After I watched the first 7 seasons of My Little gppony, pony Friendship is Magic I started listening to the songs on repeat whenever I felt like it and there are songs from that onyesha that had me thinking of some of the princesses and some of the characters in the movies. Here's a orodha of the songs, which characters the songs reminded me of, and why.

Song: upinde wa mvua from My Little gppony, pony the Movie
Character: All the princesses

This song is actually mostly for a character in the movie who was a villain but then reformed which isn't what happened to any of the princesses (except maybe Elsa, though while not a villain she did some things in Frozen that she regretted). However, like the villain in the movie almost all the princesses had to endure something painful (Snow White and cinderella forced to be servants, Ariel losing her collection, Aurora finding out her life is a lie, Belle losing her freedom, jimmy, hunitumia thinking someone died because of her, Tiana losing her dream restaurant, and Rapunzel locked up her whole life).

I know you, you’re a special one
Some see crazy where I see love
wewe fall so low but shoot so high
Big dreamers shoot for open sky
So much life in those open eyes
So much depth, wewe look for the light
But when your wounds open, wewe will cry
You’ll cry out now and you’ll swali why

The first verse definitely matches the princesses in my opinion.

I can see a rainbow
In your tears as they fall on down
I can see your soul grow
Through the pain as they hit the ground
I can see a rainbow
In your tears as the sun comes out
As the sun comes out

The chorus of the song talks about how the pain is only temporary, if the pain ends with happiness the result can be beautiful. That really does sum up the princesses' stories

Song: Flawless from the episode Fame and Misfortune
Character: All the princesses

In this episode of My Little gppony, pony the Mane 6 published this journal that contained stories of stuff they learned and stuff they've been through so they can spread the lessons of friendship and help other ponies. However, this backfires in many ways:
Rarity:: Ponies boycott her and say the book would have been better without her
Pinkie Pie: Ponieslaugh at literally everything she says, is only seen as comedy relief and not to be taken seriously.
Apple Jack: Admirers songesha into her home, wanting to be part of the apple family because they upendo her so much
Rainbow Dash: Is requested repeatedly kwa fillies to talk about her lessons, calling the other ponies' experiences boring compared to upinde wa mvua Dash. The guilt trip line "You don't want to disappoint your fans!" is also used on her
Twilight Sparkle: Her lessons were called boring, "fans" were coming up to her saying they loved the book without even kusoma it.
Fluttershy: This shy gppony, pony was literally corned kwa mashabiki who were angry at her for "learning the same thing over and over" instead of just being assertive after the first lesson. After she stood up for herself and alisema that learning something once doesn't automatically change the person (or pony) wewe are and that it takes time, one of the mashabiki said, "Wow, you're different from the book. I don't know how I feel about that."

kwa the end of the ep the Mane 6 finally have enough and sing about how they're not flawless and how they never claimed to be. This episode honestly sums up a lot of fandoms, not just Disney's. I've heard a lot of people in real life and on different sites saying different things about princesses that mostly focus on their flaws than anything; "Snow White is dumb for letting the Queen into the cottage and for eating the apple" "Cinderella is weak for not leaving" "Aurora is a cry baby" 'Ariel only wanted to be a human because of a guy" "Rapunzel is stupid and naive" "Anna is a moron" "Elsa ran away from her problems". I know I've been guilty of that but it was after watching this onyesha I learned to just not focus on a character's flaws and not hate on them for not being perfect au being what I want them to be. Listening to this song, I can really hear the princesses imba this, especially these verses (not in order):

I never claimed to be perfect
My mistakes are all written in ink
None of us claimed to be perfect
And it's sad if that's what wewe all think


We're not flawless
We're a work in progress
We've got dents and we've got quirks
But it's our flaws that make us work
Yeah, we're not flawless
We're a work in progress
So tell me what flaws wewe got, too
'Cause I still like what's flawed about you


But nopony has to be perfect
kwa now, don't wewe know us so well? Because, yeah

Song: muziki in the Treetops from the episode Filli Vanilli
Character: Snow White

For this song it's not really just the lyrics that had me thinking of Snow White, it was Fluttershy herself. Fluttershy is, as my husband would say, like a Disney Princess, at least a classic one. She's kind and gentle, speaks in a soft voice, and she loves wanyama and speaking to them. The way Fluttershy sings this song reminds me a little bit of how Snow White sings. The song itself is short, ending with vocalizing a little similar to Snow White's. Even the intro to is very Snow White like

Fluttershy: Oh, good morning, little friends. Your imba is oh-so pretty.
[birds tweeting]
Fluttershy: Yes, it is a very beautiful siku today. Certainly something worth imba about.

There's muziki in the treetops
And there's muziki in the vale
And all around the muziki fills the sky
There's muziki kwa the river
And there's muziki in the grass
And the muziki makes your moyo soar in reply

Song: I'm the Friend wewe Need from My Little gppony, pony the Movie
Character: Dr. Facilier

The character imba this song isn't a villain but he's a shady character who has done some shady stuff. In the movie he helps the Mane 6 out of a jam, jamu and claims he did it because he's "the friend [they] need" but it turns out it was zaidi of a selfish reason; he was going to sell the Mane 6 to settle a debt.

Now, I know Facilier meeting Naveen and Lawrence was way different, and Facilier is a villain in the entire movie, but even if the lyrics don't fit 100% with him, the shady character in My Little gppony, pony the Movie is a smooth talker, getting the main characters to trust him like Facilier got Naveen to trust him at first. If Facilier was trying to trick Naveen into thinking he was a friend who can trust him to keep him salama from the "dangers" of New Orleans then I can see him imba this song instead of Marafiki on the Other Side

Song: upendo is in Bloom from the episode A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
Character: All the couples

Needless to say this song does, indeed, work great with the couples, at least the ones who get married. The song is about celebrating a wedding and the upendo the bride and groom have for each other

Love is in bloom
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom,
Two hearts becoming one
A bond that cannot be undone because
upendo is in bloom
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom
I alisema upendo is in bloom
You're starting a life and making room
For us (For us, For us...)

And this song was sung at a wedding for a princess and her groom so that's another thing :P

Song: So Many Wonders from the episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles
Character: Rapunzel

Another Fluttershy song, she sang this when she landed on the ground for the first time after living in the clouds all her life. She was amazed kwa all the new things around her, especially the animals.

What is this place
Filled with so many wonders?
Casting its spell
That I am now under
Squirrels in the trees
And the cute little bunnies
Birds flying free
And bees with their honey
Oooh, what a magical place
And I owe it all to the Pegasus race
If I knew the ground had so much up its sleeve
I'd have come here sooner, and never leave
Yes, I upendo ev-er-ythiiiiing!

Rapunzel may not have been as amazed kwa the wanyama as Fluttershy, but like Fluttershy it was her first time on the ground after her whole life in that tower. And like Fluttershy, she sang about the new things around her, like the nyasi and the summer breeze.

Song: This siku Aria Part 1 from the episode A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
Character: Ariel and Ursula

This one is pretty obvious; in this episode a princess's future with her true upendo was in jeopardy when an evil gppony, pony disguised herself as the princess, put the groom in a trance, tried to marry him, and wanted to take over a kingdom. This was Ariel's situation exactly, the only differences were the gppony, pony princess' voice wasn't gone and she didn't make a deal with the evil pony.

Song: This siku Aria Part 2 from the episode A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
Character: Ursula

This song is perfect for Ursula after it looks like she's won after Triton takes Ariel's place. It's evil and the song is about the evil gppony, pony being happy about her plan working out.

This siku has been just perfect
The kind of siku of which I've dreamed since I was small
Everypony I'll soon control
Every stallion, mare, and foal
Who says a girl can't really have it all?

Do wewe agree with this list? Have any thoughts? Feel free to comment! :)