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 Mulan matchmaker dress
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Mulan in her matchmaker dress
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I'm not at all confident in this list, but either way I upendo talking about the princesses and thought this makala was long overdue (Well I've only been here..what? Two weeks? Eh, it still feels long overdue to me). ^^ Beforehand I'd like to say that I upendo all the princesses, even my least favorite. As a group the princesses mean so much to me and as individuals I upendo them all to pieces, so don't feel bad if your inayopendelewa is low! The orodha is also divided into three sections because within those sections I'm really not sure how the princesses rate, but I know they're somewhere around that...
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Hello all, this makala is pretty much what the title says. I have had some boring time lately and I just started listing some of my thoughts on paper, and then I got the evil idea to write makala about it. So this is all about my opinions and thoughts and wewe all freely may au may not agree with them. I actually have very little theories here, and most of them are completely lunatic, but let's hope wewe get at least some amuse from them. I have listed my opinions very bluntly without any greater explanations because I wanted this to be short and clear(and I don't like to write a lot).
I have...
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I'd really upendo to make an makala on my inayopendelewa Disney Princesses, but my orodha still isn't final and I've still got some things here and there to sort out, so I opted out for a prettiest princess orodha instead. I find all of the princesses to be gorgeous beforehand, though some I just find a little prettier than others! ^^ Anyway, I hope wewe enjoy this article!

13. Belle

Possibly a bit of an unpopular opinion, but Belle is without a doubt my least prettiest princess. Even not considering her inconsistent uhuishaji she still doesn't seem to be much of anything special to me. She's got a unique...
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My opinions on Rapunzel have changed a lot. When I joined Fanpop, she was sekunde on my list. Eventually she moved up to first. After that, she made a bunch of drops, until she eventually reached the eleventh spot on my list. So I've gone from loving her to death to disliking her. Oh, well. I might as well explain why I dislike her then.

I dislike Rapunzel mostly because she's an overdone character and I feel like she's shoved onto me a lot as a character. You're supposed to see her as this amazing character who is easily relatable because of how she has many hobbies, and well rounded,...
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I might slip a cuss word au two, you've been warned. As usual, I'm just going to cut to the chase.

13. Merida
I'm aware of the good things alisema about Merida, but there are just so many other things that turn me off. Like making an anti-princess Princess was boringly unoriginal on Pixar's part and she basically gives a middle finger to her predecessors and to girly girls in general. To sum it up, I'm just sick of the tough girl archetype she represents.

12. Aurora
I feel like there are Aurora mashabiki who overanalyze her character, basing their interpretation on extremely minor factors....
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 324anna's current ikoni (Meg from "Paperman")
324anna's current icon (Meg from "Paperman")
Hello! As March's shabiki of the mwezi I was charged with the task of interviewing April's winner, 234anna, also known as Alexandra au Alex. She's a kind and intelligent user, so I was delighted in doing so. Most of the maswali I asked were borrowed from my own interview with LibelluleBleu (which didn't actually happen, because I had no idea what to write and Adele is MIA...oops), but I think I added one au two myself. I tried to put together the best makala I could, so I hope wewe like it, Alexandra!


1. Congratulations! How do wewe feel about being shabiki of the Month?...
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13. Aurora
After she was granted the gift of beauty and song, perhaps what Merryweather was going to give her was the gift of personality. Although she has a healthy number of fans, the reality is 18 dakika of screentime combined with zero character complexity equals a princess that's bound to be at the bottom of most lists.

"I find Aurora so enchanting. She's elegant, playful, dreamy, and very mysterious because of her lack of screen time. " -audreybrooke

"Life tends to just happen to Aurora. She doesn't do anything to her life. So while she is pretty to look at, I find her to be uninteresting."...
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This is the sekunde time I've done this. Well, it's been changed yet again, and.. A lot. So, I might as well re-do it, there's been some pretty big changes since I last made this article. Some placements have changed a lot, and some have stayed around the same, so you'll find out soon which placements have changed and which havent. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagreement so respect my opinion and I will respect yours. I hope wewe enjoy the article! :)

And I really want to know what wewe think about my list, so if wewe could comment, it would mean a lot!

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Well, today I'm going to analyze the movie Tangled. This will include taking my opinion, the public's opinion, the critic's opinion.. Etc. To analyze the movie, and find out how people feel about it.

My Opinion
I think this movie is absolutely amazing. I adore Rapunzel, she's my inayopendelewa Disney Princess, and I upendo Flynn too, he's my sekunde inayopendelewa Disney Prince. Mother Gothel is one of my inayopendelewa villains, so of course I would upendo a movie if I loved the characters. I also upendo the plot of the story, I don't think it's that simplistic, although I know people say that. Despite what people...
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