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 kwa Silverrose1991
by Silverrose1991
Erm..not sure if we're supposed to be posting these yet, au what, but this is why our team loves our princess, Snow White. I hope wewe enjoy :)

Members of Team Snow White Include:
-Me (dclairmont)


I upendo Snow White because she doesn't let the hardships get to her and keep a positive outlook. She believes that wewe are the one who can "fill the word with sunshine", you're the one with the power to make yourself happy. She is sweet and gentle, but can be energetic and firm when needed to be. She feels the need to be loved. That shows the abuse took...
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It's been about two months since I wrote one of these articles, but seeing as only two spots have remained the same, I thought it would be a good time to update it! Well, I hope wewe guys enjoy kusoma :)

13. Ariel
Previously: 12

Ariel is a great princess, no doubt, but when I think about it, nothing about her entices me. I can't really orodha a single thing I upendo about her. She's cute, yes, she's passionate, yes, she's adventurous and driven, yes, but I don't really care about those qualities. I suppose her naivety to the human world is endearing, but her irresponsible, rash, forgetful, reckless...
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posted by MissAngelPaws
 My current ikoni
My current icon
hujambo guys :) I've been active on this spot for a while so I thought I should write an article. I decided to start with this since everyone wrote these kind of articles.

Basic Info:
My name is Dania Murad and I was born on November 23, 1999. I am 14 years old. Currently, I live in Canada with my parents and my 8 year-old sister.

My inayopendelewa Disney things:
If wewe didn't know, I really upendo Frozen. It's my inayopendelewa movie and it has my inayopendelewa Disney Princess (Elsa) and it's high on most of my lists, but it's not always first. I also really upendo Tangled, Brave and PatF. So basically all the modern...
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posted by dclairmont
Not sure if wewe all have seen my ramblings on the wall, but I've converted! I am now officially a Merida shabiki (not that I wasn't before, but just recently I've fallen in upendo with her zaidi than ever before). She's now sixth on my orodha including Anna and Elsa, and fourth not including them. This kind of came out of nowhere, but lately I'm over the moon about her and I think it's a good time to write one of these makala for her. I've already written one for Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Tiana, Elsa, and Anna, and plan on making one for all of the princesses at some point....
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The BRAVERY of cinderella going to the BALL

1 - Survivor of Abuse
2 - Fights for her Right
3 - Work Responsibly
4 - Denies their Satisfaction
5 - Still attempts to Go
6 - Maintains some Belief and Faith
7 - Going to the Ball



Firstly, for perspective, a summary of what has happened to cinderella up to that point (most points are adaptations of direct quotes):
--Mother dies (=her father was “a widowed gentleman”)
--Father dies. He was a kind and devoted father who gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort
--Her stepmother was cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of her charm...
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 Now slip me snug about your ears, I've never yet been wrong, I'll have a look inside your mind and tell where wewe belong!
Now slip me snug about your ears, I've never yet been wrong, I'll have a look inside your mind and tell where you belong!
Since I'm a shabiki of the Harry Potter book series, I've decided to do a series of makala interpreting Disney characters into the Hogwarts Houses. I'll be doing all the princesses and princes, and maybe some side characters and villains. This article'll just be the Renaissance Princesses, since the descriptions are going to be pretty lengthy and I doubt wewe guys could handle kusoma another of my super long articles. If wewe don't like Harry Potter wewe might be a bit confused, but if wewe have basic knowledge of the houses you'll be fine. Oh, and all of this is just my opinion.

Also, just for reference,...
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To start Mary-Sue is thrown around not only on the Disney Princess club, but almost everywhere whenever it comes down to the Disney Princesses. The correct definition to Mary-Sue is a perfect female character who doesn't try to be perfect, but naturally is. Like a Renaissance Man, yet doesn't fail at least while trying.
Some have been saying Classics, au Walt Disney's princesses, Belle and Rapunzel are Mary-Sues, plus more. I very much disagree.

The most common areas to be considered Mary-Sues are:
Snow White
Ariel (on the occasion)

There are so many reasons they...
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posted by awkwardanna
Do wewe look in the mirror and wish for a different body, different air, a different face?

Do wewe feel hurt, au angry, au unloved?

Do wewe wistfully imagine being someone else?

If wewe do, and I need to remind myself this quite a lot, I need wewe to know: wewe are a princess.

No matter what you've done, what you're doing and what wewe are going to do, no matter your height, weight, ethnicity, whether your teeth are crooked au straight, whether wewe have perfect vision of imperfect vision, whether wewe are the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth au not: wewe are beautiful, and wewe are a princess....
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I've been wanted to do this makala for a while, but I've just been procrastinating a bunch lately. I really do think that all of the Disney Princesses have great voices, so this orodha was very hard to come up with! Note: I'm sorry if these descriptions are really short, but it's kinda hard describing voices.

10. Ariel

It seems that wewe either have her high on your list, au low, and for me, it's low. She's got a great voice, but I do agree that she does sound nasally when she sings. Her voice just doesn't have that mystical, mysterious sound that I feel mermaids should have.

9. Belle

Am I the...
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 Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most relateable of them all?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most relateable of them all?
So I did a kura ya maoni to see who the most relatable princesses and these are the results. Some results are pretty surprising, but for the most it's expected. Let's get started!

11. Snow White

This round was pretty close between Snow and Ariel, but in the end, Snow was out. It didn't really surprise me to see Snow here, mashabiki alisema that she was too cheery and optimistic. Other mashabiki alisema that they are not waiting for their prince to come, and can't relate to Snow at all.

She is just completely unrelatable. I feel like she is too unrealistic and ndoto like and I just can't relate to her. I am very optimistic,...
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posted by daylightdream07
 My user ikoni (at the moment). I think this is the most beautiful princess ngome Disney has created.
My user icon (at the moment). I think this is the most beautiful princess castle Disney has created.
hujambo guys! So I’ve been here since the beginning of summer, and I figured it was time to make one of these since I’ve seen so many of my new Marafiki make them, too! I haven’t really opened up to anyone about who I am and what I like, so I thought this would be a good place to start! :)

My name is Brooke and I’m 18 years old. I live in southern Delaware with my parents, my two older sisters, and my younger brother. However, I’m going to be moving to college in a couple days, so that’s going to change soon!

I originally came to fanpop when I was researching Disney history for a fun...
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posted by bluethunder25
Princess Aurora, dhahabu of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose, and a personality that shames us all.

Now Aurora is not completely bad. She's got a nice voice, she's pretty, everyone remembers her song, "Once Upon a Dream," and of course, the iconic scene of her sleeping in kitanda (don't get the wrong idea). But man!!! This chick is as bland as I don't know what!!

As far as Disney Princesses go, Aurora is probably the least maarufu of them and it's kinda plain to see why.

Let's look at it for a minute.

1. Aurora doesn't really do anything besides walk around, look pretty, sing, and...
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posted by GreatLance_30
Hi! Here is another makala for Belle, I wrote this because I want to be clear in my opinion for her! Belle is my inayopendelewa Disney Princess and I really upendo her! wewe wanna know why? Read the following qualities that made her my favorite...

1. Looks
I always put looks for the princesses, because I believe that a person's outside look affects much on impressions. So, not being biased but she is my prettiest Disney Princess. Some people alisema she is plain, that she is only pretty in few shots, well I disagree. Belle is gorgeous! Her hazel eyes are so tantalizing, her hair is brilliant, her nose is...
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I held a countdown if who would Snow White liked the most, and to e honest, the results were not suprising at all. Here are the results and what people had to say. This countdown was held before Merida was official, so she is not on here.

9. jimmy, hunitumia

This was definitely the most obvious choice for Snow White's least favourite princess. They are opposite in almost every single way; Snow is innocent, jimmy, hunitumia is not. Snow is calm and reserved, while jimmy, hunitumia is loud and aggressive. Snow White would not like au understand Jasmine's harsh and flirty behaviour, while jimmy, hunitumia would be annoyed by...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
I feel like people are going to disagree with me but it's my personal favorites, it's really a matter of which voice I upendo more.

My orodha for the Princes
10. Charming
9. Naveen
8. Beast
7. Phillip
6. John Smith
5. Eric (He doesn't sing but I like his voice)
4. Flynn
3. Aladdin
2. Prince
1. Shang

10. Snow White
Her speaking voice is cute but there are times when I cannot stand her imba voice.

9. Belle
I absolutely upendo her speaking voice but her imba isn't as impressive. But that's just in comparison to the other princesses.

8. Cinderella
It sounds like an angel's singing. It's so gentle and...
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posted by PrincessAyeka12
 7th Place
7th Place
Remember when I did a countdown for my favourite outfits and dresses? Well because I like so many and kept changing my mind about the rankings, I decided to take it down. I'm zaidi comfortable doing it this way, splitting them into categories.

My definition of "ball gown" is a formal dress worn in a ball room whether dancing au just present and watching. So that means I have excluded Ariel's pink kanzu, gown and Tiana's lily pad dress from the countdown. They will be included in a different countdown under a suitable category.

7) Pocahontas' Gown
This is a cruel scene. The King has just rejected her request...
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Favorite/Ranking/What I think... about the Disney Princesses
    This is my first article. Something wewe should know is when it comes to Disney and non-Disney movies, characters, ect. I am very optimistic, very rarely critical to find fault, and take into account all sinema (sequels, tv shows, clips, ect.) and books. I think it adds to form a zaidi well rounded idea of the characters.
    My description of each princesses placement is my view on them and why I like them. Seeing as I don't dislike any of them there isn't any negative reason why they are in...
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 The strong, yet deep voice from nature.
The strong, yet deep voice from nature.
10. Pocahontas
Woah, Pocahontas... I guess fanpop users liked others more...and believe me the results are from the odds. The best words to describe her voice is probably strong, swift, low - pitched and...wait theres another one? Oh yeah!!! It's.......like the river???? Here it is...time for cheesy shakespeare....
"Onceth a river is toucheth it is not a perfect and still as ye was gazing upon the subtle yet flowing river that goes to the distance...of which has yet to be discovered."- a ten mwaka old.
(wow...who knew ten mwaka olds knew shakespeare| not me, it's my little sister)
So did that explain...
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Here it is, the first part of this countdown, hope you'll like this makala :) I won't put so many maoni on here since I based it off the pergectance instead of comments, all the pictures are made kwa me!

45. Snow White & Jasmine

I can kinda understand why these two got eliminated first, they're each others opposites basically in many aspects, but personally I wouldn't eliminate them first, they have zaidi things in common than some of the other pairs.

Your comments:
Because of their completely different attitudes and personalities. Snow isn't capable of standing up for herself the...
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posted by JNTA1234
 Ladies of the saa
Ladies of the Hour
I know using the phrase juu ten doesn't make sense, because there's only ten but lets get on with it.
 The Girly Girl
The Girly Girl

The most feminine princess in the bunch but that really isn't saying much. Aurora is one of the zaidi attractive, Barbie-esque, princesses which again isn't saying much, but the orodha zaidi au less based on personality and Aurora just doesn't cut it. Granted she didn't have much time for us to get to know her, the movie was mostly focused on the fairies. Let's just admit it Aurora really is just another pretty face, she's totally hot but that's about it.
 The Bookworm
The Bookworm...
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