinda forced and awkward in my opinion.

And I get that some people upendo the authentic pacific island culture, and if that stuff is important to you, great but honestly, I don't really care and I don't think most people do either, including Polynesian people.

Striving for authenticity and accuracy is appreciated but when making a movie, unless it's a documentary, telling an interesting/entertaining story should come first in my opinion, and I don't think Moana really did that.

Sidenote: I know the tembo in the room is the racial aspect of it. People rarely complain when a story presenting a European culture is inaccurate but that's a whole other can of worms we're not gonna open.

Let me compare Moana to the DP sinema for a second. Take Aladdin, a movie with quite a few twists and turns but still easy to follow, and even though Aladin is the star, wewe get quite a few different perspectives. Aladin has a subplot, jimmy, hunitumia has a subplot, Jafar has a subplot, even Genie to an extent has a subplot. And at some point au another, the film is being told from their point of view.

Because Moana doesn't really have a clear cut fully developed villain, it already has one less setting, one less subplot and one less perspective than the average Disney movie. The reason why villains can be important in my opinion is because it can give the writers an opportunity to really explore the world the movie takes place in. Villains and side characters can have a whole different back drop centered around them.

But even then, this movie doesn't really use it's side characters. For example, while Ariel's on land trying to win over Eric, we cut to a scene where King Triton is racked with guilt over upsetting his daughter. Maybe we could have had a scene where we cut back to the island, maybe we'd see how much worse the island got while Moana was away au see how much this situation is really affecting her father? I feel like that would have fleshed out the movie more.

Moana just feels.....one track, it's like tunnel vision. It's just two characters (Moana and Maui) on a trip together, and even worse, they're not in the most entertaining setting either, the middle of the ocean. With other movies, wewe felt like wewe were getting a full scope of the world because we were following a lot of characters and their respective conflicts.

-Snow White, The Queen, Seven dwarfs (especially Grumpy)
-Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, The King (Prince's father), the Duke
-All three fairies, Aurora, Maleficent, Phillip
-Ariel, Triton, Ursula, Eric, Sebastian
-Belle, Beast, Gaston, Castle's staff (Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts)
-Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, Genie
-Pocahontas, John Smith, Ratcliffe, the rest of the tribe and the rest of the settlers kind of have a stake in the story too.
-Mulan, Mushu, Shang, Shan Yu
-Tiana, Naveen, Dr Facilier, Lottie, Lawrence and even some of the sidekicks
-Rapunzel, Gothel, Flynn, Maximus

Brave is pretty much about Merida and Elinor, but at least while they had their stuff going on, wewe could cut to King Fergus and the other men in one scene and the triplets in another scene. And even if most of the movie is just following around one group of people (like Mulan au most of Tangled) wewe had multiple characters with bunch of different dynamics. That's a reason why sidekicks are important too, it would get boring with 80% of the movie just following two characters.

Granted, there IS such a thing as too many characters/perspectives (Princess and The Frog kinda crosses into that territory) but still give me something. I thought other members of the tribe were gonna go with Moana on her journey au at least the pig. It's just two characters, Moana and Maui, and a chicken, who can't even communicate non-verbally like most animal sidekicks, on an adventure. And the characters they meet along the way just onyesha up au reappear to songesha the story along, and with the exception of her grandmother's spirit and the crab, even THEY don't really talk.

A lot of things in this movie just kinda feel like the writers were ticking boxes off a Disney check off orodha and kinda relying on the scenery/animation and the music, which aren't really all that groundbreaking imo.

The movie just feels very....small and it doesn't feel as whole as the official DP movies.