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The Little Mermaid
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Collectively written by: Princesslullaby, Cromulanfav, PpgBelle4, CuteDiana, JonnaSe.

Aurora would be an uninteresting, unrelatable, totally foolish, useless princess to Mulan. There is nothing about Aurora that Mulan would appreciate.

Mulan would be annoyed at a lot of the foolish things Rapunzel does. There would be, to Mulan, a lot zaidi bad things than good. She would dislike the choices Rapunzel makes and just find her too childish.

7.Snow White
Mulan would find her cute and funny, but there would be no admiration for her, even though she would understand...
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hujambo guys, me again! I've literally made a vipendwa makala like four times already and I haven't even been here for a mwaka yet. I just thought that it was needed since two wonderful princesses, Anna and Elsa, have been added to the lineup. This orodha will have spoilers, so if wewe haven't watched the movie wewe should skip their parts. Oh btw this is my 30th makala on this club, yay! Anyway let's get started!

13. Belle

Belle is an amazing princess. She was in the juu 5 when I first came to this site, but lately all she's done is drop. Although she's my last, I still upendo her, since I really...
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I decided to make a new article. I rarely make makala on this site unless I am updating my inayopendelewa au prettiest princess list. Anyways, I chose my inayopendelewa outfit of each princess, including sequels. I hope wewe enjoy!

Snow White
Blue Dress with Cape

There are not too many choices to choose from for Snow White. But for me, the choice was undeniably easy. The blue dress with the cape is just the perfect thing for her. The blue dress looks unfinished without the cape, and I cannot overlook the clogs she wears in her peasant dress. *shudders* With the cape, her look is complete. The deep blue matches...
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I know I have not been doing as much makala and countdowns as I used to, but things have gotten busy for me. I am trying to get back into my flow of constant participation, but it will take some time. Anywyas, kwa guessing what the title is, wewe know what I am going to talk about. This is kwa no way meant to insult mashabiki au to completely throw a hate fest. It is just my opinion. 10 is the least overrated, and 1 is the most, and just because something is the least overrated, does not necessarily make it the most underrated.

10. Prince Charming
 Bland, snobbish seeming guy no one cares about.
Bland, snobbish seeming guy no one cares about....
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I did my English orodha yesterday and decided to do my Norwegian orodha today :) The Norwegian voices are all very pretty in my opinion so it was very hard ranking them, I hope wewe enjoy c:

10. jimmy, hunitumia

Jasmine's voice is great, but it's a bit forgettable. I think it's a bit too girly for her character, and the high notes do sound a bit brittle at points, but other than that her voice is really good. I do prefer it to her English voice, which is saying a lot since she's number ten.


9. Rapunzel

Rapunzel's voice is very fitting for Rapunzel in my opinion. It sounds a bit childish, but also strong....
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