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 Cinderella's Castle!
Cinderella's Castle!
I did this kura ya maoni awhile zamani to see if anyone was interested in kusoma about my trip! Lots of people were so I finally decided to write it. I met every Princess (except Pocahontas) and other characters
So I'll start talking about it now.

I went for 4 days a couple weeks ago. Both of my parents and their friend ran the 25th Anniversary Disney Marathon so we got to go on a trip to WDW! We stayed at a WDW Resort, Port Orleans Riverside. Its a very cute, southern hotel. We stayed in the Royal Guest Rooms. They're princess themed! All over the walls were pictures of all the DP's hanging out and going...
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A mwaka zamani (or maybe more) I wrote an makala about my inayopendelewa DP Movies, since then I haven't update the orodha until now. Not a lot has changed in a year, but hujambo I'm still going to write this orodha because some things has changed. So here we go :)

10: Pocahontas (previous rank: #10, stayed the same)
This movie lacks a lot of things that a good movie needs, first of all one of the most important things to me humor, there are just a couple of scenes where I laugh. sekunde the characters, I only like Tomas, Grandmother Willow and Meeko (who is my inayopendelewa character in the movie), the rest I find...
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Well here is the orodha of fanpop's inayopendelewa princes, I quite like my descriptions from the awali articles, so I will reuse them.

The Prince & Prince Charming have always come in 9th and 10th, for their lack of screentime au character development, although The Prince is aliyopewa zaidi attention for being a little zaidi proactive in his film.

Naveen comes in usually at 8th, because people find him generally spoiled, useless, cocky, and womanizing, --although it can't be the arrogance that puts people off, because Flynn is usually popular.

John Smith normally comes in higher than Naveen, perhaps...
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 Before Belle’s eyes was a monster unlike any other. Staring at her, with his fangs and cruel eyes, he inflicted fear on Belle.
Before Belle’s eyes was a monster unlike any other. Staring at her, with his fangs and cruel eyes, he inflicted fear on Belle.
awali part

Before Belle’s eyes was a monster unlike any other. Staring at her, with his fangs and cruel eyes, he inflicted fear on Belle. A fear she’s never felt before. At the moment, she wished she was in the salama and warm arms of her love. This monster stared at her, intent on killing her au at least hurting her. He had blamed her for his form now. He had blamed Beast for his fall to the deep dark unknown almost a mwaka ago. Yet, he had been grateful to the witch who had transformed him into this monster, so he was able to seek his revenge on the two.
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I just wanted to share with wewe some zaidi of my fan-fiction ideas that I have, hope you'll like it and most of them are series so here we go :)

The first serie that I have in plan that I was almost going to tell wewe in the last article, but I decided to focus on the other serie I had in plan is going to be called Snow White's Adventures and they'll be about that Snow White basically is in the other DP sinema and she is going to be in the story along with that princess, I'm going to also do Aurora's Adventures in Snow White so that we get a chance of seeing another princess joining Snow White,...
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posted by hajirah4
 Thank wewe Deviant Art!!!
Thank you Deviant Art!!!
Now first of all, why don't we all give applause to cinderella and Walt Disney (hey there my idol, and my man!) for creating the best childhood we've all ever had!!! (applause)

Now, let's document on "The Damsels In Distress" thing, first off- if wewe REALLY think she's a damsel in distress, then your a disgrace to the the Disney Princesses. Why? cinderella believed in herself...
BUT SHE DID IT SO- STOP SPREADING HOGWASH!!! SNOW WHITE, is the damsel in distress people!!! Aurora never intended to go to her prince, and cinderella WENT TO THE BALL, KISSED THE PRINCE, BUT SHE WAS SCARED OF HER USELESS...
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Intro: this orodha is not a ranking,it can be au could be,but I don't intend it to be. This will be short and straight to the point. I will also be making one for : all of the princesses couture, ariel couture, tiana couture, belle couture, pocahontas couture,aurora couture,rapunzel couture, jimmy, hunitumia couture, snow white couture and so forth...(I won't need any comments)
There will also be makala for all princes couture,eric couture,naveen couture and so forth...(if mashabiki maoni asking for them)
Also Disney Fairies, Disney Characters (like Pinocchio) and also Walt Disney. (mickey mouse)
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posted by hajirah4
 Yup. We got ourself's a cooking princess.
Yup. We got ourself's a cooking princess.
Now as we all know Tiana isn't really that maarufu on fanpop...am I the only person that LOVES her?
I mean this girl is basically brought Disney to a whole new level!!! She can cook, make a raft, she can dance, she can also sing in a BROADWAY voice. Not a lot of DP's have a broadway-like voice other than Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas, and maybe jimmy, hunitumia au Rapunzel but I doubt it. Just about half.
Now I'll be telling a few reasons why this modern princess deserves a little bit of support,clapping, and bravos.
This girl can cook from pastry to veggies,sweet-tooth to healthy,...
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I'm a bit reluctant to do this orodha because quite frankly no one gives a crap about the Princes. Plus this orodha is way too easy to write. I really don't enjoy talking about them. Let's just get on with it.
 Are wewe on your period, dude?
Are wewe on your period, dude?

The most generic character in history. Of course this dude is at the bottom of the list. It would be weird to rank him any higher. He has little to no personality and when he does onyesha some emotion, he comes off snarky and rude. He's also lazy if wewe ask me, he never makes an effort to go after au tafuta for Cinderella. Seriously, what do all the...
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I'll just get right to the point.

The Flag:
The flag shown on the ship was not used until at least 100 years after the time the film is set.

.____. I knew something was fishy about that flag....

Poca's hair:
ahh, her hair... Lovely isn't it? How it luciously blows in the wind.... But... Isn't it strange how WELL it blows? I mean... My hair is now almost that legnth, and even when the wind is high, it never gets so much as past my back...
So either that is some pretty WICKED wind, au she has some LIGHT hair... Maybe both.

But, if the wind WERE that crazy, then why doesn't it blow the crap...
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 Disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
The Great siku has come! The siku that all the princesses and princes of the Walt Disney Company comes together for the awards ceremony that the company gives for special thanks for the great job as princes and princesses in Walt Disney Company. All awards are special and unique. Every prince and princess is nominee for all the awards. Knowing each one will make understand why they are special to receive the awards.

Snow White
 Princess Snow White
Princess Snow White
First Disney Princess....
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My inayopendelewa song of each DP movie:).

1. Snow White.
Silly Song

Well I upendo this song, wewe will think that "how? but One song, and the others are better than this." au something else, but this song is so funny and easy to learnt it, when I was a child I really enjoyed this song with my brother.

 Silly Song.
Silly Song.

2. Cinderella.
A Dream Is A Wish Your moyo Makes.

I upendo this sooooong! It's perfect at the begining, & I upendo the lyrics *-* Specially when It says "Even he orders me around, Well there's one thing , They can't order me to stop dreaming." ♥

 A Dream Is A Wish Your moyo Makes.
A Dream Is A Wish Your moyo Makes.

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[i]I finally decided to do this, has changed a little bit since I did the pick about it, but I hope you'll enjoy this makala and don't forget to comment![i]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Since this is my inayopendelewa DP movie I'm always having it hard to choose my inayopendelewa scene in the movie so my inayopendelewa changes often, so right now my inayopendelewa is when Snow White finds the dwarf's cottage, especially because of the music, it happens to be my inayopendelewa score in the movie. I don't know what else to say, it's in my opinion one of the best drawn animated scene that I've seen, only the ending...
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With one dress per princess, this is not in any perticular order of which i like best

Snow White: Yellow dress
With only two dresses in the film my fav has got to be the yellow one. it fits her well and matches her skin tone nicely.

Cinderella: Wedding dress
White looks so good on her so my fav dress is the original wedding dress. the way it complaments the frame of her body makes her verry pretty.

Aurora: Blue dress
Her blue dress has got to be hands down my fav dress on her. blue is definetly her color, the pink doesn't quite work as well with her purple eyes and dhahabu hair.

Ariel: Blue town dress...
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Unfortunately my inayofuata interview is very short and rushed, but I was lucky to get a sekunde with the characters from Disney’s Mulan. Mulan and Shang had agreed to talk to me, but then the Emperor called them in for something, so this has to be super quick while they prepare to leave.

(I am trying to be heard and seen as they gather supplies and prepare their horses)

Me : Mulan, who is that girl wewe see staring straight back at thee if not yourself?

Mulan : The girl's name is "My Reflection" who uses thick powder and red, hot lipstick.

(She laughs as she adjusts a strap and gathers a bag up)...
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My inayofuata interview is with the characters from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. But due to a very big event (they are being secretive so I am not sure what is going on) that is taking place at the ngome I am only going to be interviewing Belle today. We are meeting in the palaces beautiful maktaba (YAY for me!) and Mrs. Potts has set out chai and cakes for us. I am very excited about such an intimate interview; the majibu should be very interesting.

(When I enter the room Belle is already curled up kusoma a book, but when she sees me she quickly puts it down and straightens up and becomes...
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Well, I read other inayopendelewa princess makala and thought I should make my own. This is my first article. Feel free to express your opinions, but please don't leave mean, nasty comments.

10. Aurora

I don't hate her, and I don't necessarily dislike her personality. But Aurora barely does anything. She basically sang, danced, and cried. Her personality just wasn't that strong. The three vichimbakazi were zaidi enjoyable. So Aurora did nothing to impress me in her whole 18 minutes.

9. Snow White

I found her to be a little zaidi interesting than Aurora. Snow White seemed to have been focused...
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posted by princesslullaby
This makala was collectively written by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, & Princesslullaby

Tiana would see Ariel as a totally spoiled, selfish brat who is used to getting her way, and who gave up her dreams for a man, who just foolishly believes her dreams will come true because she has the confidence, and isn't logical at all. Tiana would find her very stupid and spoiled.

Tiana would see Aurora as a one-note girl with no ambition au drive, who only cares about finding a man. Tiana would admire nothing about Aurora and wouldn't care about her dreaminess au romanticisim.
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Ok here are the results of the Best looking Disney Prince in Sequel as voten kwa the fanpoppers!

10 Beast in Belle's Magical World

Well i expect that he will leave first! I mean what wewe wait from him, he were a Beast for the whole movie and even as a Beast he look awful!

What mashabiki Said:
PrueFever - Urgh..!
CuteDiana - LOL he looks like a teddy kubeba xD inayofuata would be Eric.
ppgbelle4 - Ew. lol
loveandbeauty18 - Sorry beast
alexon31 - He looks kind of silly...
VGfan30 - This is just horrible.
NightFrog - Beast darling.. WHAT have they done to you?
PociandSmith - why? why? did the beast have...
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So a few days zamani I created two makala about the Disney Princes and Princesses Dreamcast chosen kwa the fanpop users.

Now in this article, I'm going to make one for the Disney Villains. :)

As of August 26, 2011, here's what the mashabiki picked:

1. link
The mashabiki picked: Sacha Baron Cohen

2. link
The mashabiki picked: Michelle Pfeiffer

3. link
The mashabiki picked: Uma Thurman

4. link
The mashabiki picked: Shirley McLaine

5. link
The mashabiki picked: Prince

These are all for now. I'll continue part two as soon as possible.

What do wewe think about these actors/actresses?
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