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 Some of the Princesses' wardrobes with a few others.
Some of the Princesses' wardrobes with a few others.
For the past ten weeks, I have been holding a countdown for the wardrobes of the Disney Princesses. This is my first makala and countdown so please don't judge! If you're ready, here we go!!!!!
11) Snow White
Yes, the princess that started it all also starts off the list. The main reason for this is most likely because she doesn't have a lot of outfits in her movie and the two dresses she does wear, some people say are childish and not super fashionable. In my opinion, this is one of the weaker wardrobes for I dislike her servant dress and I think her princess dress is okay (not a real shabiki of the sleeves au the collar).
10) Pocahontas
This one is probably the most obvious to me. Only one dress, however a good amount of people find it beautiful.
9) Merida
Similar to the last two princesses, Merida has a limited wardrobe which has some mixed reviews. While her main dress received mostly good reviews, some people did find it not very special as for her princess dress, people's opinions range from loving it to hating it, especially with the wimple.
8) Rapunzel
*Sigh* Yet another princess with a limited wardrobe, which is most likely the reason it's near the bottom of the list. However, even if her wardrobe is near the bottom, doesn't that mean people dislike it. This is thanks to the details and colors.
7) Tiana
Unlike the awali entries, Tiana has a large wardrobe which can be a bad thing. Some of her outfits, like her borrowed blue dress and dream dress, received good reviews while her other dresses were aliyopewa zaidi mixed reviews. In my opinion, I like all of her outfits except for the blue gown, I upendo it instead.
6) Jasmine
Out of all of the Disney Princess Wardrobes, Jasmine's is alisema to the most revealing, and I sort of agree with it. All of her outfits that include pants have shirts that don't even go down the whole way. This is very much a mixed opinion. Some people kind of like this while others take issue with this. Her wardrobe also loses points for the lack of creativity.
5) Cinderella
First of all, her ballgown is one of the most beloved animated dresses in all of movie history and I absolutely upendo it. In the opinion of the people, people find her wardrobe quite elegant and beautiful as well.
4) Belle
A wardrobe that many people like, everything from her blue peasant dress to her iconic yellow ball gown. In my opinion, this is probably one of my inayopendelewa wardrobes of the Disney Princesses as well.
3) Mulan
A wardrobe filled with a good amount of color. Being at the number three spot on the list, similar to the last couple of entries, many people of fanpop upendo this wardrobe.
2) Aurora
The limited wardrobe with the highest placing on this list. With just three dresses, I upendo it. Similar to other people, I think they're quite elegant and regal as well.
1) Ariel
The little mermaid takes the number one spot on this wardrobe countdown list. With her pink chajio, chakula cha jioni dress and blue dress and I upendo this wardrobe.

And that's the results of the Disney Princess Wardrobe countdown!
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 Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the twin tower.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the twin tower.
After all of the princesses and Dee Dee are enjoying their lunch at a Nyonya Restaurant, suddenly everything goes black and they become scared. " What was that?" asked Merida, trying not to sound scared. Then, a black, giant smoke appears in the middle and it forms into a black reaper-like figure.
"So wewe have arrive in Malaysia now, I'll curse the whole of the country into darkness and despair with the help of my friend, Jafar!" It lets out an evil laughter and disappears, then everything goes back to normal.
"Who was that?" asks Dee Dee, "that is the spirit of despair!" replied Cinderella,...
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 My issues with these two aside, they do have pretty cool designs
My issues with these two aside, they do have pretty cool designs
I already shared some of these grievances in a ukuta post so the adrenaline is down but at least now I can somewhat organize my thoughts. In some ways this kind of a part two to my first rant.

Now, if wewe ask me the golden age of the Disney Princess lineup was that sweet spot when it was 10 princesses, I mean it was the first eight characters and films that most of us knew and loved, and grew up with, plus the two who kinda pretty much revived (no pun intended) the franchise and they fitted in quite nicely.

We even had a really cool website where the princesses talked to you, wewe could dress each...
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 Team Belle?
Team Belle?
Hi guys, I'm going to be uandishi why I felt that cinderella is better than Beauty and the Beast. No, it's not their animated counterparts, I'm referring to their respective live-action counterparts.

The Characters

In Cinderella, the title character's role was expanded unlike her animated counterpart. Her character development has significantly improve and I'm very happy about it, because we get to zaidi about cinderella and how she got her trademark name. Which is taken from the original fairy-tale!
Whereas in Beauty and the Beast, they actually copycat the animated feature, Belle's and the...
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11. DunBroch

It's nice and olden looking, but too dark and grey for my tastes, I'd feel like it's like Beowulf where any old monster just waltzes in and wrecks shit, not a lot of light au open space either. It gives me the creeps like it could be a haunted ngome to visit for Halloween.

10. Snow White's Castle

Too far away and off to the side for me. Feels like if I got sick au something no one would know about it. Like there's a castle, a forest, and then some dwarfs out in the middle of nowhere. We don't see much of the actually inside of the ngome either, so...
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