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The Little Mermaid
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 Who will be the most beautiful of all the non-princess?
Who will be the most beautiful of all the non-princess?
I proudly present the results of the kura za maoni and comments.

20) Andrina (The Little Mermaid)
The first daughter of Triton to go, although in my opinion she is not the least beautiful. Her short hair and pointed features didn't seem to please fanpop.

-KataraLover: she's ugly and looks like a boy.
-Swanpride: Andrina is kwa far the plainest of Ariel's sisters.

 20.Andrina: The boyish mermaid
20.Andrina: The boyish mermaid

19)Alana (The Little Mermaid)
Blue eyes with dark hair sounds prettier than the result we get in Alana. She easily followed her sister in the countdown.

-BelleAnastasia: She's so plain!

 19.Alana: sekunde mermaid to go
19.Alana: sekunde mermaid...
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OK so i hear alot of stuff from people how the Disney princesses are bad role models for kids. True? Well wewe be the judge. I have made a orodha of the princess and the pros and cons of them and might add some extra facts about them please comment.
here is my take:

Snow White- One of the princess that dreamers of a guy coming to upendo her and give her a better life.
Pros-ok she is 14 years old dreamer who wants to meet the person who will upendo her, she works hard for others with no much regard to herself.
Neutral- in order to cope with her life she talks to wanyama and dreams of something bigger
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Welcome to the 2nd Princess Personality article! Like the awali makala about Belle's personality, this one about Snow White is still using the MBTI assessment.


1. Extraverted link

Extraverts often:
Have high energy
Talk zaidi than listen
Think out loud
Act, then think
Like to be around people a lot
Prefer a public role
Can sometimes be easily distracted
Prefer to do lots of things at once
Are outgoing & enthusiastic

Although Snow White was without human companion under her stepmother's wicked rule, she had plenty of animal friends. In fact, Snow White was always surrounded...
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