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Swanpride posted on Apr 30, 2018 at 01:09PM
So, playing around with Dress-up dolls, I got the idea for a new kind of contest. Since nowadays there are so many options in the dress up games, the idea is to go creative based on a theme and then pick the best interpretation of it.

Here are the rules:

1. You have to use the Dress up game specified for the round - which will usually be from the exclusive Section of the Azalea's Dress-up Dolls, since she has no objections to using her creations elsewhere. You can find it here: link

2. You are only allowed to use clothing options given in the program. You are free, though, to change the background if you want to.

3. If the round is dedicated to a specific princess, you are allowed to add other characters (ie the prince, pets or other princesses) into the scene if the game allows it.

4. Keep the picture within the size of 900x900 pixels (meaning the picture can be smaller, but not bigger...honestly, I just want to avoid giant files, so keep to reasonable).

5. You are allowed up to three entries (which will compete against each other), provided that each entry offers a different interpretation of a theme...for example if the theme is Mythological princesses, you can do three different princesses as different mythological figures, but not three times the same princess or three different princesses as the same mythological figure. If you are unsure if your idea is different enough, just ask.

6. Please post your creation with a title I can use for the polls (since I want people to vote without being influenced by the usernames).

7. When the polls are up, you can nominated up to three entries for the win. You can nominate one of your own. The entry which is nominated the most often wins, otherwise the polls serve as tie-breaker.

8. Don't cheat. Which means, only post your own creations and don't try to manipulate the voting. You know, the usual.

ROUND 1: Arabian Nights, Winner Midnight Beauty by Sparklefairy375
ROUND 2: Mythological Figure, Winner Enchanting Elf by PrincessAyeka12
ROUND 3: Mother's Day, Winner Reunited by Swanpride
ROUND 4: French Folklore, Winner Sunday Best by Swanpride
ROUND 5: Elemental, my dear Princess, Winner Colours of the Wind by PrincessAyeka12
ROUND 6: 40s Eleganza, Winner Ready for the Ball by Swanpride
ROUND 7: Oh my Goddess!, Winner Goddesses of Dreams, Time and Travel by Swanpride
ROUND 8: Pixiefied, Winner Midnight Sparkle by PrincessAyeka12
ROUND 9: Modern Princess, Winner "Isn't it obvious?" by mhs 1025
ROUND 10: Medieval Fantasy, Winner Most Evil Women of Creation by PrincessAyeka12
ROUND 11: Coronation Day, Winner Royal Purple by Sparklefairy375
ROUND 12: Royal Diplomacy, Winner Honouring the Guests by Swanpride
ROUND 13: Superheroine Princess, Winner Super Princess Line-up by Swanpride
ROUND 14: Born to be Wild, Winner Wild'n'Free Angle by mhs 1025
ROUND 15: Princess in Wonderland, Winner Tea with the Mad Flynn Rider by Swanpride
ROUND 16: Modern Princess Take 2: Summer Time, Winner Summer Eleganza by Swanpride
ROUND 17: Old Timey Elegance, Winner French Sunset by Ajotma
ROUND 18: Pixie in the Garden, Winner Autumn Sunshine by Sparklefairy375
ROUND 19: Velvet Fashion, Winner Bring the Honor by Sparklefairy375
ROUND 20: Viking Princess, Winner Warrior of the Land by Sparklefairy375
ROUND 21:Magical Elf, Winner Colour in Gold by Swanpride
ROUND 22: Bollywood Dance, Winner Fiery Look by Sparklefairy375
ROUND 23: Covergirls, Winner Spoiled Brats by Alexon31
ROUND 24: Fallen Angel, Winner TBD

ROUND 25 is open

Theme: Princess and Villain

Princess: Any Princess

Programm to use: Any of the Disney Scene Dress up

link http://www.azaleasdolls.com/dressupgames/m­erm­aid­-sc­ene­.ph­p link

This Round will start now and close on October 21,2018.

For any questions or suggestions just ask.

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