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This lineup I think is one of my finest! Joining Merida on it will be zaidi exciting, some changes in ranks do occurred but, here it is...

11. Snow White

Likes: kindness, skin tone, her patience, lips
Dislikes: voice, hair, eyes, dress

I like her but I don't upendo her, the others are just better than her that's why she is in the bottom.

10. Aurora

Likes: hair, lips, voice, lips, elegance, gracefulness
Dislikes: personality, attitude, appeal

She is really a beautiful princess, but being Disney Princess is not about that though it affects. Her ujumla, jumla characteristics is poor, but ujumla, jumla I think her...
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 jainabieber7's ikoni
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Congratulations to jainabieber7- our F.O.T.M. for FEBRUARY!

1) How does it feel to be shabiki of the month?

It feels awesome! I've only been here since November so It's a surprise to already be F.O.T.M.

2) Who is your favourite princess and why?

My inayopendelewa Princess is Rapunzel. I just really upendo her optimistic attitude, and she's always so happy. We're a lot alike in our personalities. I upendo how she proved how really strong she was at the end when she stood up to Gothel and tried to leave the tower. She's a wonderful person, IMO.

3) Who is your least favourite princess and why?

My least favorite...
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It is no secret the Disney’s Princess franchise is one of the most lucrative for young children today. It is the number one girls’ toy brand in the US and made profits of $4 billion in worldwide sales. Therefore, these characters are going to be role models for countless girls across the world. I want to look at what lessons children can take from these characters and stories that will be positive and why each of these characters can be a positive role model to girls- and boys, for that matter- of any age.

Snow White
Snow White has incredible emotional strength. She is able to handle everything...
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Just a little filk to conclude villain month...that's what happen when the female villains meet in afterlife


[Evil Queen]

[Lady Tremaine]

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace)

Simple fools (Smoke puffs)

Slit it!

And now the 6 vain villainesses of the Disney Princess sinema in their rendition of the cell block tango


[Evil Queen]

[Lady Tremaine]

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace)

Simple fools (smoke puffs)

Slit it!


[Evil Queen]


Uh Uh (squeezing necklace)...
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I just recently saw the makala KataraLover made about a mwaka ago. Since some of wewe have been posting such nice maoni to me, I wanted to do this. I won't say too much because I don't truly know anyone here. And if you're not on here, it's not because I don't like wewe au anything, I was going to do zaidi but couldn't think of anything so I just stopped. Some I didn't say much about. Sorry I suck at this. I'm such a fail, here is my ''unfinished'' article.

She reminds me of Jane Porter because she's smart and creative. She's very talkative about some subjects on here. Her articles...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
I always thought I was weird so I never thought I'd make one of these makala before but finally decided to before I ''leave'' Fanpop. I won't really quit this website, I will just be much less on it to be zaidi productive with other things in my life. I'm still planning on finishing my inayopendelewa Mulan characters makala though.

Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan, there are so many exciting scenes. I upendo everything about this movie; the score, characters, etc.

Hobbies: drawing, swimming, playing soccer

Education: College

Music I like: My inayopendelewa musician is Beyoncé and my inayopendelewa band is Queen.

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posted by shanyuisboss
 My all time inayopendelewa T.V onyesha discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
My all time favorite T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
Hello everybody! I am kind of new to fanpop and I have been hoping to make an makala like this for a while. I am going to introduce myself. I will try to not make it to long, lol.

First name: Aliyah Al-Kareem

Age: 17

Orgin: Jordan

City: Salt Lake City

Hobbies: Singing, acting, uandishi poetry, playing sports, siku dreaming.

Movies i like: Mulan, lion king, BatB, Pocahontas, (basically most of the renaissance era movies) Sprited away, ngome in the sky, first 4 Barbie movies, Kung fu panda, Naruto and Pokemon movies, Harry potter movies, Anastasia and swan princess, ect.

Shows I like: Most old disney...
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My personal list:

10. Pocahontas & John Smith

Sorry for some zaidi Pocahontas bashing, I am not doing it on purpose. They're the only couple I'm not fond of at all. The relationship only seems passionate to me. John Smith's fast change of mind wasn't believable at all. A lot of scenes were awkward for me to watch. Like when Kocoum saw John & Poca kissing and when she admitted she loved John to everyone at the worst time possible. Plus, John Smith would've shot Pocahontas if she wasn't beautiful. I just see them as two hot people who lust over each other and John Smith doesn't even...
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I didn't add Pocahontas and Snow White because while I do like their outfits, I didn't really have any other outfit to choose from.

8. Mulan's pink Dress
I upendo its simplicity and I upendo that it's colorful but the colors still mesh well together. It looks lovely on Mulan.

7. Ariel's Sparkly Dress
It definitely stands out, it's so sparkly. Her body looks nice in that dress.

6. Aurora's Peasant Dress
It's a little too simple to make it further but I absolutely upendo the colors. It looks so elegant on Aurora.

5. Belle's Green Dress
Again, it's a little simple but I think it looks...
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Quick descriptions for each placements. Hopefully it doesn't confuse you, tell me if so, I'll never do this again. If it's fine then I invite wewe to do this type of article.

10th Movie: Pocahontas
I have so many issues with this movie, I just cannot ignore the flaws. Though I upendo the animation, the score and the ending.

10th Princess: Aurora
Poor Aurora, I like her but her lack of screen time always puts her in disadvantage.

10th Prettiest: Snow White
Perhaps if she was older, she'd rank up but I'm just not a shabiki of her look to be honest. Though her lips are lovely.

9th Movie: Snow White and...
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My personal list:

10. Cinderella
Though I upendo the lyrics and Cinderella's soothing voice, there are no songs that actually stand out for me. I think the soundtrack is a tad bit unoriginal and too simple for my taste.

Favorite Song: A Dream is a Wish Your moyo Makes
Least inayopendelewa Song: The Work Song

9. Tangled
I'm not saying the songs are not well composed but honestly, I'm just not fond of this soundtrack. Mother Knows Best Reprise is the only song that I think is remarkable; the score and lyrics.

Favorite Song: Mother Knows Best Reprise
Least inayopendelewa Song: I've got a Dream

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If there's something that I upendo about most DP sinema it would have to be when the princess meets her prince for the first time so here's a orodha of my inayopendelewa first meetings of that kind, hope you'll enjoy this article

10. Belle & Beast

This should be no surprise to anyone, this meeting is WAY to creepy and sad. But despite this meeting I still upendo Belle & Beast as a couple and I upendo the scene itself. This first meeting could work better in a horror movie to be honest, but I still like their first meeting

9. Tiana & Naveen

Yes, this is their first meeting despite how...
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My personal orodha but it's not my prettiest orodha just to make it clear. On this list, wewe will see zaidi elegant beauty, beauties that never go out of style. It's not who is the most realistic looking but I will take that in consideration. I'm interested in knowing your opinions whether wewe agree au not.

10. Rapunzel
Huge unrealistic eyes with super long golden hair. She looks a little washed out also. I think she has to look a little zaidi feminine to be considered a timeless beauty. She's just really cute. Though I'll add that I upendo her subtle freckles.

9. Snow White
Even though she's...
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When dimitri_is_hot made her orodha of the Disney Princes she'd settle down with I figured I'd do it too but with the Disney Princesses. It took a lot of thought to figure it out. Anyway please maoni about what wewe think and please keep in mind this is just my opinion.


I honestly don't think we would have any chemistry. Me and her don't really have anything in common, other than feeling like people treat us like we're still children, but other than that nothing really. I'm outspoken and a little rebellious while she's dependent and does what she's told. For me I prefer to have...
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Hi everybody! My past makala are only lists and informations about the princesses, now wewe will know my opinions about them.

10. Snow White
I really find her so boring. For me, she is not as pretty as the others and her voice sucks. But, the good thing that I like about her is her simplicity and kindness.

9. Aurora
Aurora is a very beautiful princess. But, her personality is really poor. In terms of voice, she is one of my favorites. The only reason that she is higher than Snow White is because of her relationship to Philip.

8. Ariel
Now here is the big deal, in my former orodha she is my number...
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It's weird to think I've been on fanpop for almost a whole year. In some ways, that seems like a really short amount of time considering how much at nyumbani I feel in this club. In other ways it feels like a really long time, since so much has happened since joining Fanpop. When I look back on how I was when I first joined Fanpop, I cringe a little inside. My opinions have changed so much since then, I think it's high time I rewrite my list. So here it goes! Enjoy.

10. Belle
Previous Position: 10

Belle of course hasn't moved at all. While I don't completely hate her any more, I don't really like...
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All of the Disney Princess films are works of art. Every shot of every film is literally a piece of art. In this countdown, we celebrated the gorgeous art of all of the sinema and looked at one of the most under-appreciated aspects of some of our inayopendelewa childhood films.

10. Tangled
Most people agreed that the uhuishaji in Tangled is impressive and visually stunning, however, it seems those on fanpop prefer hand-drawn animation. Most of the maoni that gave a reason for why they voted out Tangled involved the fact that Tangled uses CGI animation. Many people tried to avoid the issue, but in...
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I'm just a mere newbie here, but having read several makala on here, I really wanted to write one of my own (hope it looks ok, and I haven't made a mess of it!)

Good thing this is sit on my punda siku (otherwise known as Sunday), otherwise I wouldn't have had all siku to write this up.

I hope I've explained my rankings well enough.

10) Aurora

What is there to say about Aurora? I figure she must be the least fav of a lot of people, but not because she's incredibly unlikable. I feel harsh saying that she's boring, but she is just your stereotypical fairy tale princess. She's pretty, has a pretty voice,...
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Villains, we upendo to hate them, and Disney has many of the best villains known to man. Since we are only focusing on the Disney Princess Villains, the countdown will obviously not include the others. For the past 10 days, I've held a countdown for the Best Disney Princess Villain, and here are the results.

10. Governor Ratcliffe
This round was no contest at all. From the very beginning, the villain from Pocahontas had the majority of the votes, and all of the other villains got one au two kura each. People alisema that he is pathetic, lazy, and there was no purpose for him to be in the story....
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Let me get this straight; I like all of these couples, and I think they are matched perfectly for one another, so if a couple wewe like is in a low spot on the orodha doesn't mean they should not be together. Creating this orodha was definitely very hard, and some if these positions are still very debatable in my mind. I based this orodha based off the concept, the development, realistic aspects, etc.

10. cinderella and Prince Charming
This couple is my least favourite princess couple for a few reasons. Even though in the song "So This Is Love", it shows the two conversing with one another when they...
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