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Snow White pressed her face to the cool window. For the past two hours, she had been crying over the loss of her older sister. Ariel had quit on her, for Snow just kept on crying. She thought it was her fault that Belle didn't get much attention.
"Don't worry, Snow, Belle will come back," Eric had assured her earlier.
"Well, she better!" Adam had barked. He wasn't taking his wife's departure too well.
Snow White cried some more. "I ruined it for everybody," she whined.
She realized that the person she needed most was not her brother.
But her husband.
She hated herself for fighting with...
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Belle crashed against an machungwa, chungwa wall. Her face was pressed against its sticky contents.
"Ew, what is this?" she shrieked.
cinderella looked out the window. "Oh, no!"
Belle peered behind her. It looked like they were in a pumpkin, boga garden, just outside of a dark manor. A horse was grazing on a patch of grass, when green vines reached out and grabbed it.
"Oh. My. GOD." Belle felt like hyperventilating. "We're in a PUMPKIN?!!!" She was heaved aside when the pumpkin, boga started moving.
cinderella looked at her with frantic eyes. "We have to stop this thing!"
"Right away, Cinderelly!" saluted Jaq. He...
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Hella: But I didnt send any fairy to help me.

Fairy godmother: I know dearie, were like Santa Claus, we always watch your every move. The only difference is that we go to that location to help with whatever.
Jackal: See? I told ya Santa was real!

Hella: Why didnt wewe come to help me before-

Fairy godmother: (Sounded annoyed)For crist sake, sometimes theres things that we can do and what we cannot do. Like bring someone back from the dead!

Peggy: So, wewe know about that royal ball then?

Fairy godmother: Sure do, and I'm gona take wewe there wit just a snap of this wand.

Bobby: Wouldnt it break?

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Hi, All. I've tried to avoid uandishi makala for a long while, mostly because I'm busier, and secondly, because it takes forever to explain the "why" behind statements.
Today, because I am bored I'm going to stick with trying to examine my impressions of each of the DP movies, and their princesses, (with a sidebar about the princes). This is the first makala in a series of 13 articles. (Disclaimer: These are just my opinions, mind you, and not completely shared kwa everyone. My life experiences have colored my perspectives on each princess, so the take-away message is that my opinions are...
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Scene 7- Stellas house(main room).

*Knock knock* Anabella: THE DOORS ALIVE! *Hides under the table*

Denaji: No wewe idiot, someone's outside of the door.

Anabella: Oh. *Gets out from under the table* I'll go get it.

Denaji: No, I'll go get it!

Anabella: No, I wanna get it! *She and Denaji beat up each other*

Hella: *Groans and walks to the door, then opens it.* WTF happened 2 your clothes?

Rodney: While I was delivering mail to all of the girls at the cities, I got chased kwa a bunch of frogs and fell in a lake. au was it a swamp?

Hella: *holds her nose* Ok, What invitation?

Rodney: *holds them...
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Snow White : Snow White is a perfect example of Miss Goody Shoes . She is way too kind .... and foolish as well !! I mean who takes an apple from strangers au marry a stranger ???!!!!!

Aurora : Ahhh .... well , the girl really needs development . I find her quite bland and boring as well . I want to know zaidi about her !!! Except for the fact that she is sweet and pretty , I hardly know something about her personality !!!!

Elsa : Elsa didn’t selfishly abandon her kingdom. She ran out of fear that she was a danger to it (which she mistakenly proved correct). Selfish would’ve been if she ran...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
*Sigh*I Lost all my progress from THEDisneyFreak, so I'm just going to re-post this article
Here is the problem with most people on Merida: she's selfish and wanted to change her mom. I can agree with that yes, but she changed and genuinely apologized in the end. Now I'm not going to bring up Ariel, they are very different but comparing them makes me look desperate. You're free to disagree, we all have opinions.
Though yes. I'm aware an makala like this has just been written but the mwandishi is fine with it, I've been uandishi this for the past two days.

I used to hate the idea of Brave and Merida...
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posted by faya27
Chapter 9

TALENT onyesha ON MAY 31st AT 7:30PM.



After kusoma the advertisement, on the bulletin board, Melody took the pen and wrote down her name, along with her homeroom number (RM 13) and nyumbani phone number. As she was finishing uandishi down her phone number, a small boy about her age came up inayofuata to her.

"Is there still time for me to sign up?" he asked Melody. She turned to the boy. He had mousy black hair, with chokoleti eyes, tanned skin, and dressed up in jeans...
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posted by starlight77
Ben and Lizzie had the most perfect fairytale wedding they could have imagined. Afterwards, they went on a honeymoon to an island just off the coast of Corona. There they went on horseback rides every morning and then would picnic for lunch. Then just before the sunset, Ben would take Lizzie on mashua rides. The honeymoon was perfect and Lizzie was sad when it ended a week later. However the two had royal duties to attend to. Everyone loved to see the beloved couple at events. They attend ribbon cuttings, charity balls, speeches in the town square wewe name it. Being a princess in Corona was more...
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1) During the song, "I See The Light," the lantern Rapunzel lifts up into the sky is actually the lantern her mother and father sent out. Also, they used 45,000 lanterns in the scene of the movie!

2) Tangled is the longest Disney animated film since Fantasia.

3) Animators say Rapunzel's hair is approximately 70 feet long, and holds about 100,00 strands,

4) Mother Gothel's dress is from the Renaissance period, during the 1780's. Tangled takes place afterwards, thus inaonyesha how old Mother Gothel really is.

5) To come up with Flynn Rider's design, male animators asked female animators what...
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I upendo Disney music. I upendo the instrumental scores as well as the jolly onyesha tunes songs. (I'm also a sucker for classical.) So I wanted to share with wewe guys my personal vipendwa kwa score, song and overall. (I included Frozen because I would be shocked if they weren't eventually made a part of the Princess franchise even though they've been out for 2 years now.) I upendo all of these soundtracks and it's hard to pick so I had to use a mathematical formula based on my vipendwa to come up with the rankings. I provided pictures for which soundtracks I used. I almost always prefer the songs...
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Merida was still holding on for dear life. She was still unconscious, her blood pressure was still dangerously low, and her temperature continued rising. The only good thing was her breathing returned to normal. Everyone was glad to hear that. As for the wound, Kekata did everything in his power to clean it. He put water and a healing medicine on it.

Suddenly, something strange happened to Merida. She was sucked into this mysterious land. "Where am I?" she asked as her voice echoed. "It's your sub-conscience." an unfamiliar voice said. Merida turned to see who it was then screamed. "Don't be...
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posted by GreatLance_30
 The tamasha hall
The concert hall
She found out that the tamasha was a gift for her from the Disney Princesses. She doesn't believed it until the Disney Princesses themselves called her name! She really felt so happy but she wondered why is one princess missing...

She then asked Wendy why is Mulan not in the concert, Wendy just replied laughing and alisema "Aya! Is that a joke? Mulan is not a Disney Princess anymore!". Aya then became sad and asked again why is Mulan not a princess anymore, Alice replied saying "It's because of the human world, they do not consider her as princess anymore, they don't understand that being a Disney...
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Just wanted to add in zaidi songs, but anyway hope you'll like this makala :)

link - Axwell Ingrosso
When I first heard this song I instantly thought of Snow White, it's mainly the happy feeling of the song that makes me think of her

link - Nightwish
I don't know exactly why, but this one makes me think of Snow White a lot, at first I thought this one suited Aurora and Belle the best, but the fast speed of it made me think of Snow White instead, seriously this one could suit pretty well into the Silly Song scene. This one could also suit Rapunzel quite well in that sense, but it has a zaidi classic...
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posted by GreatLance_30
 The sea near their house
The sea near their house
In a modern world a little girl named Aya Faraday who lives near the sea is such a big shabiki of Disney Princesses and she always imagines that she is one of them...

One day, Aya found out that her parents, Brad and Lea, are planning to have a divorce. Because of this Aya with her bag containing all her Disney Princess collection ran out in the midst of a storm. She ran and ran until she fell asleep...

When she woke up, she was surprised to find herself in a tamasha hall with other Disney characters like Alice, Wendy, and Eilonwy, and another surprising part is they know Aya and that they are best friends...

What are they doing in the tamasha hall? How did Aya managed to go to the Disney world? What will happen to her?

Find out in the inayofuata parts...
 Aya Faraday
Aya Faraday
posted by sweetie-94
And so Alexandra's journey to find the wand that belonged to the witch began. She left early in the morning and began walking into the forest.

Julia was right, the forest was very dark and Alexandra wanted to just leave that forest very soon, she was terrified and felt as if she was completely lost. She was so confused that she suddenly fell over a huge stone and wounded her knee and her leg, but she kept on running in hope to find somewhere to stay and someone that could take care of her. But suddenly she started to feel dizzy and felt as if she was going to faint at any dakika and a few minutes...
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 Greetings Dracula!
Greetings Dracula!
Hi guys, okay I am not sure if Disney is daring enough to make a vampire princess. So here are my thoughts on it!

They Should Make a Vampire Princess

I personally think Disney should take the challenge to make a vampire princess, I mean we already have The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, The Twilight Saga and Anne Rice's vampire stories!
They could make the antagonist inspired from Elizabeth Bathory, in which she is a vain vampire throughout the movie!

The Shouldn't Make a Vampire Princess

It will probably intimidate young children, unless the directors watch Hotel Transylvania for inspiration to make it zaidi family friendly.
Secondly, I hope that the movie is not going to be like the Twilight Saga.

Vampire au Not?

I have always wanted to see a vampire princess for a change, do wewe agree?
 Hello Bella Swan.
Hello Bella Swan.
posted by TheMusicalMolls
Take a look at this scene from Beauty and the Beast:

Do wewe notice something about their bangs???

If wewe see what I see, you'd notice that their bangs look the same as (from left to right) Jasmine's, Belle's and Ariel's, three maarufu princesses from the late 80s to early 90s.

Perhaps this is a reference to the princesses before, in and after the movie, au it's just a coincidence of maarufu Disney female hairstyles.

What do wewe think?

Leave a message in the maoni and let me know your opinion!
posted by SnowQueenElsa1
My juu inayopendelewa princess has got to be Elsa. I upendo her so much because of her ice powers and popularity. In every store I go to I see something Frozen. I like that a lot. That is why I upendo Elsa. Also, The colors in the movie along with the graphics are amazing because it looks so realistic. It is also amazing how Elsa's ice palace looks so cool and fits with her. It's just amazing. All of the other princesses are good too but elsa is the best one and the most powerful. I hope wewe all subscribe! And make sure wewe visit my page!
This is my opinion only. But I believe the reasons that Evil Queen from Snow White and Lady Treamine from cinderella mistreat the titular characters is different from the in-story explanation.

Evil Queen used the fact Snow was pretty as an excuse to get rid of an heir to the kiti cha enzi which I presumable that the Queen was ruling for Snow.

Lady Treamine's daughters might be older kwa a few months in the animated Disney movie. And back in those days older daughters were suppose to marry before younger ones.

I don't really have a reason for Edward's step-mother, Narcissa. But I assume that the Kingdom is suppose to be run mostly kwa a Queen?