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posted by disnerdtobe
Merida is known for breaking the princess archetype. She shows that not all princesses are girly and frilly, and like Ariel, she shows that the seaweed is always greener on the other side. Girls dream of being mermaids, and Ariel shows that from a mermaid's perspective, being human can be just as intriguing. Likewise, girls dream of being a princess, and Merida (and also Jasmine) onyesha that being a princess is harder than it looks.

What I also see in Brave is that Merida is not only the anti-princess princess, but she is the anti-tomboy tomboy as well. Merida has "manly" interests like archery...
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hujambo there! I'm isabellagirl033 and as wewe all are well aware cinderella has been adapted many times into live-action sinema though only some manage to truely be a hit. I'm going to break down some of my favourite portrayals into my juu 5.

5. Hillary Duff, A cinderella Story
Despite it's cringe-worthiness and lack of loyalty to it's source, I still managed to enjoy the movie. Tween ikoni Hillary Duff is the last thing that comes into my mind when I think of cinderella but she made a convincing one at that. I think this spot goes to Hillary Duff mostly due to...
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So I only wanted to include couples at the end of their original films so that is why there is no Pocahontas & Smith au Rolfe as well as no Anna & Hans.

10. Rapunzel & Eugene: I think this whole thing was such a big mistake. Eugene is a criminal on the run who just so happened to stumble upon Rapunzel's whereabouts who had been isolated. He was so selfish that he didn't even want to take her on this trip and was so cold that he actually took her to a bar full of criminals to scare her. In real life, this would have been immensely endangering for her. Luckily, she is so charming and...
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posted by sweetie-94
Last time I wrote about songs I thought suited Jasmine, today I'll write about songs I think suits Elsa, hope you'll like this makala :)

link - Katy Perry
This song could suit most of the princesses, but I think it suits Elsa the best, reminds me a little bit of Let It Go

link - Britney Spears
Before Frozen was released I thought this song suited Mulan the best, but after Frozen came out I realised that this song suits Elsa even better, don't know exactly why though

link - Within Temptation
This song really suits Elsa, both the title and many of the lyrics

link - Nightwish
This one may suit her less...
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Since first of all it's DP Couples mwezi and sekunde Valentine's siku is coming up in just 3 days so I felt like uandishi an makala about my inayopendelewa DP Couples, hope you'll like it

11. Mulan & Shang

I would've liked these two much zaidi if they showed zaidi clearly that they're a couple and not just best friends, basically the sequel is in that way better, there I can see that Mulan & Shang are zaidi than just best friends

10. jimmy, hunitumia & Aladdin

They're higher than Mulan & Shang simply because they onyesha zaidi clearly that they're a couple, but my biggest problem with them...
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Previous article: link

This part of my ranking is a lot zaidi positive than the awali half. I absolutely adore every character in my juu ten, so I tend to gladly accept and upendo every aspect of their characters, flaws and all.

10. Snow White

I used to find Snow White fairly annoying for a long time, but now, every time I watch her movie, I can't help but upendo her even more. Snow is easily one of the most unique and endearing Disney characters ever made. She's genuinely sweet, polite, motherly, caring and able to keep a positive attitude despite what she's been through. I truly admire...
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posted by audreybrooke
 For true upendo conquers all!
For true love conquers all!
Hello, everyone! Hope you're all enjoying September.

Seeing as Aurora is my inayopendelewa Disney princess, wewe can imagine how happy I was when I found out that she’s our September '14 Princess of the Month.

So, unable to fight a triumphant smile, I went over to the kura za maoni section, where I saw one called “*~Princess of the mwezi September 2014 is……... Aurora!~*” It was then that I noticed the results…

What?’ I thought. ‘But… that means six people voted for boo!’

As hard as that was for me to accept, I resolved to brush it off and write an makala about my beloved princess...
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posted by fluffyduckling
13. Elsa
I feel really bad for having her in last place, honestly. It's just I find her quite plain compared to the others. I don't hate au even dislike her I'm just not that interested with her and kind of feel like she could have made some better decisions.

12. Snow White
As before with Elsa, I don't dislike her I just prefer the others. The reason she's higher than Elsa is because I feel she handled her situation a lot better and has zaidi personality.

11. Anna
I'm pretty neutral about Anna, she has a very sweet and bubbly personality which I sort of like, but on the other hand that...
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posted by BelleRose829
So as most of wewe know Aladin and Frozen are my least inayopendelewa Disney movies, so I decided to onyesha them some upendo and watch them to see if maybe my opinion would change. Side note: My dad sat with me. My dad is very picky and super logical, he wants shreds of realism in everything (so that's where I get it from) and he makes it almost impossible to watch a movie with out a speech. Anyway I found that funny, so I included that in here. I'll start off with his and get to mine later. With out further introduction, I present "The analysis on Frozen" :3

My Dad's thoughts:

First up is Frozen. At first...
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Hello everybody. *gives insane smile that makes everybody scared* it's time for my inayopendelewa Disney Princess wardrobes. I've already created my link but now it's time to see who has the best overall wardrobe. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may not agree on things, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Also, I won't include Anna and Elsa. Alright, time to start! Enjoy the article! :)

(Also, I don't have pictures of all the outfits, so I'll onyesha a picture of my inayopendelewa from each one.)

11. Pocahontas

Well, she only wears one outfit, so that's not exactly...
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Forgive the confusing title, dearies ;) So, based (although let's face it copied) off of coolsinger198's article, written a few months ago, this is an makala on which DP us fanpoppers have as our favorite. I'll onyesha each Disney Princess, write a little description about them, and then put the mashabiki who have the princess as their vipendwa :) Anna and Elsa not included, kwa the way. So, let's get started!

Snow White
The princess who started it all, Snow White seems like just an adorable, sweet little princess, but be warned! Under a layer of sugary sweetness and baby animal helping tendencies,...
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At dinner, the night was pleasantly inviting. "How far along are you, Pocahontas?" Mulan asked. "I'm 5 months." Pocahontas answered. "My mom's also 5 months." Merida replied. Pocahontas got all excited. "Your mother's also pregnant?" she asked. Merida nodded. "They think it's twins." she said. "Twins? Didn't she have triplets?" John asked. Merida nodded again.

Shang hadn't alisema anything. "You're being awfully quiet." Pocahontas said. "I just don't have anything to say." Shang replied. "You don't have anything to say? The last time we were here, wewe nearly talked our eardrums out!" John joked....
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Bonjour!!! Over the last few weeks, I created quite a few kura za maoni which asked mashabiki to eliminate their least favourite Disney Princess (including Anna and Elsa) hairstyle, and princesses were eliminated until the juu two. This is basically a results countdown of those polls, with descriptions as to why. I just wanted to say a big thank wewe to everyone who voted and ametoa maoni why - your help was appreciated!!
This is not based on my opinion - if wewe are interested in my choices, I am uandishi a Part 2 which explains my opinion.
Let's get started shall we?

13. cinderella

Although most people seemed...
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While I consider myself a muziki person, my knowledge of muziki is so-so. So some descriptions might be short because what else can I add? I just know when I like listening to a voice haha.

11. Snow White
Aw Snow, I hate how wewe always end up at the very bottom of these lists. But the other Princesses' imba voices are just much zaidi to my taste. Her voice is cute but when she hits notes, it's far too high-pitched that it gets borderline annoying.

10. Aurora
It's not that I am not impressed with Aurora's imba abilities, nor that I swali the beauty of her voice. It's just that operatic...
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Bonjour! So basically I'm doing a orodha of my favourite things from each movie. This is not a countdown and the objective is to not bash the sinema but to see the good in them. The captions under the pictures is an example of one of my favourite nukuu from that particular movie.
Before I did Snow White - The Little Mermaid and now I'm doing the sinema Beauty and the Beast up to Mulan. The "rankings" are out of twelve for twelve sinema on my favourites list. Not characters, sinema .
Let's get started shall we?

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Favourite Character - Belle. She's one of my favourite...
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This is a short makala just for fun. I've always wanted to do this when other people did it. I would have explained but I think some of the lyrics au self-explanatory already :) At times, I can imagine the Princesses imba the songs and other times, I think the song represents the Princess.

Snow White - Put Your Hearts Up kwa Ariana Grande

''Wish in a well, shooting nyota in the sky
We can do anything if we try
Can't resurrect Gandhi, resurrect king
But if we put our heads together
We can do anything like
You don't have to be a billionaire
You don't have to have much to onyesha how much wewe care...
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Hi guys c: This is Team Snow White's inayopendelewa princess list! The members of Team Snow White include:


I hope wewe enjoy kusoma this!

13. Mulan

Silverrose1991- She is a wonderfully written character - complex, developed and relatable. I upendo her selflessness, her intelligence and her loyalty to her father.

dclairmont- I upendo her devotion to her father and the awkward, quirky side of her that we see. I kind of loose interest in her in the sekunde half though.

sweetie-94- I upendo how clumsy she is in the beginning of the movie, but as the movie progresses she...
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Elsa, is my inayopendelewa DP currently and I thought of inaonyesha my opinions about her.

We first meet Elsa when she is sleeping and Anna wakes her because "the sky is awake" and they have to play.
She first hesitates and tells her to play kwa herself but when her sister asks her to build a snowman she can't resist.
This part shows Elsa's personality before being isolated. We can see that she is the elder sister and tends to act zaidi mature and calm, but she enjoys being with her sister and shows her playful side.
And we can also see that she isn't afraid of her powers and likes to use them.
 "Shshshsh!!! Anna, can't wewe stay calm for a minute?"
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For those of wewe who dont know jimmy, hunitumia has been my inayopendelewa Disney Princess FOREVER. I just really feel that jimmy, hunitumia has one of the best personalities out of all the princesses and I want to express why, because I feel she needs a little bit zaidi love. :) Despite her sassiness, she is very generous, kind, fun-loving, and flirty.

Before uandishi my reasons on why jimmy, hunitumia is the best DP, I my 3 reasons on why people may not like jimmy, hunitumia au maybe why they have her low on their list. Not all of them may be true.

Reason 1- She has a bad temper.
Reason 2- She is selfish.
Reason 3- Her sassiness is annoying...
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 Elsa demonstrated her modelling skills with this beautiful picture as a Sailor Scout, which helped her earn best picture.
Elsa demonstrated her modelling skills with this beautiful picture as a Sailor Scout, which helped her earn best picture.
Firstly if wewe haven't read the first articles:
Introduction: link
Week 1: link
Week 2: link

Previously on DNTM: The argument between Ariel and jimmy, hunitumia continued, Elsa won the first runway challenge and the models posed as Sailor scouts. However Tiana didn't know how to songesha in front of the camera properly and she was sent home. 11 girls remain, who will get eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination
Snow White: Sadly Tiana went home
Belle: Tiana worked hard in this competition.For example before the picha shoot she did hours of posing practice. It shows how much I have to work to continue...
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