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 Request for Connor3 (Elizabeth Swann)
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a completed request for Connor3
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I'd really upendo to make an makala on my inayopendelewa Disney Princesses, but my orodha still isn't final and I've still got some things here and there to sort out, so I opted out for a prettiest princess orodha instead. I find all of the princesses to be gorgeous beforehand, though some I just find a little prettier than others! ^^ Anyway, I hope wewe enjoy this article!

13. Belle

Possibly a bit of an unpopular opinion, but Belle is without a doubt my least prettiest princess. Even not considering her inconsistent uhuishaji she still doesn't seem to be much of anything special to me. She's got a unique...
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I was initially going to write an makala about my updated ranking of the Disney Princesses, but I thought that it would be better if I combined the princesses and princes and ranked them as one group. Of course, this took a while, and I'm sorry that it's so long, and that its in two parts.

Before I begin, I should probably point out that the reason why I absolutely despise generic, Mary Sue, overly relatable, overly sympathetic, overly admirable and/or overly likable characters is because I feel that they are a result of manipulative writing. I think that the writers and creators of these...
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