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Lately, I've been getting really into astrology. I matched each princess kwa their zodiac sign, mainly based on my intuition and personal experience. Just made this for fun and hope wewe enjoy!

Fire Signs
Here I have Ariel (the go-getter), Tiana (the workaholic) and Rapunzel (the playful). These signs are the doers and these princesses do a lot.

Ariel - Aries
Ariel is definitely the go-getter and extremely energetic. She's very bold and some people may criticize her for her risky decisions, but in the end, the Aries always get exactly what they want.

Moana - Aries
The ocean girls are go-getters,...
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The only thing I still come on this club to do. Let's begin.

This can get kind of hard to read sometimes and we're sorry, but we're also lazy. And lots of language. Oops. We're pretty immature, sorry about that! I hope wewe enjoy!

11. Snow White

LanaQueen: I knew Snow would place here. But she's a precious little snowflake so I feel bad..
LanaQueen: ....Except I also placed her last. Heh, heh...
darby: wow bringing out the italics someones mad
Hajirah: Oh, is that how we're doing it?
BelleOlive: I loved it that...
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Results are in! Who's the inayopendelewa team of fans? mashabiki had voted and the winner is indisputable. So, i'll get straight to it.

Just a side note, sorry I got caught up at work and I know the kura za maoni were done sometime back already, but posting the results makala for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the results:

18. Tiana, Naveen, Louis and ray
17. Aurora and Forest Marafiki
16. Merdia team - Angus and Triplets
15. Snow White and forest animals
14. Rapunzel team - Pascal, Flynn and Maximus
13. Mulan and army friends
12. Belle and Philippe
11. Eric team - Grimsby and Max

10. Pocahontas team - Nakoma, Meeku, Flit...
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 1.Common Dress
1.Common Dress
Hi, I hope wewe are enjoying my orodha and are looking mbele to my explanation of Belles dresses from Beauty and the beast. The sekunde Renaissance princess and someone whon doesn't start as a princess but a normal woman. kwa the way with all honesty I've not seen the sequels so if there are any different dresses I've missed that wewe would like me to discuss maoni on it and I'll explain on the inayofuata article.

1. Common dress
Belle leaves her house she shares with her dad and wonders round the town imba so beautifully, in a dress worn kwa a normal person in France about that time. Yet already it's...
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Elena of Avalor
elena of avalor
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